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When he was about to finish his sentence, he suddenly lowered his voice again.

“…Zhiqing home.”

Dong Muping felt so speechless.

The corner of her mouth twitched.

She thought to herself, “If you are so confident, why dont you say it out loud”

At this moment, Dong Muping believed what Yan Beicheng had said.

Yan Zhiqing really only considered Wei Wucai a friend.

However, Dong Muping also thought that humans should remain somewhat hopeful.

And so, she asked, “Are you going to bring Zhiqing home as her boyfriend”

Wei Wucai nodded confidently and said, “Definitely.”

“Alright.” Dong Muping decided to give Wei Wucai a chance to prove himself as she said, “Then try your best while you two are still working together.”

“Okay…” Wei Wucai responded while the corner of his mouth was twitching involuntarily.

“Let me know if you need help with anything.” Dong Muping felt very desperate to provide some assistance.

“Alright…” Wei Wucai agreed.

“Boss,” Hu Guangmo called out, telling Wei Wucai that it was time to work.

Wei Wucai immediately said to Dong Muping, “Mom, I have to work now.”



Go ahead,” Dong Muping hurriedly responded.

Dong Muping had just hung up the phone when she got a phone call from Old Mrs.


Dong Muping immediately answered the phone.


“Hey! Muping, who were you calling for such a long time My calls couldnt get through,” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

Wei Wucais father, Wei Hezhang, was the cousin of Wei Zhiqians father.

Wei Wucais grandfather and Wei Zhiqians grandfather were brothers.

Wei Zhiqians grandfather was the eldest while Wei Wucais grandfather was the second in the family.

However, Wei Wucais grandparents had both passed away.

Wei Wucais family would usually go to Old Mr.

Weis house for the family gathering held on New Years Day.

Wei Wucais family and Wei Zhiqians family were not on the same branch of the family tree.

Nevertheless, both families were still closely knit.

To Old Mr.

Wei and Old Mrs.

Wei, Wei Wucai was just like their biological grandson.

Although Wei Wucai was really their nephews son, Old Mr.

Wei and Old Mrs.

Wei had never mentioned the word nephew when referring to Wei Wucai.

They just referred to Wei Wucai as their grandson.

However, some outsiders who werent aware of this thought that there was no place for Wei Wucai in the Wei Family.

Dong Muping smiled and said, “I was on the phone with Xiao Cai.”

“Eh” Old Mrs.

Wei asked in surprise.

“You saw the news about Xiao Cai and Zhiqing, right”

“Yes, I saw it.

So I called him immediately.” Dong Muping didnt hide any secrets from Old Mrs.


After all, she was close to Old Mrs.


“What did Xiao Cai say” Old Mrs.

Wei immediately asked.

“Sigh! I dont want to talk about it anymore.

Xiao Cai is useless.

He is good at making girls mad.

Thats basically his talent.

But when he has to court a girl, he cant do it well.”


So are you saying that the two are not officially together” Old Mrs.

Wei asked.

“Not yet.

Although Xiao Cai refused to admit it, I can tell that Zhiqing only sees him as a friend.

Its a one-sided love,” Dong Muping said.

“But thats good too.

He finally has someone he likes.

Its better than not having feelings for anyone and still wanting to work to get out of that single life but not knowing who to work hard for,” Dong Muping said.

Dong Muping wasnt speaking with any ill intent.

She was just talking about Wei Wucai.

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