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“He leads a pure personal life.

I heard that he has never even gotten a girlfriend.

He even rejected the girls that his mother had introduced to him.

“At least he wont have any persistent ex-girlfriend or past potential girlfriend.”

They couldnt do anything about the girls who might have a crush on him right now.

People are bound to fall in love with splendid individuals.

There were many people in the entertainment industry pursuing Yan Zhiqing, not to mention people outside of this industry.

Therefore, they couldnt request Wei Wucai to promise that there would be no other girls who would have feelings for him.

Nothing could be that perfect.

If there were no girls who had feelings for him, Yan Beicheng would then think that there was something wrong with Wei Wucai.

Yan Beicheng was surprised to hear this, so he asked, “Do you think he is a good match for Zhiqing”

Lin Chu laughed and said, “Do you not think so If you dont think he is a good match, you would have stopped him immediately.

It wouldnt have ended with just a simple warning.”

When Yan Beicheng heard this, he laughed so hard that his eyes squinted.

His eyes radiated a warm glow.

“As expected, my wife knows me well.” Yan Beicheng extended his hand and pulled Lin Chu into his arms.

Lin Chu hurriedly pushed him and scolded, “There are so many people here!”

“They are all busy filming.

They dont have time to look at us,” Yan Beicheng said.

“In addition, I am not doing anything wrong.

I am just hugging my wife.”

Lin Chu couldnt push him away and had no choice but to give up.

Thankfully, the others were busy and didnt look in their direction.

Wei Wucai had finished his work.

He finally had some time to rest and didnt need to do anything.

His employees were done with work and were on their phones, waiting to continue their job later.

While they were scrolling on their phones, they suddenly saw the news about Wei Wucai.

“Boss! Look! Entertainment news sites have posted about you.” Wei Wucais technical assistant, Yu Wenhan, was very excited as he ran over to show Wei Wucai his phone.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Were people that happy to see him on the entertainment news

Yu Wenhan ran over and whispered, “Boss, its news about you and Yan Zhiqing.”

“Eh” Wei Wucai raised his brow.

He immediately felt energized as he asked, “Where Let me see.”

“I will share it with you,” Yu Wenhan said with high expectations.

“I havent finished reading it.

I merely skimmed through this article.”

Therefore, he needed to continue reading it.

He couldnt just hand his phone over to Wei Wucai.

His coworkers heard him and ran over as well.

“What is it What is it Did I just hear you say that boss is on the news”

“Wasnt he on the news last night”

“This is part two of that news,” Yu Wenhan answered.

“Send me the link quickly.

I want to see.”

Even while they were in front of Wei Wucai, they had no control of themselves.

Wei Wucai usually didnt behave like he was the boss of this company.

All of his employees were young techies.

The company had an open-book management policy, and it provided their employees enough freedom to do their job.

Everyone interacted with each other in a very modern and transparent work environment.

Of course, they would still be afraid when Wei Wucai looked angry.

Yu Wenhan shared the link with everyone.

After all the employees had read the article, they proceeded to search for other articles published by other media companies.

Within ten minutes of the publication of those articles, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai became trending topics.

Of course, no one knew anything about Wei Wucai.

They did not even know his name.

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