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Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“No, the account mentioned is really mine.

How can they accuse me of lying and piggybacking on hot topics” Wei Wucai said coldly.

“But you dont seem like the kind to care about what those ordinary people think about you,” Wei Zhiqian said intentionally.

Wei Wucai narrowed his eyes and said in a pesky manner, “Are you helping me or not!”



Yes,” Wei Zhiqian hurriedly responded.

“I will help you.

What do you want me to do”

What could he do when he had to deal with a vexatious brother who was currently throwing a fit

Of course he had to help him!

“You just need to verify my identity on Weibo,” Wei Wucai explained.

“Okay,” Wei Zhiqian agreed without any hesitation.

He stopped making fun of Wei Wucai.

“I will do it now.

I will hang up first.”

“Erm…” Wei Wucai called out to Wei Zhiqian.

Wei Zhiqian paused from hanging up.


“Just reply in a natural tone.

Make it seem like you replied accidentally.

Dont let them think that I am trying to prove my identity and that I want them to know about me,” Wei Wucai said.

“Hehe.” Wei Zhiqian couldnt endure it anymore and blurted out, “And you said that the reporters accidentally took a picture of your face”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

As his older brother, Wei Zhiqian didnt even try to preserve whatever dignity Wei Wucai had left!

Wei Wucai hung up the call in a brutal and heartless manner.

Wei Zhiqian shook his head and tolerated his little brothers temper like a very generous guy.

He logged into his Weibo and saw that he had received many notifications of people mentioning him.

Wei Zhiqian clicked on the notifications and found out that most of the comments were questions from the netizens asking if Wei Wucai was a member of the Wei Family.

Wei Zhiqian randomly picked a comment that mentioned him and replied, “He is my younger cousin.

But what happened This little brother of mine has always kept a low profile.

Why is he suddenly getting so much attention”

Upon posting this comment, Wei Zhiqian put his phone away and went back to the meeting.

He never told anyone of the good things he had done.

However, when he returned to the office, he noticed that everyone was looking at him… with a weird expression.

Their expression even showed their curiosity to learn about the newest gossip.

Wei Zhiqian sat back down.

He deliberately put on a calm expression and said, “Lets continue the meeting.”

Wei Zhiqians appearance in the social media post once again boosted this topic to a new height.

The netizens who had mentioned Wei Zhiqian were just doing it for fun.

They just wanted to take part in this jolly-making.

No one had expected that Wei Zhiqian would actually appear and reply.

The netizen whom Wei Zhiqian had chosen to reply to felt as though she had won the lottery.

She saw the notification.

When she clicked and opened it, she saw that Wei Zhiqian had replied to her.

Her hands quivered and she almost dropped her phone.

“Ahhhh! Wei Zhiqian actually replied to me.

What are the chances!” The netizen was so excited.

Wei Zhiqians reply excited all of them even more.

Wei Zhiqian had even tagged Wei Wucais account in his comment.

This was equivalent to giving an official verification of Wei Wucais account.

In addition, Wei Zhiqians reply was very natural.

It didnt seem fake at all.

At least the netizens were not doubtful of his comment.

They just thought that Wei Zhiqian was confused as to why he had been tagged so many times.

A netizen even very nicely explained to Wei Zhiqian why he had been mentioned in this post.

The netizens were going crazy.

“I didnt expect Wei Wucai to really be a member of the Wei Family.”

“Hes even Wei Zhiqians little cousin.

Based on Wei Zhiqians reaction, they must be very close with each other.”

“It seems like this account is really not piggybacking on this trending topic.

Wei Wucai is a real boss in life!”

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