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While walking over, Yu Wenhan caught a glimpse of Wei Wucais phone screen and asked, “Boss, have you followed Yan Zhiqing on social media yet”

“Mm” Wei Wucai suddenly became motionless.

He had never used his Weibo account before.

Prior to today, no one knew he was the owner of Ledepic More aside from a small group of people he knew in real life.

He did not even have any content on his homepage, so there was even less reason for anyone to follow him.

As such, he had zero followers and fans.

Coincidentally, just as Yu Wehan finished speaking, a netizen raised a question.

“Hang on.

If Wei Wucai truly has something going on with Yan Zhiqing or perhaps likes her, why hasnt he followed her Yan Zhiqing hasnt followed him either.”

“Oh Thats true.

The two of them dont even have a mutual follow.

Could it be that they were just trying to attract public attention”

“Yan Zhiqing doesnt need to promote herself.

In any case, she has never done any promotional stunts from the creation of her account until today.

Of course, its inevitable that she will sometimes be included in hotly searched news articles.

But shes not intentionally promoting herself.”

“I dont believe its a promotional stunt.

If she wanted to do it, she would have done it long ago.

She didnt have to wait until now.

Yan Zhiqing is probably the one actress who needs promotions the least in the entertainment circle.”

“Thats right.

She has no need to wait until now to use a romantic scandal as a promotional stunt.

Yan Zhiqing alone is a hot topic.

She just needs to do any random thing and it would become news.”

“Then is it possible these two people truly are just friends After all, Yan Beicheng said that the two people were only photographed together because they were working together.”

“Its possible they were just there for a communal meal with the cast and crew, and the two of them just so happened to get photographed.

If this matter were about a different celebrity, I might still suspect them.

But since its about Yan Zhiqing, I cant quite believe its a promotional stunt.”

After all, Yan Zhiqing had never done promotional stunts or had any sex scandals.

She was simply too pure and magnanimous.

Wei Wucai never imagined that the netizens would actually voluntarily clarify the facts and quiet things down instead of making things more controversial.

There was still this sort of manipulation going on…

Didnt all netizens love seeing controversial things

Why was it that those on Yan Zhiqings side could even take the initiative to clarify the matter It seemed that they were wanting to suppress it

Wei Wucai hurriedly followed Yan Zhiqing.

After that, he refreshed the page and found that his number of fans was growing incessantly.

His homepage was just a blank space without any content, but that did not stop netizens from following him.

After looking this over, he kept refreshing the comment section.

He was afraid that the netizens werent quick-witted enough to have realized it.

“These people… Why wont they come take another look at my homepage” Wei Wucai asked, feeling so anxious that he got angry when he saw that no one had noticed it.

“Its because theres nothing on your homepage.

Why would they look at it Since no ones looking at it, of course no one will notice it,” Yu Wenhan said exasperatedly.

“But when they see that someone said I havent followed Yan Zhiqing, wont they come looking for proof” Wei Wucai said in dissatisfaction.

Why didnt they have even the slightest thought of confirming the facts!

Just after saying that, there was actually a netizen that came to look at his homepage.

“Wei Wucai followed Yan Zhiqing!”

“I saw it too.

When I went to look at his homepage earlier, his follows were still at zero.

All of a sudden, theres one follow now.

It cant be that Wei Wucai is silently scrolling through our comments right now, right”

“Pfftt, he cant be that adorable, can he”

“He followed her, he followed her.

I feel that Wei Wucai truly has feelings for Yan Zhiqing.”

“Yan Zhiqing still hasnt followed him though,” another netizen replied.

“Wei Wucai, can you see our comments If you are seeing our comments, then have Yan Zhiqing follow you too.”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Beside him, Yu Wenhan was silently scrolling through the comments on his phone.

When he saw this last comment, he almost burst into laughter.

Right then, Yan Zhiqing had just finished filming a scene and went back to rest.

Fang Qiaohan gave her a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee and the film script.

Yan Zhiqing would make use of her break time to analyze her scenes again and familiarize herself with her lines as best as she could.

This time, however, Yan Zhiqing did not get the chance to look at her lines.

She had just sat down, but before she could even flip through the script, Wei Wucai came over.

Yan Zhiqing had yet to notice Wei Wucai.

With her head lowered, she was about to open the script book when she felt it had suddenly become dark just above her head.

A faint shadow had also appeared on the script book shed placed on her thighs.

Yan Zhiqing unconsciously raised her head up to see what it was and just so happened to find Wei Wucai lowering his head to look at her face.

“What is it” Yan Zhiqing asked puzzledly.

Wei Wucai pulled over a folding chair and sat down beside her.

“You havent followed me on Weibo.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“You use Weibo” Yan Zhiqing asked in surprise.

It wasnt because she was being aloof that she hadnt followed him.

Yan Zhiqing had simply not thought of it at all.

“Ive had an account for quite a few years already.” Wei Wucais words very much seemed to imply that he felt aggrieved because of her.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Did Wei Wucai mean that he felt rather aggrieved because hed had an account for a few years already, but she hadnt followed him all this time

Yan Zhiqing blinked and let out two dry laughs before explaining, “We werent close in the past, right Wed only met a few times at most.

Moreover, I didnt even know you had an account.”

“You know now,” Wei Wucan said.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Why had this man suddenly become so willful!

“Sure, sure, sure.

Ill follow you now,” Yan Zhiqing said while turning on her phone.

Without much thought, she asked, “So have you followed me”

“I have,” Wei Wucai said with complete confidence.

This made Yan Zhiqing feel very embarrassed.

Who knows when Wei Wucai had followed her… yet she had never followed him back all this time.

This was somewhat embarrassing.

Yan Zhiqing pressed open the search box and asked, “Whats your account handle”

“Its my name,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing nodded, found him through the search, and went to his homepage.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

This person had absolutely nothing on his homepage!

Why did he want her to follow him so much

“Oh, right.

When did you follow me” Yan Zhiqing asked while following him.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Yan Zhiqings fans increased in number with every passing minute.

Thus, it would be impossible even if she tried to search for Wei Wucai in her endless sea of followers.

Yet she heard Wei Wucai say, “Just a moment ago.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“Yet you still reproached me for not having followed you” Yan Zhiqing said immediately.

“Didnt you only just follow me too”

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

Yan Zhiqing decided not to lower herself to Wei Wucais level.

After all, she was very forgiving towards her friends.

“Ive already followed you.” Yan Zhiqing let Wei Wucai look at her phone.

Wei Wucai nodded in satisfaction.

“Its only right that good friends follow each other.”

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