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Chapter 31: If She Doesn't Want Her Mother's Illness to Relapse After Witnessing That Scene, She Will Obediently Leave with Us.

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Xia Qingyang sobbed and took out her phone for Lu Qiyuan to look at.

"This is going to ruin Qi Qi.

When Qi Qi saw all this news, she hid in her room and since then she has been refusing to come out.

She is still too young, how could she handle all this hate What would become of her in the future Moreover, the entertainment industry is so cruel."

As he listened to Xia Qingyang worry over Lu Qi's agony, Lu Qiyuan's face became even darker.

"How would the paparazzi know all this!"

"You're right.

I couldn't understand it either.

We have been completely silent and kept mum about this.

Even when Qi Qi left the place, no one had seen her either.

Also, the police would never tell the public about this too.

As Zhengbai is Qi Qi's boyfriend, even he would never mention it.

So how could they have found out" Saying this, Xia Qingyang eliminated them one after another.

Naturally, it only left one person.

Lu Qiyuan said furiously, "It must be Lu Man! Didn't she say so today If we dare force her, she would tell everyone about it!"

"That's… that's impossible" Xia Qingyang hid the smugness in her eyes.

With disbelief plastered all over her face, she tried to fake support Lu Man, "Man Man wouldn't go overboard.

Qi Qi is her sister…"

"Why wouldn't she You still call her Man Man She doesn't even treat us as her family! She does not even treat Qi Qi as her younger sister!"

Turning around, Lu Qiyuan knocked on Lu Qi's door and solaced her.

"Qi Qi, just open the door first, don't coop yourself up alone.

Rest assured, Dad will never let you suffer."

Finally, the door opened with a creaking sound and Lu Qi's beautiful tear-stained face came into view.

Her small figure was sobbing profusely, making Lu Qiyuan's heart ache tremendously.

"Dad, what… what should I do Was it really older sister who did it" Lu Qi asked pitifully.

Lu Qiyuan snorted, "If it's not her, who else could it be"

"Why Why would she treat me like this Dad, how am I going to live from now on Everyone must be thinking I slept my way to the top." Lu Qi lamented about her current misfortune and held onto Lu Qiyuan desperately as if he was her last strand of hope.

Lu Qiyuan coaxed Lu Qi gently and said, disdain evident in his voice, "What sleeping around Based on our Qi Qi's talent, do you still need to use your body Those people are being stupid."

"But Qiyuan, what should we do now That paparazzo was pretty confident and even promised that he would definitely release the evidence on Wednesday.

If he does, what would happen to Qi Qi"

"Don't bother waiting till Wednesday." Lu Qiyuan said grimly.

"Tomorrow, let's drag Lu Man to the police station and force her to turn herself in! As long as she does, nobody would care about what the paparazzi would release on Wednesday.

Once someone is arrested, then it will have nothing to do with you."

"But, how are we going to find elder sister She has clearly refused today.

We can't do anything." Lu Qi said.

"She is most concerned about her mother.

Tomorrow, we will send someone to the hospital.

She will definitely appear." Lu QIyuan said solemnly.

"If she doesn't want her mother's illness to relapse after witnessing that scene, she will obediently leave with us.

It will be different from today.

Today she was all alone, thus she had nothing to worry about.

However, once her mother is in the picture, it will be different."

Hearing that, Xia Qingyang let out a breath.

She quickly hugged Lu Qiyuan's waist.

"Qiyuan, you are the best.

We are counting on you."

Lu Qiyuan looked at his little daughter's beautiful yet tearful face and his gentle and lovable wife both of whom were dependent on him.

He thought, "Thankfully, they have my protection.

If not, what would they do"


"Ding dong… Ding dong…"

Suddenly the alarm on her phone rang compelling Lu Man to open her eyes.

She had set her alarm at 5 a.m.

However, until now, she had only slept for four hours.


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