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“Whats wrong Are you not feeling well” Wei Wucai asked despite already knowing the answer.

He even feigned an expression of not understanding what was really going on.

“Its n-nothing…” Yan Zhiqing momentarily did not dare to look at him, and her gaze flitted around randomly.

“I just suddenly got a fright.

Its nothing.”

Wei Wucai nodded.


I didnt do it intentionally.”

“Its fine, its fine!” Yan Zhiqing exclaimed loudly.

“Were sisters! It doesnt matter!”

Wei Wucai laughed as well.

She was truly showing more and more that she did not know this was all a cover-up.

“What did you want to ask me just now” Wei Wucai asked as he ate a few slices of cucumber like nothing had happened.

Yan Zhiqing looked at the cucumber that had been cut into slices.

She felt bad all over.

Some really dirty images suddenly appeared in her mind.

She hurriedly shook her head.

Her heart said that Wei Wucais previous attitude was very arrogant, and she had found it unpleasant to hear him speak.

When she saw him during those times, she had not felt much attraction to him despite acknowledging that he was indeed a rarely seen level of good-looking.

Around that time, Wei Wucais tongue was truly too poisonous.

It was not as if Yan Zhiqing had some sort of masochistic fetish, so why would she like Wei Wucai

However, she had now gotten close to Wei Wucai and could even be this friendly with him, to the extent that they were sitting together and chatting like close friends.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly realized Wei Wucai was actually a pretty decent person.

After getting to know him, she realized his personality was not as bad as he had previously shown.

On the contrary, those times were just due to him being unable to tolerate certain people.

However, once they became friends, Yan Zhiqing realized Wei Wucai was not like what she thought in the past.

It was precisely due to this that Yan Zhiqings impression of Wei Wucai changed.

She finally began to look at him without prejudice.

As such, she was affected by how attractive he was.

Now, while watching Wei Wucai eat cucumber…

Yan Zhiqing had a feeling similar to that of a pig digging up a good Chinese cabbage with its snout.

Of course, Wei Wucai was that good cabbage.

Who knew which man would be digging him up in the future…

After thinking about this, Yan Zhiqing concluded that Wei Wucai was unexpectedly the bottom in a gay relationship.

He had not admitted it, but how could this escape her eyes

Just like the matter of Wei Wucai being gay, had she not figured it out very accurately

So, she felt she would also be right about Wei Wucai being an absolute bottom.

As she thought of this, as well as of Wei Wucais face and how he would be treated like this and that by some man in the future…

Yan Zhiqings heart ached.

Even if the other party was a man, it would only be right if Wei Wucai was the “pitcher”—the dominant!

Yan Zhiqing stabilized her state of mind before saying, “Youve been at the Mount Lan Compound from a young age and havent had much interaction with girls.

Could that have caused you to have a misunderstanding about your orientation”

Wei Wucai gazed at her with a profound expression.

Seeing as Yan Zhiqing wanted a one-way trip to the dark side…

He would help her do that.

Consequently, Wei Wucai said, “Its not like the Mount Lan Compound doesnt have a single girl there.

Aside from Fang Jianran…”

Fang Jiaran—Fang Borans younger sister—was now a famous persons wife and the mistress of the Mount Lan Compound.

“There are also women in our medical team.

Additionally, those who are in charge of the Mount Lan Compounds daily activities are mostly female.

From young to old, we have them all.

“However, Ive never felt anything for a single one of them.

After that, I started getting dispatched for assignments, so I didnt come across many girls.

My family members did introduce me to some, but I didnt feel anything for them either.

“Ever since entering puberty, the others would all secretly look at some magazines,” Wei Wucai said, giving Yan Zhiqing a line of mutual understanding that need not be explained.

“You get what I mean.”

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