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Chapter 2973 Ruin Her Good Plan

“It embodies the hope that our special effects company can become legendary in the industry while also being able to handle the production of epic films.

“And as forMore, it symbolizes that its not just these two wishes were after.

We hope that our company can become better, develop stronger, and produce greater special effects.

Its name holds the many wishes for the company I started.”

“I see.” Gao Zishan suddenly realized that it was not easy to be young.

Even his companys name carried such meaningful wishes and implications.

It could be seen how much thought he had put into this.

Yan Zhiqing thought that Wei Wucai was being so courteous to others.

But to her, he was irritating! Without Lu Xiuse around, the mood was getting better and better.

Lu Xiuses private room was opposite of Wu Mosens private room.

As the restaurant was not big, they were near to each other.

Lu Xiuse was having a meal with her own production crew, but her mind was at Wu Mosens place.

She could not sit still.

She came late just now, so she had to make a toast to the director after she entered.

Lu Xiuse did not care about others.

Because in this crew, except for the director, her position was the highest.

The others did not dare to criticize her.

That was why Lu Xiuse could try to gain Wu Mosens favor first without caring about anything else.

She had seen how star-studded the opposite room was.

Not only was Wu Mosen there, but Gao Zishan and Gu Fei were also around.

She looked at the middle- to high-tier actors in this private room, and Lu Xiuse thought they were beneath her.

Her body was here, but her mind had already flown to the opposite room.

So after sitting for a while, Lu Xiuse got up.

“Im going to the restroom.”

Jian Shuixin, who was in the same crew, saw this and said instantly, “Big Sister Xiuse, let me accompany you.

If you go out like this, people will recognize you and you will be surrounded.”

Jian Shuixin had become a high-tier actress because of the popularity of a film.

But after becoming famous, she could not find her direction.

She used all kinds of ways to snatch resources from others, posted news that suppressed others to raise herself up, and publicized herself through brainwashing methods every day.

She probably wanted to copy how Lu Man had used brainwashing techniques when publicizing “Greedy Wolf Operation.”

But she did not think that she was in a different situation from Lu Mans back then; she could not use the same method.

The netizens saw the news regarding her, saw her face and various poses of her every day whenever they went online.

They were so sick of it.

So she had actually ruined her appeal to the audience.

Without considering whether the films were good, she starred as the female lead in a few movies in a row, only thinking about earning money.

However, she did not have enough fans, so she fell deeper and deeper.

It caused her to begin high and end low.

At first, she had a pretty good development, but she ruined it, causing her to drop tiers.

From being the female lead in movies and television shows, she became a side character for Lu Xiuse in a movie.

It was because she could not handle a film by herself.

Before, Jian Shuixin had looked down on everyone, but now, she had to gain Lu Xiuses favor, hoping to get some resources from her.

And since Lu Xiuse wanted to go to the restroom, Jian Shuixin would not let go of this chance.

She wanted to accompany Lu Xiuse.

However, how could Lu Xiuse let her accompany her and ruin her good plan

So she said, “Its fine, they cant recognize me.

I came here by myself just now, but I didnt get recognized until I entered.

This restaurant has a lot of people and is lively.

The customers are all drinking, so they wont care to look at others.”

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