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Chapter 3102: Its Up to You

“As long as we are meeting each other, theres always a chance that someone will snap a picture of us.

“Actually, I have been mentally prepared for this,” Wei Wucai explained.

“You are a public figure.

We are friends of opposite genders.

If we are seen walking together, even if we are just walking normally, there will be people taking pictures of us.

“Since I have decided to be your friend, I have to take these things into consideration.

I chose to be your friend because I knew that I can handle all these things.

If I cant handle these things, what gives me the right to call myself your friend

“Should I only make choices that benefit me” Wei Wucai said.

“Thats not who I am.

Such things are bound to happen.

I have mentally prepared myself for this.

I had predicted that it would happen, so I am not surprised, nor do I think negatively of this experience.

“If I want to be your friend, I would need to accept both the negative and the positive things.

I cant just want the good things, right Thats impossible.

“To be honest, the picture of us together doesnt cause me to lose anything.

In cases like this, guys dont really lose anything,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing didnt expect that Wei Wucai had already anticipated such a scenario and had thought it through.

This was something Yan Zhiqing had not expected.

Now that she had heard Wei Wucai say that, she felt deeply moved.

Wei Wucai wasnt getting any benefit from being her friend.

Wei Wucai didnt need to rely on her to get any financial benefits.

For now, there were no obvious benefits that she could provide him.

Instead, because of her, Wei Wucai was pushed to the area where the wind and waves were the fiercest.

Although Wei Wucai had said it was okay, Yan Zhiqing still felt guilty.

Because of what Wei Wucai said, her opinion of him became even better.

“Did your manager say that theres no need for us to clear up this misunderstanding” Wei Wucai asked further.


Because its hard to clear up the misunderstanding.

If we said that we were friends, itd still be suspicious because we were eating food together late at night.

Even if we tried to explain it, it would just seem like we are trying to hide something.

No one will believe us.

If we told them we were coworkers, it would narrow down the scope of search and it would be very easy for them to find you.

“Therefore, we are not going to clear up this misunderstanding as it is simply impossible,” Yan Zhiqing explained.

“And so, it would be better if we just stayed silent.

“However, I thought that I should still ask you for your opinion,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“If you want to clear up this misunderstanding, I will be the one to explain it to the public.”

“Its alright.

Theres no need to explain it.” Wei Wucai was hoping that this misunderstanding would continue.

However, he wouldnt tell her what he actually thought.

He just told her this, “Your teams worries are valid.

Compared to staying silent, clearing up this misunderstanding would cause even more issues.

Therefore, it would be better to not provide any explanation.

“I also told you that I am a man.

It causes a man no damage to be in such scandals,” Wei Wucai said.

“It really does not affect me much.

Therefore, its really up to you.”

Although Wei Wucai said this, Yan Zhiqing still felt bad to have gotten Wei Wucai involved in this.

Wei Wucai then said, “If you really feel sorry about this, then buy me food when we are done filming tomorrow night.”

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself, “Photos of us together just got taken today.

“Arent you scared that photos of us would be taken again if we were to eat dinner together tomorrow”

It was as though Wei Wucai had guessed her thoughts.

Before she could even say anything, he said to her, “I am not scared if pictures of us get taken.”

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