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Chapter 3023 Of Course, I Want to!

After this, all that remained was the matter relating to Han Zhuofeng.

That was why Lin Liye had reconciled with Han Dongping once again.

However, Lin Liye was thinking that if Han Dongping were to do it yet again and even plan to meddle in Han Zhuofengs matters…

Then this time would be the last chance she gave him.

They would have another falling out in the future.

Regardless of how Han Dongping asked for her forgiveness, it would be impossible for her to forgive him.

Moreover, Lin Liye had already told Han Dongping this in advance.

If he could guarantee it, Lin Liye would move back to stay with him.

If he could not guarantee that he would no longer interfere with Han Zhuofengs matters…

That indicated he was just putting on a show for Lin Liye.

It would mean he knew in his heart that he had no real desire to change.

In that case, Lin Liye would have no reason to go back.

The two people would just end things like that.

Lin Liye told Han Dongping all of this very clearly.

If he gave his guarantee, she would take it that he would truly be able to do it.

However, if he went back on his words, the future consequences would be irreversible.

Lin Liye told him this frankly, but Han Dongping still agreed to do it.

So, Lin Liye decided to give him a chance.

When Lin Liye moved out, the house that Han Zhuoling had initially let her stay in was left to Han Zhuofeng.

After all, Han Zhuofeng was now an adult.

It would be more convenient for him to live alone since he was working away from home.

Moreover, he was currently working with Shi Xiaoya, so he was not in the city.

Additionally, the others all had their own families.

Han Zhuoling did not feel good about going back to Lin Liye and Han Dongpings place as he felt like he would be a third wheel.

It was at that moment, when Han Zhuoling had been standing at the main entrance of the company, that he suddenly realized that he had nowhere to go because Shi Xiaoya was not around.

After getting into his car, he could not contain his urgent desire to see her.

Right then, he had thought, “Since I want to see her, why dont I just go see her”

As such, he drove over with a sense of total resoluteness.

Han Zhuoling told Shi Xiaoya that he had already had dinner.

This was because he did not want to waste his traveling time by eating.

Furthermore, he knew that by the time he got there, it would be a bit late and having a meal would therefore be out of the question.

So he dropped by a convenience store on the way and bought a sandwich and a bottle of water.

On the road, he drove while swiftly consuming his simple dinner and bottle of water, which would at most fill his stomach.

Otherwise, if Shi Xiaoya were to find out he had not eaten a proper meal, she would definitely give him another tongue-lashing.

“While on the road, I realized that going here from the company isnt an impossible thing.

After all, its still in the same city.

Its not like Id need to drive to another city,” Han Zhuoling said with a grin.

“Just take it that Im temporarily going a bit far from the company.

Thats all it is.” Han Zhuoling glanced at Shi Xiaoya.

“Unless you dont want to see me every day Like how you normally do at home”

Of course, Shi Xiaoya wanted to!

Hearing Han Zhuoling ask that in such a manner, Shi Xiaoya said hurriedly, “I want to.

Of course I want to!”

“Thats why from today onward, Ill be coming over every day while youre working here,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya undoubtedly wanted to see Han Zhuoling every day.

It would, of course, be nice if they could spend time together here like they usually did.

However, Shi Xiaoyas heart ached at the thought of the trouble Han Zhuoling would have to go through.

Nevertheless, after hearing Han Zhuolings words, Shi Xiaoya too felt it would be rather nice.

She could not help feeling even more moved.

“But I dont finish work so early every day.”

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