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It looked like Auntie Liu already knew that Han Zhuoli had come and thus had brought two servings of breakfast.

After delivering breakfast, Auntie Liu left.

Lu Man put breakfast on the table.

Han Zhuoli came over and sat down, he then advised her, “Right, take a while to consider which school you want to attend.

Currently, there are two performing arts schools that have the best faculty, both are in B City, one is the National Film Academy, and the other is the National Drama Academy.”

Lu Man also knew this, after all, these two schools were too famous.

The former was the choice of a lot of young people who dreamed of becoming a celebrity.

Recently, many new male and female actors who had risen to fame by appearing on screens had graduated from the National Film Academy.

There were a lot of graduates who filmed idol dramas.

No doubt there were those who had talent, but most of them became famous only because of their good looks.

At the time of school interviews, a students good looks often gained him or her a lot of points.

On the other hand, the National Drama Academy was emphasized on stage performance.

Regarding a students looks, they did not have as high expectations as National Film Academy, but still, a lot of the famous eminent artists in acting came from the National Drama Academy, like Zhang Shuidong, the award-winning actor in the same film crew as hers, he was also from the National Drama Academy.

Then there was also the movie queen Gao Zishan, whose acting skills were so marvelous that whoever acted with her would be slammed for their acting skills.

Honestly, Lu Man was more inclined towards the National Drama Academy.

She really wanted to act but not for fame.

She just enjoyed dramas where she could really get into the character and portray a different personality.

She really wanted film nice shows unlike the mainstream shows that saturated the market currently, those shows relied completely on fans to garner more popularity for the box office collections, causing them to neglect the quality of the show itself.

But actually, there was another reason; He Zhengbai and Lu Qi were both studying in the National Film Academy, He Zhengbai was studying directing, while Lu Qi was majoring in performing arts.

Lu Man really did not want to study in the same school as He Zhengbai and Lu Qi, if she went there, she could imagine being bothered every day by He Zhengbai and Lu Qi.

Although she was not scared of them, she did not want to waste her time on such insignificant people.

If she had time to bother with them, she might as well use it to study well.

Not wanting to have too much interaction with the two, Lu Man chose the National Drama Academy in the end.

When Han Zhuoli heard it, he did not ask for the reason and directly agreed.

“Ill help you settle this.”

When Lu Man took a mouth of porridge, she suddenly remembered something.

“It seemed that the Old Madam and Auntie came here.”

Lu Man then told Han Zhuoli about her interaction with Old Madam Han and Shen Nuo.

“I had never met the Old Madam before, and she doesnt appear in the media either, but later on, upon searching up on Auntie, I found some photos of her online, then I put two and two together.

I thought that the other person must definitely be the Old Madam.”

Han Zhuoli smiled in surprise and held her chin lightly, making her come closer, he then leaned in to kiss her lips.

“My Man Man is so smart.”

Lu Man was shocked.

“You knew that they came here”

Han Zhuoli smiled and nodded.

“Later on, didnt they hurry off the next morning Its because they got my phone call and thought that I was coming over to catch them red-handed, thats why they hurried back to B City, but they did not anticipate that I would be waiting for them at the B City airport.

I already knew their plan on the very day they came to find you, did the Old Madam trouble you”

Lu Man shook her head, according to her carrying the Old Madam on her back could not be considered as Old Madam Han troubling her.

Old Madam Han had just hidden her name and come over, neither did she proclaim that she, Lu Man, was not worthy of Han Zhuoli nor did she try to make her break up with Han Zhuoli, she was just here to test her.


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