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Chapter 2977 She Had No Conscience

“Should I find time to go and take a look at their crew I will think of ways to find things out and see if I can uncover Wei Wucais true situation.”

How could Luo Qingxian let Lu Xiuse find out She did not trust Lu Xiuse.

If Lu Xiuse really found out something about Wei Wucai and he was really as ordinary as he said, then it was fine.

But if it was like what they had guessed, Lu Xiuse would not give such a good chance to her.

So Luo Qingxian said, “You dont need to.

Youre busy acting.

How can I make you go to another production crew for my sake One or two times is fine, but if you do it too many times, the people in your production crew will have complaints about you.

This is not okay.”

Lu Xiuse was just triggering her.

She knew that Luo Qingxian did not trust her.

She just wanted Luo Qingxian to trouble Yan Zhiqing.

Of course, she must go too.

However, she would not waste her time and energy on Wei Wucai.

If she had the time, would it not be good for her to get close to Wu Mosen

Then, Luo Qingxian said, “Regarding Wei Wucais matter, Ill do it myself.”

“Okay,” said Lu Xiuse easily.

“But if you need any help, feel free to tell me.

After all, I am very near and its convenient.”

“Okay.” Luo Qingxian pretended to thank Lu Xiuse, then she ended the call.




Yan Zhiqing still did not know that she was being targeted by Lu Xiuse.

Everyone in the crew returned to the hotel.

Everyone did not live on the same floor, so they went out of the elevator one after another.

Before they knew it, there were only Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai left in the elevator.

Yan Zhiqing glanced at the buttons.

There was only one floor button that was still lit.

“Youre on the same floor as me” asked Yan Zhiqing, surprised.

Wei Wucai nodded.

“Its such a coincidence.”

Yan Zhiqing also thought that it was such a coincidence.

The elevator stopped, and the two went out one after another.

Yan Zhiqing was a lively person usually; she would not let the scene quiet down awkwardly.

But now, when Wei Wucai was next to her, Yan Zhiqing suddenly did not know what to talk about.

The silence between the two made Yan Zhiqing feel a little stressed.

She was racking her brain to think of something to say to Wei Wucai.

Then, Wei Wucai said, “When we were eating just now, you told Director Wu that were not close, right”

Yan Zhiqing could not help but look at him.

She cursed silently.

They were indeed not close!

Were they very close

They had not seen each other many times.

And every time they saw each other, there were many people, so there were very few chances for them to talk to each other.

So Yan Zhiqing felt that she did not know Wei Wucai well and that they were not close.

She did not even know that Ledepic More was his company.

How was this being close

Wei Wucai tilted his head and saw Yan Zhiqings reaction.

He immediately knew what she was thinking.

Wei Wucai laughed angrily.

Yes, the two of them had not met a lot of times, but every single time left a huge impression, right

Even so, this little girl thought that they were not close

She had no conscience.

“So thats how you feel,” said Wei Wucai as he showed a hurt expression.

“Looks like I was just imagining things, thinking that were considered close.”

They say that those who looked good would take advantage of it no matter what they do.

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