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Chapter 3104: Is This Girl Senseless or What

Recalling it now, she spurned her past self from that time.

That was why she especially cherished the sibling relationship she had with Yan Beicheng now.

Even after she had done so many awful things, Yan Beicheng was still willing to forgive her and be good to her.

He was always willing to give her chances.

So, Yan Zhiqing truly valued their sibling bond.

Their parents had already passed away.

The only family she had left now were her grandparents and Yan Beicheng.

However, the two elders were quite old and would inevitably leave them one day.

Then her sole remaining family member would be Yan Beicheng.

At this moment, after Yan Zhiqing heard Yan Beichengs words, she felt that she had done him wrong.

She said docilely, “Older Brother, I was wrong.”

The moment Yan Beicheng heard those words, he became extremely angry, presuming that he must have guessed correctly.

Moreover, this was the outcome that he did not want to hear the most.

“Tell me,” Yan Beicheng said while gritting his teeth.

“I was eating with Wei Wucai alone,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“But everything I told you before was true.

A disturbance occurred because I was recognized on the street.

“Additionally, after realizing Lu Xiuse wanted to frame me, we felt we could not stay outside as we were afraid something would happen.

That was why we went back to the hotel.

However, the two of us were the only ones left, so we just ate together.”

Yan Beicheng asked, “You ate in a room”

“Mm.” Yan Zhiqing no longer kept anything hidden from her older brother.

Whatever Yan Beicheng asked, Yan Zhiqing would answer it.

“In whose room” Yan Beicheng asked.

Yan Zhiqing thought for a moment.

Regardless of whose room it was, it would not sound like they were particularly innocent.

“In Wei Wucais,” Yan Zhiqing answered.

“In any case, I felt it wasnt appropriate to take him to my room.”

Yan Beicheng: “…”

Then did that mean going to Wei Wucais room was appropriate

Was this girl senseless or what

“Older Brother, there truly isnt anything going on between Wei Wucai and me,” Yan Zhiqing explained helplessly.

“Were just good friends.

Dont our families have a very good relationship with each other I did have some misunderstandings with him in the past, but theyve all been cleared up now.

So weve become friends.

Its very normal.

“You must not tell anyone about this,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Moreover, Wei Wucai takes really good care of me.

Just… just like the way siblings care for each other.

So dont think about it too much.”

Yan Zhiqing had done her absolute best to explain the situation…

But did Yan Beicheng believe her

Not at all.


I understand now.” Yan Beicheng did not pressure Yan Zhiqing anymore.

It was because he was afraid she would become aware of his intentions.

What if she found out that he wanted to go over tomorrow Then he would not be able to see what she and Wei Wucai truly looked like when they interacted with each other.

“However, you cant keep secrets from me from now on,” Yan Beicheng said.

“You have to be honest with me.

I dont do anything bad to you, right The key point is that I can still help you if anything happens.”

“Okay.” Yan Zhiqing obediently lowered her head and acknowledged her mistake.

However, upon mulling it over, she felt that there was something a bit off about Yan Beichengs words.

He seemed to be implying that something bad might happen if she were to be alone with Wei Wucai.

Nevertheless, Yan Zhiqing remained well-behaved and did not ask any more questions.

Otherwise, Yan Beicheng would seize the chance to lecture her some more.

“Additionally, Im not opposed to you dating,” Yan Beicheng said sincerely and earnestly.

“Youre already an adult now.

Sooner or later, youll want to fall in love, settle down, and get married.

How could I possibly prevent you from accomplishing a major life event”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Actually, she was in no hurry for that.

“So, if youve gotten to know a decent man and have good feelings about him…”

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