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Chapter 3002 Healed

It looked colorful but tasted bland.

As she smelled the fragrance that filled the car, Yan Zhiqings mouth kept watering.

She felt gluttonous.

“You guys cross the line.” Yan Zhiqing stared at the tempting dishes with sorrow and anger.

“I am eating grass here while you guys are eating food that smell so good.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled as she placed the huge portion of Mala seafood in the middle.

“Lets eat this together.”

Yan Zhiqing swallowed as she kept staring at the seafood.

There were mantis shrimp, clams, oysters, Argentina Red Shrimp, crayfish, and hairy crab.

It was so rich.

There should not be any issues if she ate a little, right

Yan Zhiqing secretly took a glance towards Fang Qiaohan.

Fang Qiaohan said immediately, “Manager Mou had specifically instructed me to supervise you.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“Eating a little seafood should be fine, right Seafood wont make you fat.

She could just eat a few bites to satisfy her cravings.”

Yan Zhiqing even looked at Fang Qiaohan, all pitiful, while rubbing her hands together.

“Qiaohan, let me eat a little.

I am doing pretty good in maintaining my weight.

Its in the controlled range, so theres still some space left to increase.

Even if I get heavier a little, its fine.”

Not only did Yan Zhiqing say it, she even use her index finger and middle finger to gesture, showing that a little bit was only as big as the gap between her fingers.

Fang Qiaohan probably thought that Yan Zhiqing was too pitiful, so she nodded.

“Fine, then eat less.”

“You must keep it a secret though.

Dont tell Manager Mou,” said Yan Zhiqing immediately.

Seeing that Yan Zhiqing had said it so quickly, it clearly was not the first time that she did this.

In the end, Fang Qiaohan nodded.

“Fine, but after this, in the upcoming week, these are strictly off-limits for you.”

Yan Zhiqing quickly nodded her head.

Wei Wucai frowned slightly and asked, “How do you eat usually”.

If she ate like this once in a while, it was fine.

However, if she ate like this long-term and could not eat other delicious food, where was the fun in that

She was too pitiful.

“Its not like that,” explained Yan Zhiqing.

“Its just that I have to act now.

To look good on screen, I have to control my weight and figure.

You know that the cinema screen is very wide.

Girls who look skinny ordinarily will look wide when theyre on screen.”

Yan Zhiqing pouted.

“So to maintain a reasonable ratio on screen, during the shooting period, I have to control my diet.

After filming, I can eat normally.

I still cant just eat anything I want, but I wont have to suffer like this.

And if I have to attend any award ceremony, I just have to control myself a little last minute.”

“You female stars have it hard,” said Han Zhuofeng, sighing.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing were eating voraciously, Han Zhuofeng shook his head and said, “Sister-in-law, when you call my older brother, you have to scold him.

Ask him to send my portion when he sends your meal tomorrow.

Only you have it, I am so pitiful.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and said, “You really think that your older brother didnt think of you Look at how much he sent me.

Can I eat all of them Obviously, hes asking you to eat with me.

Even this big portion of seafood is enough for all of us to eat, not to mention these side dishes.

How can I eat all of them”

When Han Zhuofeng saw this, he found that it was indeed so.

Suddenly, his heart, which had been hurt by his own older brother, was healed again.

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