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Chapter 3100: No One Believed Her

“We thought they were a perfect match for each other.

The elder brother looked very pretty, but he was very manly and very powerful!”



We caused Zhiqing trouble.

We were too excited to see her, so we started surrounding her, but Zhiqing was very well-tempered.

There was just a disgusting man who took advantage of the messy crowd and tried to sexually harass her.

But the elder brother noticed it and prevented it from happening.

Dont worry.

Zhiqing was safe.”

“We dont know his name, but he has very good combat skills.

He was very fast and was able to catch the guy very quickly.”

“That guy did it intentionally.

He wanted to ruin Zhiqings reputation and frame her as an obnoxious celebrity.

Someone had hired him to target Zhiqing.

We dont know who it was, but we hope that the elder brother can find the culprit.”

Someone immediately responded to that comment.

“Sis, I think you should delete your comment.

You might alert the culprit.”


I didnt think about that.

I will delete it now.”

And so, that comment was deleted.

Thankfully, that comment didnt stand out.

It was a comment in a sea of comments.

It was deleted quickly and no one noticed.

“Look at that.” Fang Qiaohan smiled and winked at Yan Zhiqing.

“A lot of people are supporting you and Wei Wucai as a couple.”

“Dont be saying nonsense.” Yan Zhiqing currently felt like she couldnt complain to anyone.

She was constantly being seduced by Wei Wucai, but she knew that Wei Wucai was attracted to boys.

But now, everyone had misinterpreted their relationship and she couldnt give them a solid explanation.

Who knew how much pain she felt!

Thankfully, Fang Qiaohan didnt focus on this topic.

Fang Qiaohan was also scared that if she said too much about this, Yan Zhiqing would get angry.

And so, Fang Qiaohan said, “I didnt expect your fans to be so protective of you.”

Back then, there was never such news of Yan Zhiqing.

Therefore, they were not sure how the fans might react to such news.

But surprisingly, all the fans were very supportive.

Without being told to do so, they kept it—the information of that guy being told by someone to deliberately ruin Yan Zhiqing—a secret.

They did it all for Yan Zhiqing.

They were worried that a public disclosure of this information would result in the culprit becoming more vigilant.

The culprit would then proceed to hide any evidence left.

“These cuties are too sweet,” Fang Qiaohan said.

Yan Zhiqing was also reading the comments.

She then said, “What are we going to do Are we really going to just ignore this”

“I asked Elder Sister Mou.

She said to just leave it be,” Fang Qiaohan said.

“If you intentionally gave an explanation, it would just seem like you are trying to hide something.

The netizens would just think that you are lying.

“Plus, how are you going to explain this Are you going to say that you guys are just friends But you are filming in the remote areas of B City.

Why would a male friend visit you so late at night And why would you two be ordering food delivery together”

If you ordered food delivery together, it probably meant that you two ate the food in the same room.

If a girl and a guy ate food late at night in a room by themselves, what might their relationship be

Even if they said they were just friends, no one would believe them, right

Since no one would believe them, they might as well just stay silent.

“If you told them that he was a coworker, you would be narrowing the scope of search for the netizens.

Wei Wucai has a unique body shape.

No one else on set has the same body shape as him,” Fang Qiaohan said.

“Only a few male celebrities who exercise often have the same body shape as him, but those celebrities are not as tall as him.” Fang Qiaohan pondered even more and realized that there was no one else with his height and body shape.

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