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She maintained her elegance and didnt explode in anger whenever she saw Lu Xiuse.

Wei Wucai was observing her carefully.

He could tell that Yan Zhiqing would only reveal her true character when she was around people she trusted.

With people she trusted, she could laugh like theres no tomorrow and rage and roar without any worries.

Yan Zhiqing would never show these expressions in front of people she did not trust.

She would never reveal her true character to people she did not trust.

And so, Wei Wucai knew that Yan Zhiqing had always trusted him, even during the time when she was always arguing and fighting with him.

If not, he would have never gotten the chance to see Yan Zhiqing mad.

Wei Wucai also thought that Yan Zhiqing had an interesting personality.

If he was with her, he would never feel bored.

He knew about microexpressions.

However, if you could only interact with your family and friends using microexpressions, that would be too tiring.

Yan Zhiqing was different.

If you were close to her, she would show you her every thought through her facial expressions.

You never needed to try and guess what she was thinking.

When she was in front of you, she would present her simple and authentic self.

She would show you if she was happy and tell you why she was happy.

She would show her anger and tell you why she was angry.

You could read so much through her facial expressions.

Wei Wucai knew that he himself was a cunning person.

Therefore, he didnt like people who were crafty.

The more time he spent with someone uncomplicated like Yan Zhiqing, the more relaxed he felt.

Yet, back then, although she did trust him, she wasnt close to him.

Back then, she might have trusted him, but she would never have gotten too close to him.

It was only after Yan Zhiqing became close to him that she revealed her undisguised facial expressions.

He never expected Yan Zhiqing to be this cute.

She had a very expressive face.

Her face revealed her every thought and feeling.

It was as though her eyes could talk.

Seeing how worried Yan Zhiqing was, Wei Wucai felt bad about continuing to tease her.

He couldnt even bear to see her worry and just wanted to tell her the truth right now.

Wei Wucai had never felt such emotions before.

“Even if I were to date or marry someone in the future, I would have nothing to hide on my phone.

If I didnt do anything shameful, I obviously wouldnt be afraid of letting my significant other look through my phone.

If my partner requested to check my phone, I would gladly hand my phone over.”

“But many people hate it when their partner checks their phone.

Dont you hate it” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Wei Wucai raised his brow and responded, “If there is nothing to hide, then its okay for someone to look through my phone.

Why would I hate it”

He continued, “Honestly, if the information they want is not too personal and if they just want to check your social media and WeChat, I think its okay.

“Also, many girls request to check their boyfriends phone because they dont have a sense of security.

This means that the boyfriend has done some things or has not paid enough attention to certain details, which led to the girl feeling insecure.

“This means that the boyfriend has not been a good partner.

If she just wants to check if her boyfriend is flirting with other girls, let her check it so that she can get that sense of security, no longer feel any more worries, and live a happy life.

This result is more important than anything else.

“Of course, after my partner looks through my phone, I have to make sure to ask what I had done that built up the feelings of insecurity.”

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