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“You are a man, yet you do such disgusting things.


The man was berated by everyone.

Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to say, “The act of crowding around would result in the disruption of public order.

You all are blocking the way and the other pedestrians cant walk.”

She then asked, “How is this As there are too many people, it will take too much time if I took a picture with each of you.

But we can all take a group photo.

Is that okay”

There were too many people and everyone was understanding.

They didnt expect Yan Zhiqing to be well-tempered and approachable.

She was completely different in real life than in television.

Considering that Yan Zhiqing had almost been sexually harassed…

The crowd was very understanding.

They then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “I just finished work today so I havent had dinner.

I just came out for some food.

I didnt expect to create such a big mess.”

“Elder Sister Zhiqing, you havent had dinner I am so sorry,” the little girl wearing the white T-shirt said remorsefully.

“Its okay,” Yan Zhiqing responded with a smile.

“But you all have to let me go to eat dinner after the picture.”

“Alright, alright,” the crowd hastily replied.

The crowd then stood beside and behind Yan Zhiqing.

No one tried to fight for the space beside her.

Knowing that Yan Zhiqing had yet to have dinner, everyone didnt dare to do anything wrong.

At this moment, the guy from earlier tried to sneak away.

“Where are you going” Wei Wucai stopped him, grabbing his wrist.

“What are you doing Am I not allowed to leave” The mans facial expression changed.

“You cant let him go!” The crowd saw this and immediately commented one after the other.

“Are you trying to leave after you have done something bad Thats not going to happen!”

“If this elder brother wasnt here today, Zhiqing would have been taken advantage of… And you think you can leave”

“We have to call the police on this jerk.

We have to call the police!”

“I have something else to ask you, so why are you leaving” Wei Wucai grabbed the guys hand.

He then turned and said to Yan Zhiqing and the others, “Can you all wait a little bit I will take the picture in a moment.”

There were too many people.

If Yan Zhiqing took a selfie, she wouldnt be able to capture the entire crowd in one picture.

Yan Zhiqing then asked the crowd, “Is that okay”

Wei Wucai also spoke to the crowd.

“It wont take too long.”

With the tricks he had learned at the Mount Lan Compound, he could get any answer out of someone.

Yan Zhiqing had asked, so the crowd obviously said that it was okay.

They had waited this long anyway, so they didnt mind waiting a little longer.

And so, they then responded, “Its okay.”

Wei Wucai then pulled the guy to the side and asked, “Who told you to come here”

“I am just a passerby!” the guy said.

“You are being ridiculous!”

Wei Wucai grabbed the guys wrist.

With his finger on an acupuncture point, he pressed forcefully.

“Tell me the truth!”

It was unknown where he was pressing, but the guy started yelling in pain.

His body contorted as he shouted, “It hurts!”

“Good that it hurts.

Now, tell me the truth!” Wei Wucai said fiercely.

“You were clearly saying things that would make people think that Zhiqing was bad.

You said it intentionally.

No one told you to do so And you came up with those words, which were clearly verbal attacks towards Yan Zhiqing, all by yourself”

Everyone around heard Wei Wucais words clearly.

No wonder the guy had such a sharp tongue!

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