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“Wow! If so, this company has made this country proud!”

“He is handsome and capable.

Instead of working in a field related to the Wei Familys business, he created such a powerful visual effects company.

Does Wei Wucai himself possess excellent technical skills”

“I would assume so.

If not, he wouldnt have advanced into this field.

If he has no skills or knowledge, wouldnt that mean that he had only invested money while not knowing anything about this industry”

“Skilled Techie! Powerful!”

“Arent most people with advanced tech skills bald Why is Wei Wucai still so handsome I seriously doubt his technical skills!”

When Zhong Liqiang saw this comment, he immediately objected, “How could they doubt our boss technical skills! Our boss is more powerful than all of us here.

He is the one who led this company to where it is today.

Because of our boss computer skills, this company was able to be widely known internationally!”


These people are truly outsiders of this industry,” Wu Zegang said.

“The most difficult special effects that were added to those movies were rendered by our boss.”

Without Wei Wucai, this company would just be a mediocre special effects company.

This company would just end up being one of the many special effects companies in the country and would have never achieved the success they had today.

Their success today was all thanks to Wei Wucai.

Because of Wei Wucai, their company was able to have a place in Hollywood.

“No! For the sake of our boss, I must correct them!” Yu Wenhan shouted and proceeded to respond to that comment.

“Our boss is the most powerful one among us techies.

Our boss is still in charge of rendering the most difficult special effects.

Basically, without our boss, this company would have become mediocre.”

Hu Guangmo added another comment.

“Yes, our boss created this company himself.

While he is the CEO of this company, he is also coding scripts with us.

It took many steps to get to where we are today.

You have no idea how skilled he is!”

Some netizens burst out in laughter.

“They are giving very good compliments.”

“You all have changed my mind about programmers! Hella funny!”

Zhong Liqiang blinked.

“Whats going on Do they not believe us”

Before anyone knew it, a laptop had already appeared in Wei Wucais hand.

Wei Wucai then found a random area and sat down.

“Boss” Wu Zegang called out in confusion.

“Take a few pictures,” Wei Wucai said.

“The picture that the reporters took during noon today was not very clear.

The netizens are doubting you all, right You can just take a few pictures of me and post it online to prove to the netizens.”

“Okay.” Yu Wenhan grabbed his phone and prepared to take a picture.

Wei Wucai added, “But be careful.

To prevent leaks of information about the movie, please make sure that nothing used for filmmaking is in the picture.”

Because of this, Wei Wucai didnt dare to move the movie props over.

If he had, the photo would seem more authentic.

“Alright.” Yu Wenhan nodded.

“Wait.” Upon seeing that Yu Wenhan was about to snap the picture, Wei Wucai called out again.

“What” Yu Wenhan reminded himself that the person in front of him was his boss and he must remain as patient as possible.

Even if his boss was troublesome and pesky, he would still need to forgive him and tolerate him.

At the same time, he should look at his boss with the brightest smile.

“Make this picture seem like it was taken secretly.

Dont make them think that I was intentionally posing for a photo,” Wei Wucai reminded him.

“Alright.” Yu Wenhan nodded

“Remember to keep the computer screen out of the picture.

Otherwise, they can easily tell that its fake,” Wei Wucai added.

“There is one more thing, which is the most important thing to remember.”

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