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The detainment center unlike the isolated prison that were located in the suburbs where no one was around.

The majority of those who were sent to the detainment center were either drunk-drivers or people involved in fights.

Their crimes werent very big, so most detainment centers were located along busy streets, such as the one that Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were currently in.

Right now, quite some passersby were walking by and all of them heard Xia Qingyangs recording.

They even saw the paparazzi surrounding Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang.

“Move away!” Lu Qiyuan finally emerged from the crowd and abandoned Xia Qingyang, throwing her to the wolves by leaving her alone with the crazy paparazzi.

Fuming with rage, he then proceeded to find Xia Qingyang.

Yet, before he could even get close, he was stopped by Tang Zis men.

Livid, Lu Qiyuan pointed a finger at Xia Qingyang.

“What are you doing”

“What am I doing Speaking the truth!” Xia Qingwei stood up slowly and adjusted her jacket, her actions graceful and elegant.

Lu Qiyuan was a little shocked by the sight of her.

His image of Xia Qingwei had stuck at the time when he was still starting out with his business.

He only remembered Xia Qingweis frail and tired figure.

Both of them wanted to save money, so Xia Qingwei always wore clothes that she bought from the night market or other cheap goods from clearance sales and department stores.

Although lint balls and pills grew on her wool clothes, she still wore them for many years.

Back then, she was usually busy with housework, had to take care of Lu Man, and even had to help Lu Qiyuan out with some matters with the company.

She did not have enough time to care for herself and usually went bare-faced without any makeup.

Coupled with the years of weariness and fatigue, her complexion did not remain as good as before, and so she naturally became an old and wrinkled woman.

Having to see Xia Qingweis pale and sullen face every day, it was a new exciting and rejuvenating feeling for him to see the beautiful Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang did not need to tire herself every day like Xia Qingwei, she did not need to worry about Lu Qiyuans company or the financial situation at home.

Every day, she only had to use Lu Qiyuans money to make sure that she looked pretty.

One thought of seducing, while the other was sick and tired of his boring-looking wife, thus the two of them naturally hooked up.

Eventually, after the divorce, Xia Qingweis health started deteriorating after years of hard work.

Lu Qiyuan had not seen Xia Qingwei for years and when he finally met her again, she was already in the hospital, weak and sickly.

Therefore, in his memory, Xia Qingwei was always sickly, frail and weak.

She could not even compare to Xia Qingyang.

Yet, what about the Xia Qingwei now

Not only her health had gotten better but even the heavy psychological weight she was carrying on her shoulders had also been lifted.

With Lu Man having finally escaped from the Lu Family and returned to her, both of their lives were changed for the better.

Moreover, with a great son-in-law-to-be like Han Zhuoli, Xia Qingwei was completely at ease.

With a much better state of mind, her energy and vigor naturally came back too.

Furthermore, Lu Man bought a lot of skincare products for Xia Qingwei and even Han Zhuoli kept giving her a bunch of tonic products too as if they cost nothing.

The Xia Qingwei now, suddenly turned into her 10 years younger self.

She looked even younger than Xia Qingyang, even when Xia Qingyang had her make-up on.

Moreover, she seemed to exude a sense of tranquility and elegance.

She felt more like a rich noble lady than Xia Qingyang.

Lu Qiyuan was shocked.

This was his ex-wife

Back then, when he was trying to stop Lu Man, he had stood at Xia Qingweis doorstep the whole time, but completely did not see how Xia Qingwei had changed.

Today was the first time he did.

Lu Qiyuan could not help but question himself.

Was this really still that old, sickly and frail ex-wife he had

He was the one who had ditched his ex-wife.

But after she had left him, why did she just become better and better

Lu Qiyuan was completely a male chauvinist.

Something like this was very difficult for him to accept.

A woman with such a difficult life when she was with you was despised and abandoned by you.

And yet after leaving you, her life had changed for the better, getting better and better.

What could that mean

Didnt that just show how incompetent this man was

Yet, Lu Qiyuan stubbornly refused to accept that.

“Qiyuan!” Xia Qingyang finally managed to get away from the crowd.

She immediately ran away and held onto Lu Qiyuans hand pitifully.

“Why did you leave me behind!”


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