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Chapter 2996 Wei Wucai Really Did Not Need to Be More Courteous

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

These reasons were enough.

“Fine.” Her car was big enough anyway, so it was not a problem to bring Wei Wucai along.

Besides, it would be pretty lonely for Wei Wucai to drive alone.

Thus, Wei Wucai got in the car with Yan Zhiqing.

When Yan Zhiqing attended events usually, she used a business car.


However, if she was going to act, she would use this type of small RV.

Inside, there was a bed for sleeping, a dining table, and a small kitchen in which simple food could be made.

If the conditions allowed it, they could even take a quick shower.

Fang Qiaohan took out the breakfast.

The breakfast prepared by the hotel was simple.

There were cartons of milk, bread, and salad.

Surprised, Yan Zhiqing said, “Didnt think that the hotel would prepare a salad.”

Wei Wucai did not expect that she would seem satisfied so easily.

He could not help but look down and smile too.

This expression was coincidentally seen by Yan Zhiqing, who was putting the straw into a carton of milk, when she raised her head.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Ignoring the other factors, this man really looked good.

He really… looked good in every angle.

If Yan Zhiqing had to come up with a character who would cross-dress and charm other men…

The first one she would think of would probably be Wei Wucai.

“Oh, right, where are the others from your company” asked Yan Zhiqing.

It was impossible that Wei Wucai would be in charge of special effects alone.

It must be completed by many people together.

Wei Wucai said, “The production crew arranged another hotel for them.”

They were with the other employees of the production crew.

The costs of the accommodation were handled by the production crew.

So, to reduce their cost, other than Wei Wucai, who was the boss, the others were staying in a separate hotel.

After all, the shooting of the film was going to be long.

The production crew would not be able to handle it if so many people stayed in a five-star hotel.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly realized it then.

After that, the three arrived.

After getting out, Wei Wucai thanked Yan Zhiqing.

“Thank you for sending me here.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and said politely, “If you have nothing to do at noon, you can eat in my car again.”

Yan Zhiqing was just being polite.

After all, Wei Wucai also had colleagues, so he could not just abandon them and come by himself.

Who knew that Wei Wucai would not even hesitate before nodding “Okay.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Did Wei Wucai really not need to be more courteous

Wei Wucai clearly did not want to give Yan Zhiqing the chance to go back on her word as he left immediately.

He went to find his colleagues.

Fang Qiaohan walked to Yan Zhiqings side and asked her softly, “Zhiqing, you made up with Wei Wucai”

Yan Zhiqing really wanted to tell Fang Qiaohan about her guess regarding Wei Wucai.

However, she thought that she had not completely confirmed Wei Wucais orientation, so she should not simply just tell Fang Qiaohan about her guess.

Yan Zhiqing let out a dry cough and said, “Um… actually, I think that Wei Wucai is pretty good.

Before this, I didnt know him well enough.

Now that I do, I feel that, actually, hes a pretty good person.”

Fang Qiaohan gave her a glance, meaning “whatever you say,” then she set up the chair and table for Yan Zhiqing.

As the film would be shot indoors today, she did not take out the umbrella.

She poured the red dates tea into Yan Zhiqings vacuum flask.

Yan Zhiqing went to the dressing room to look for Shi Xiaoya.

As the makeup artist, Shi Xiaoya had arrived the earliest.

There were some side characters who came earlier so that they would not take too long and make the main characters wait.

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