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The two looked at each other.

Their faces were so close to each other when their eyes met.

Wei Wucai had suddenly turned before Yan Zhiqing could back away.

And so, their heads faced each other.

The tips of their noses were almost touching.

They were so near each other that they were inhaling each others breath.

Yan Zhiqing looked down.

At a glance, it seemed like the tip of their noses were already touching.

She could see herself in Wei Wucais eyes.

Her eyes widened and she looked dumb and silly.

Wei Wucai looked down and saw her lips.

Her lips looked soft and glimmery.

Her lips were truly very attractive.

Yan Zhiqing was so nervous that she didnt notice him gulp.

Yan Zhiqing then came back to her senses and hurriedly backed away.

But she forgot to move her butt.

She only leaned backwards.

Because she moved too abruptly, she fell back onto the couch.

Yan Zhiqing closed her eyes in despair.

Why did she feel as though she was trying to initiate something

She wasnt even pushed back.

She fell back and lay down on her own.

However, Yan Zhiqing, with her eyes closed, had no idea.

Wei Wucai had almost pressed himself onto her.

Regardless, he still needed to consider his persona.

He felt he absolutely couldnt let this facade fall apart.

He should at least keep this persona intact now.

And so, he had to endure.

Therefore, Wei Wucai stood up and opened a bottle of water.

“Glug.” He chugged some water.

The water felt cold.

The cold water flowed into his stomach, and the coolness of the water spread through his chest.

Wei Wucai finally felt more comfortable.

With Wei Wucai gone, Yan Zhiqing felt a little more comfortable.

She took a breath and finally calmed down.

But she still felt a little embarrassed.

Her behavior earlier was too embarrassing.

She behaved too frivolously.

She sat up.

Soon, a bottle of water, held by Wei Wucai, appeared before her eyes.

Yan Zhiqing gulped.

She realized that there was really no hope for her.

She might not be able to see Wei Wucai as her gay bestie.

It had only been a day, but she had had so many thoughts about Wei Wucai within that time.

Even his hand had distinct joints and was slender.

When Yan Zhiqing saw his hand, two words popped into her mind.

The exclamation mark was included!

Yan Zhiqing didnt dare to look at Wei Wucai anymore.

She took the bottle of water that he was handing over and gulped down mouthfuls of water, making a gurgling sound.

Then, Wei Wucai sat beside her.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Yan Zhiqing secretly moved slightly to the side.

Although she did it secretly, Wei Wucai noticed it.

He frowned and pretended to have seen nothing.

He pointed at the result shown on the screen.

“The number in the middle is the phone number,” Wei Wucai explained.

“With this phone number, we can find the identity of the person.”

Wei Wucai then entered the phone number into the program.

Soon, detailed information about the number, such as the origin of the number and the location this number was bought, came out.

Even information that Yan Zhiqing didnt think of was found by this program.

“What program is this Its amazing,” Yan Zhiqing said with her eyes widened and her mouth half opened.

She had completely forgotten about the embarrassment shed felt earlier.

“This program was designed by the Mount Lan Compound,” Wei Wucai explained.

“Its very simple.

You just have to enter the phone number and you can find any information.”

With this, Yan Zhiqing saw the identity and information of the person who owned this number on the screen.

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