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At that moment, Lu Man was like a small girl who was jumping up and down in excitement.

The shine in her eyes, the anticipation for the future and the slight worry about the unknown future was just that of a small child who was just about to enter school, extremely happy.

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli smiled dotingly.

No matter what kind of request she had, he was willing to satisfy it, willing to help her complete it.

Seeing that Han Zhouli was still staring intensely at her and that it was really not good to chase him out at this moment, Lu Man could only go to the bathroom to change her clothes.

When Han Zhuoli saw that, he thought in his heart that although they did not reach the last step last night, they had already done everything else, so what else was there that he should not see

Han Zhuoli also wanted to go change, but Lu Man stopped him.

“Dont change, Ill go first, you can sleep a little more, you havent been resting well this whole week.”

“Ill send you to the film set first, Ill sleep when I come back,” Han Zhuoli stood up, and took out his spare clothes from his luggage.

Having come in the middle of the night, he had quietly put his luggage down and did not even have the time to.

Han Zhuoli was not as shy as Lu Man, he did not plan on going to the bathroom and removed his shirt in front of Lu Man.

Last night, under the covers, he had secretly removed his long pants, thus right now, his legs were already bare.

But since Han Zhuoli was covered in blankets on the bed, Lu Man had not noticed.

Now that he was standing, Lu Man finally noticed, but at this moment, she did not know where she should look.

If she looked somewhere else, it would be too obvious that she was avoiding looking at him and he would probably laugh at her.

But if she looked at him, her gaze would obviously go downwards and stare intensely at his pair of extremely long legs.

Normally, she felt that his legs were very long, and now that she was looking at it, it seemed to be even more obvious.

“If you want to look, just look.” Han Zhuoli smiled and said, “Its alright for you to touch too.”

“Arent you cold” Lu Man asked helplessly.

“My body is naturally warm.” Han Zhuoli walked towards her.

“How about you touch it Its hot.”

Lu Man: “…”

She kept feeling like what he was saying was not just his legs.

Lu Man did not dare to lower her gaze, after all, there was only a thin cloth covering his body.

Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli who was smiling shamelessly, and suddenly she did not want to let him be so gloating.

Lu Man quickly stuck herself in his embrace and as she got closed the gap between them, she could clearly feel the heat emanating from Han Zhuoli.

Then those lips that always seduced Han Zhuoli curved up in a vixen-like smile and touched Han Zhuolis lips.

She pecked him lightly and quickly as if they just brushed past by, not intending to do anything further.

Han Zhuoli ended up being seduced until he was anxious and burning with desire, making him attack back ardently.

Who knew that just as he took a step closer, Lu Man would suddenly retreat so fast that he, Han Zhuoli, could not do anything.

“Im going to be late!” Lu Man smiled slyly and told Han Zhuoli, she even purposely blinked at him before rushing into the washroom.

At the door of the washroom, she even gave a flying kiss to Han Zhuoli and then slammed the door shut, causing Han Zhuoli to not be able to catch her.

Only then did Han Zhuoli know that he had fallen into the trap set by his little girl, and was angry as well as amused, his heart was overcome by a feeling of helplessness.

Left with no choice, he could only reluctantly wear his clothes.

After a long while, Lu Man finally finished bathing and came out.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli had already gotten ready, she let out a breath of relief.

Who knew that she still got relaxed too soon as Han Zhuoli suddenly pulled her over.

“You can continue to seduce me now! In the future, youll have to pay me back.”

Lu Man just laughed and at that precise moment the doorbell rang, seizing the chance Lu Man hurriedly went to open the door, it was Auntie Liu at the door who had brought breakfast over.


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