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“I never said it like that! Dont randomly label me as being unfair!” Luo Qingxian immediately said.

“Its just that I feel its such a simple thing.

Since its such a simple thing, why cant you help me with it Could it be that if you were to encounter an old lady crossing the road, you wouldnt help her across even though its such a very simple thing for you to do”

“Its just you who thinks its a very simple matter,” Shi Xiaoya said coldly.

“Moreover, dont compare yourself with a weak old lady.

Are you an elderly person, or are you disabled Will you suffer any losses if I dont bring you onto the set If youre in neither of those categories, stop thinking of yourself as someone important!” Shi Xiaoya said without any restraint at all.

Luo Qingxian became so angry that she kept stuttering “Y-Y-You—” and was unable to say a second word.

“Shi Xiaoya, are you unafraid of people finding out about you behaving like this” Luo Qingxian said sternly.

“What do I have to be afraid of” Shi Xiaoya did not quite understand Luo Qingxians train of thought.

“Even if people find out, what about it”

Who would feel that she was being unreasonable because of this

Anybody would feel that there was nothing wrong with what she had done!

As for Luo Qingxian, her way of thinking was simply unlike that of an ordinary person.

Shi Xiaoya did not want to bother responding to her.

“If youre unwilling to help an old classmate with even a small matter, is it possible for your reputation to stay good” Luo Qingxian answered Shi Xiaoyas question with a question.

In any case, Shi Xiaoya was not afraid.

“Okay, so youre saying that you want to spread this news for me”

Thinking that Shi Xiaoya was finally having some qualms about the situation, Luo Qingxian said complacently, “If you dont help me, my request wont be fulfilled.

That means I will definitely go find someone else who can help me.

In passing, I will talk about how you could have helped me but werent willing to.

So I had no choice but to ask someone else for help.”

“Go ahead then.” Shi Xiaoya did not mind it at all.

“I too can, in passing, talk about just why you came to find me for help.”

When Luo Qingxian heard this, her complexion paled.

“You know why” Luo Qingxian asked.

“You are aiming for Wei Wucai, right” Shi Xiaoya said bluntly.

“Nonsense!” Luo Qingxian could not help raising her voice.

“Youre slandering me!”

Luo Qingxian was someone who would feel inferior to someone who had a higher status than her.

Regardless of what the other party did, she would feel that they were looking down on her.

However, she also treasured her reputation a lot.

When she was facing someone she deemed inferior to her, she would be especially arrogant and adopt an appearance to show that the other party was not worthy of her being charitable.

When it came to Wei Wucai, Luo Qingxian was inferior to begin with.

However, she kept insisting on coming to bother him, which was in total contradiction to her usual personality.

The thing Luo Qingxian was currently afraid of was that others would find out that she came asking for Shi Xiaoyas help to sneak into the set just to chase this one man, even though Wei Wucai was clearly out of her league.

It would be extremely embarrassing!

Who knew how those people she normally associated with would talk about and mock her behind her back

So, when Shi Xiaoya said that, Luo Qingxian truly became very afraid of the consequences.

Shi Xiaoya, on the other hand, was unafraid of Luo Qingxian talking to others about her or how the latter might add false details to the story.

She was very indifferent about it all.

Indeed, it was because she was relying on Han Zhuoling.

With Han Zhuoling supporting her, no one would dare talk bad about her to her face even if they did it behind her back.

When they should be polite, they would still be polite.

After all, not everyone was as senseless as Luo Qingxian.

Luo Qingxian flaunted herself as someone intelligent.

However, Shi Xiaoya really could not figure it out.

What benefits did Luo Qingxian gain by offending her like this

Shi Xiaoya did feel a bit arrogant by thinking this, though.

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