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Although she thought that there was something weird about his explanation, Yan Zhiqing could not specify which part made no sense.

“However, I think it is normal for me to not have fallen in love with anyone before.

If you think about your brother and Han Zhuoli, it took a long time for them to finally meet the one.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded.

Wei Wucai continued, “I have always been busy.

There was work to do at the Mount Lan Compound as well as for this company.

“And so, there is not much time left for other matters.

I didnt have the chance to meet new people.” Wei Wucai said, “Anyway, I havent met anyone I liked.

And so, I am in no rush to find one.”

Yan Zhiqing leaned back on the chair, creating some distance between her and Wei Wucai.

As long as Yan Zhiqing kept her distance and stayed slightly away from Wei Wucai, she would feel less nervous and more at ease.

She knew she had almost misbehaved earlier.

She wondered if Wei Wucai had noticed her reaction.

Yan Zhiqing entered into a period of self-loathing.

She thought to herself, as a professional actress, was she not able to hide her inner voice

Wei Wucai didnt notice, right

Yan Zhiqing thought of how fortunate she was as she looked down and took a few bites of the lettuce.

She then looked up and peeked at Wei Wucai.

Coincidentally, Wei Wucai looked down as well.

Suddenly, their foreheads bumped together.

It wasnt hard.

It was more like a light bump.

The table was not big enough.

As a result, whenever Wei Wucai lowered his head, he would easily hit her forehead.

Unconsciously, Yan Zhiqing raised her hand and rubbed the area that she had bumped.

Wei Wucais skin looked soft and delicate.

However, men generally have rougher skin than women.

They are not that delicate.

Still, his skin felt soft and warm.

As Yan Zhiqing massaged her forehead, Wei Wucai said, “Sorry for bumping into you.”

He looked really worried.

As he spoke, he stood up and reached across.

He then wrapped his hand on her forehead, placing his thumb on the bumped area.

The other four fingers were placed along her hairline.

His thumb was touching the bumped area.

His fingers were touching the skin around her hairline.

These areas of her skin felt so hot.

Yan Zhiqing could distinctly feel the little ridges on Wei Wucais fingers.

From a young age, Wei Wucai had had to go through a lot of rigorous training.

And so, his fingers had become calloused, feeling rougher than other peoples fingers.

At first glance, his fingers looked long, thin, fair, and elegant.

He had the hands of the son of a noble family.

His hands looked very refined.

And yet, if one flipped his hand over, they would see callouses, which were caused by years of training, on his palm and fingertips.

One side of his hand looked like the hand of a young nobleman, but the palm of his hand appeared very strong, making him look very manly and reliable.

The palm of his hand felt rough and was not as soft as that of others.

But when Wei Wucai touched her, she didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

Wei Wucai carefully massaged the bumped area.

Actually, the bump shouldnt hurt at all.

Yan Zhiqing had no idea that Wei Wucai had done this intentionally!

He had intentionally bumped into Yan Zhiqings forehead.

And so, Wei Wucai had controlled how hard he would bump into Yan Zhiqing.

It was just a light bump.

It wouldnt have hurt Yan Zhiqing at all.

He knew this clearly.

He was just taking the opportunity to touch Yan Zhiqings forehead.

Yet Yan Zhiqing, being a dummy, still had no idea.

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