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Chapter 3031 Beat Her Up!

Everyone was shocked.

Wei Wucai even thought that Yan Zhiqings personality had changed.

They then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “Some TV series show mean male leads who constantly argue with the main female leads.

The crowd goes wild watching them argue.

However, if they met guys like that in real life, they would probably die from anger.

Men who are rude will be single forever.”

She added, “No girl will like a guy who constantly goes against them.” Yan Zhiqing was clearly implying something else.

Everyone could tell what she was actually saying.

“True.” Wei Wucai nodded in agreement.

This time, it was Yan Zhiqing who was shocked.

Her eyes widened and she blurted out, “Do you seriously think what I said was reasonable”

She was implying that the rude guy was him!

Yet Wei Wucai was not angry

He was always very mean.

Whenever anyone dared to talk about him this way, he would respond with verbal attacks until the other party cried.

“Of course,” Wei Wucai said.

“I dont like that type of guy either.”

Everyone was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing froze and thought she had heard wrong.

She pricked her ears.

Behaving in a way that showed she didnt care about her image and was unaware of her status as a famous celebrity, she asked, “What did you say” Without waiting for Wei Wucais answer, Yan Zhiqing hurriedly asked again as though she was in a rush to get the truth out, “You said you dont like that type of guy You like


“Thats not what I said.” Wei Wucai, being the smart one, was not willing to give Yan Zhiqing any evidence.

In the future, if Yan Zhiqing were to hold him accountable for what he said, then things would not be good.

“But you said — ” Yan Zhiqing was about to argue.

“I said I dont like that type of guy either.

I never said I liked guys,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself, “Just keep pretending and not admit it.

But I know your true self!”

The more Wei Wucai denied it, the more Yan Zhiqing felt certain that Wei Wucai was just pretending and lying.

It was what she had expected.

Previously, she did not know him well.

But now, as she was going to work with him every day, there would be times when he would fail to keep up the pretense and expose his true self.

Actually, why should he hide this secret

Everyone here was young and open-minded.

No one would judge him because of this.

Yan Zhiqing gave Wei Wucai a pat on the back and said, “Actually, as I interact with you more, I am coming to realize that you are a good person.

If it is difficult to tell others about it, you can always tell me.

Dont always keep it all inside.

Its hard to not have even one person to confide in.”

As Yan Zhiqing spoke, she gave Wei Wucai a wink, seemingly implying that everyone already knew his secret.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Why was this girl behaving in a way that makes people want to beat her up!

“I will remember what you said.” Wei Wucai nodded, seeming to have placed Yan Zhiqings words into his core memory.

Yan Zhiqing nodded and said to Wei Wucai in an encouraging tone, “Keep this in mind.

If there is anything you find hard to tell others, you can always tell me.”

Seeing how confused Wei Wucai looked, Yan Zhiqing explained, “Actually, I have figured out what you are trying to hide.”

To protect Wei Wucais reputation, Yan Zhiqing had even lowered her voice.

She even leaned towards him so that he could hear what she was saying.

And so, the two were very close to each other.

Their heads were almost touching.

And yet, Yan Zhiqing was still clueless.

Watching this, Shi Xiaoya figured that it was about time she prepared a wedding red packet for Yan Zhiqing.

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