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The moment the guy said that, Wei Wucai increased the strength his hand exerted.

The guy was in so much pain that he started yelling.

“I dont know! I really dont know.

I told you everything I know.

Just let me go.”

Wei Wucai observed him slightly and realized that he really knew nothing.

The guy had told him everything.

Wei Wucai then asked, “How did she contact you”

“We contacted each other through WeChat.

She paid a portion of the money first.

If I complete the task, she will give me the rest of the payment through WeChat,” the guy said.

“However, her WeChat account seems to be a fake account.

You cant find anything about her through that WeChat.”

“Give me her WeChat number,” Wei Wucai said.

While trembling, the guy took out his phone and showed it to Wei Wucai.

After checking the chat history, Wei Wucai was able to confirm the authenticity of the WeChat account.

He then noted the WeChat number down and released the guy.

The guy didnt dare to delay his escape anymore and he quickly ran away.

Then, Wei Wucai returned.

The crowd heard the guys answer and knew that someone had wanted to ruin Yan Zhiqings reputation.

“Who is it Evil! She even tried to play dirty tricks!”

“She must be another celebrity! There are many celebrities who try to slander other celebrities.”

One after the other, the crowd started guessing who it could have been.

Wei Wucai then said, “Dont worry about those things.

I will find the person.

You all dont have to worry.”

Wei Wucais confidence in this matter led some girls to support him as the perfect match for Yan Zhiqing.

“Elder Brother is so handsome! He is so confident!”

“He is a perfect match for Elder Sister Zhiqing.

Elder Sister Zhiqing, please take him into consideration.”

“Since Elder Brother didnt deny it, we will take this as a silent acceptance of this relationship.”

“Elder Brother, what is your name Can you come and take a picture with us”

Yan Zhiqings face was an explosion of red.

It seemed like the crowd was about to announce her and Wei Wucai as a couple.

She hastily said, “Lets take the picture first.”

The crowd stopped while things were still good and didnt talk about it anymore.

Wei Wucai took a few pictures for them.

Yan Zhiqing then said, “I will post these pictures on social media.

You can save it yourselves.

Is that okay”

There were so many people.

She couldnt possibly add every one of them on social media.

None of them objected to this.

They didnt care if the photo would be edited or not.

After all, most celebrities had a beauty that competed against ten thousand other girls.

The difference wouldnt be drastic if the comparison was done between celebrities in a group photo.

One would just think that the celebrities looked great.

However, when a celebrity takes a group photo with ordinary people, the difference becomes obvious.

Even those considered good-looking in the crowd would be seen as ordinary when compared to a celebrity.

Therefore, further editing of the picture would not matter anymore.

No amount of photoshop would make them as good-looking as Yan Zhiqing.

The most important thing was that they had gotten the chance to take a picture with Yan Zhiqing.

A picture was good enough.

After this huge mess, Yan Zhiqing didnt dare to eat outside anymore.

She was worried that she might get recognized again.

She then said to Wei Wucai, “Why dont we go back to the hotel first We can order takeout and eat in the room.”

“Sounds good.” Wei Wucai nodded.

Compared to the crowded restaurants, Wei Wucai wanted a place where he could be with Yan Zhiqing alone.

The hotel was a good choice.

The two then went back to the hotel.

Yan Zhiqing was about to go back to her room when Wei Wucai stopped her and said, “Come to my room.”

Yan Zhiqing was confused.

Wei Wucai probably wasnt hinting anything sexual when he asked that question.

However, when Yan Zhiqing heard that, she started blushing again.

“You cant go out if the delivery gets here.

Otherwise, you might cause crowds to become rowdy again.”

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