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Chapter 2990 Why Are You Hiding

A “bang” sounded.

The door closed right in front of Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He stared at Yan Zhiqings closed room door in confusion.

What was going on

He did not say anything.

He just greeted her.

Why did Yan Zhiqing run away

Wei Wucai lowered his head and looked at himself, then he took out his phone, turned on the selfie mode, and looked at his face.

There was nothing bad on his face either.

He looked normal.

His attire was also tidy, not showing anything that should not be shown.

So why did Yan Zhiqing run away

Wei Wucai wondered this as he walked two steps towards Yan Zhiqings doorstep.

Yan Zhiqing came out so early probably because she was going to the production set early.

So Wei Wucai waited here, not afraid that Yan Zhiqing would not come out.

She was in a rush; she must come out.

As expected, he only waited one or two minutes.

Wei Wucai heard the door unlocking from inside the room.

Right after, a gap was formed by the gradually opening door, then it became bigger.

Wei Wucai smiled, putting both hands in his pocket calmly while waiting for Yan Zhiqing to appear.

He even moved to the side so that Yan Zhiqing would not see him at once.

The corridor of the hotel was covered in soft carpet, so even if Wei Wucai moved his feet, Yan Zhiqing would not be able to hear it from inside.

She opened the door wider and wider and saw that Wei Wucai was not there.

She thought that perhaps he had already left.

Annoyed, Yan Zhiqing thought about how she had been rude just now.

Although she also greeted him, she suddenly hid back in her room.

It was really bad to be this weak.

She was thinking that when she met Wei Wucai later, she must bring back her vigor.

As Yan Zhiqing pondered this, she came out and closed the room door.

She felt faintly that something was behind her and it seemed strange.

Yan Zhiqing shook her head, thinking that it was because she was not fully awake yet.

Then, she closed the door and was about to turn around.

Unexpectedly, right after she turned around, a body was right in front of her eyes.

Staring at it, Yan Zhiqing confirmed that this was a strong chest.

Yan Zhiqing was confused.

It better not be a pervert!

He must know that she was here, so he blocked her way early in the morning.

Had she known this would happen, she would have left with Wei Wucai just now.

Why did she care about wearing no makeup!

Now she had been blocked by a pervert!

Yan Zhiqing was so scared that she was about to raise her leg and kick when she heard the voice from above saying, “Why are you hiding”

This voice was too familiar and even had a hint of laughter.

Yan Zhiqing was dumbfounded.

This was Wei Wucais voice.

She was so nervous that she did not notice it just now.

Now that she knew it was Wei Wucai, she realized that the fresh fragrance that came from his chest was what his body always had.

Yesterday, when she was hugged by him in the restaurant, she also smelled it.

However, as Wei Wucai was too close to her just now, her nose was almost touching his shirt.

Yan Zhiqing was afraid that if she raised her head, she would really touch it.

As she was suddenly so close, Yan Zhiqing felt nervous, thinking that she had met a bad guy.

Now that she knew it was Wei Wucai, her tense and scared emotions instantly relaxed.

But right after that, Yan Zhiqing raised her hand and hammered Wei Wucais chest.

“You scared me to death.

I thought its a pervert thats waiting outside my door!”

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