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He pondered in silence for a while.

Then, he gasped and asked Mu Chengfeng, “Maybe he is courting someone”

Mu Chengfeng rubbed his chin as he pondered, “Thats not entirely impossible.

However, considering our CEOs emotional intelligence, if he was courting someone, how could he not ask others for ideas”

Besides him, the competent assistant, who else could Wei Zhiqian be asking

“…” The corner of Lian Zhongxiangs mouth twitched as he whispered, “Is it really okay for you to be making such comments about your CEO”

Mu Chengfeng felt speechless.

“What did I say I didnt say anything,” Mu Chengfeng said in denial.

He refused to admit that he had called Wei Zhiqian someone with low emotional intelligence.

Wei Zhiqian had no idea that his manager and assistant had been talking about him.

He picked up Wei Wucais call and said, “Hey, Xiao Cai.

What made you call me”

Wei Wucai realized that he would never be able to get rid of the nickname Xiao Cai.

“Elder Brother,” Wei Wucai called out.

Wei Zhiqian was speechless.

He suddenly didnt know how to react.

Wei Wucai was behaving like a good kid and calling him elder brother.

He didnt even have to remind Wei Wucai to call him that way.

Hearing how obedient Wei Wucai had become, Wei Zhiqian felt a little uneasy.

“Cough.” Wei Zhiqian, feeling unaccustomed to this, forced a cough and said, “Xiao Cai, you rarely call me.

What is it”

“I need your help with something,” Wei Wucai said.

“Its nothing major, but it has to be you.”

“Even if its something major, I would help you, let alone if its something minor,” Wei Zhiqian immediately said.

Especially considering that Wei Wucai rarely asked him for help…

Wei Wucai rarely seeked Wei Zhiqian out for help.

Therefore, Wei Zhiqian would help him no matter what its about.

And so, he agreed to help even before Wei Wucai had told him what it was that he needed help with.

“Its just… Weibo…” Wei Wucai suddenly realized that he didnt know how to explain it.

Wei Zhiqian waited patiently over the phone.

Wei Wucai didnt hesitate for too long.

After a while, he said, “Did you see the news last night”

“What news” Wei Zhiqian had just asked the question when he suddenly recalled.

“Is it about the photo of you and Yan Zhiqing”

Wei Zhiqian didnt expect that Wei Zhiqian, being someone so busy, would pay attention to these entertainment news.

“Mhm.” Wei Wucai nodded and said, “Unfortunately, the reporters also took pictures of my face during noon today.”

“Eh” Wei Zhiqian felt very suspicious.

With Wei Wucais abilities, those reporters wouldnt have been able to take his picture if he didnt want those pictures taken.

If it was an ordinary person, they might not have been able to escape from the pursuit of the reporters.

But in front of Wei Wucai, those reporters would be nothing but a frantic mob.

“How did the reporters get the chance to take a picture of your face” Wei Zhiqian felt very doubtful as he asked, “Dont tell me you did this intentionally!”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“Of course not,” Wei Wucai lied while keeping a very serious expression on his face.

“I just didnt notice.”

Wei Zhiqian raised his brow and asked, “So do you want me to take down those pictures Even if those pictures are out there, no one knows you anyway since youve protected your personal information well.

Your information cannot be found online.”

“No, thats not what I need.

The reporters have already posted the pictures online.” Wei Wucai felt very ashamed of the reporters when he was talking about this.

“They are just very useless.

They couldnt even find my identity.

Whats the use of publishing a few pictures of me Besides the fact that I have a good-looking face, the netizens didnt learn anything else about me.”

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