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Chapter 3007 How Can You Think of Me Like That

“Yeah.” Han Zhuofeng nodded, not feeling anything wrong at all.

“At noon, why did you hold Wei Wucais hand so tightly” asked Shi Xiaoya.

Thinking about the scene back then, even Shi Xiaoya could not look straight at it.

“Sister-in-law!” Upon her mentioning this, Han Zhuofeng thought of something and lowered his voice even more.

“You have such good insight!”

“…” Shi Xiaoya could not understand what Han Zhuofeng meant.

“What is it”

“Elder Brother Xiao Cai really has feelings for Zhiqing,” said Han Zhuofeng.

“Or else, he wont have given me such a cold glare for a whole afternoon.”

Shi Xiaoya said proudly, “It indeed is.

I told you! My insight cant be wrong!” “Yes, yes, yes.” Han Zhuofeng nodded.

“Dont change the topic.

Answer my question first.” Shi Xiaoya had been distracted by him.

“What does this have to do with you holding Wei Wucais hand”

“When Zhiqing was asking me those questions, I could even feel a murderous aura from Elder Brother Xiao Cai.

Of course I had to immediately prove my innocence to Elder Brother Xiao Cai!” Han Zhuofeng thought, his sister-in-law had such accurate insight, but why could she not see through his thoughts

“I was afraid that Elder Brother Xiao Cai wouldnt believe me!” said Han Zhuofeng anxiously.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.

She did not know whether Wei Wucai believed him or not.

But he had worsened Yan Zhiqings misunderstanding.

Even she almost suspected him.

“So other than this, you didnt have other thoughts” Shi Xiaoya confirmed further.

“Of course not,” said Han Zhuofeng, confused.

“What other thoughts can I have”

Shi Xiaoya touched her forehead.


Then your sister-in-law will ask you one more thing.”

“Sister-in-law, tell me,” said Han Zhuofeng.

Until now, the pure child was clueless.

Shi Xiaoya was a little embarrassed to ask.

She was afraid that she would disturb Han Zhuofeng.

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head and put the last few brushes back into the brush cover of the vanity case.

She made herself busy for a while to calm herself down.

She closed the vanity case, zipped it, and packed everything.

Seeing that there was nobody left in the dressing room, Shi Xiaoya asked softly, “Zhuofeng, let me ask you, but dont overthink or mind it.

I am just… confirming.”

At first, Han Zhuofeng was not nervous or overthinking

Now, after what Shi Xiaoya said, he started to get nervous.

“What… What do you want to ask” Han Zhuofeng swallowed nervously.

Shi Xiaoya leaned over and asked softly, “Zhuofeng, although you have been single for so many years, you like girls, right”

Han Zhuofeng blinked.

“Of course.

Of course I like…”

Han Zhuofeng finally understood what Shi Xiaoya meant.

He suddenly took a huge step back and pointed at Shi Xiaoya with an expression of anger and sorrow.

“Sister-in-law! How can you… how can you think of me like that!” Han Zhuofeng shouted sadly.

“Shhh!” Shi Xiaoya immediately pulled him over while putting her index finger on her lips, asking him to quiet down.

“Be quiet.

Do you want people to hear”

Han Zhuofeng almost cried.

Just as he was about to explain, Yan Zhiqing entered with Fang Qiaohan.

“Xiaoya!” As the shooting during the afternoon went smoothly and Yan Zhiqings acting skill even got Wu Mosens approval, she was in a good mood.

Before Yan Zhiqing came in, her voice was heard first.

Right after, Yan Zhiqing entered, skipping in.

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