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At this time, Yan Zhiqing still had yet to realize something was not right.

Naturally, Wei Wucai would not tell her precisely why he came to find her in such a rush and have her follow him.

Wei Wucai just sat beside her rather than leaving.

He refreshed the comments page once more.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that some keen-eyed netizens had noticed that Yan Zhiqing had followed him.

Moreover, they even took a screenshot of Wei Wucais followers.

“Yan Zhiqing just followed Wei Wucai.

The two of them are mutual follows now.”

“Yan Zhiqing is the only person Wei Wucai is following.

I dont believe theres nothing going on between them.”

“I agree too.

At least, Wei Wucai definitely likes Yan Zhiqing.”

“I feel the same way.

Ever since last night, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai—these two involved parties have never come forth to clarify the facts, which means theyre probably waiting for the situation to cool off on its own.

I feel its more likely theyre in a tacit agreement on the matter.”

“Moreover, dont you guys feel that Wei Wucais behavior really leaves room for imagination Just after some netizens said theres nothing on his Weibo, he immediately verified his account.”

“After that, some netizens mentioned how, if they were friends, how could they not even be following each other, let alone if they were involved in a romantic scandal They also said it seems more like a misunderstanding and that the relationship between the two probably isnt that good.”

“So he immediately followed Yan Zhiqing.

This is the result of him always refreshing the comments page and constantly spying on us through his phone screen.”

“Im adding on to the previous comment.

After he followed Yan Zhiqing, he once again saw some netizens say that although he followed Yan Zhiqing, Yan Zhiqing still had yet to follow him.

Just a while later, Yan Zhiqing followed him in the end too.”


This image youve all put together makes me feel like Wei Wucai is really adorable.

Whats with that Hes being particularly urgent in wanting us to think hes in a relationship with Yan Zhiqing.”

“This mans gone mad from wanting to be famous.”

“Can the previous commenter please use a bit of your brain when you talk Wei Wucai was born into the Weis.

When some netizens tagged Wei Zhiqian, he immediately appeared and confirmed Wei Wucais identity.

Wei Wucais position in the Wei Family can be seen clearly from how close he is with Wei Zhiqian.”

“Even if we disregard what the previous commenter said, Wei Wucai is the owner of Ledepic More.

Does he need promoting What a joke!”

This was all thanks to Wei Wucai deliberately making himself known to reporters and revealing how attractive he was.

Additionally, Yu Wenhan and the others had just uploaded Wei Wucais photo.

It allowed Wei Wucais face to fiercely attract a whole bunch of fans in this short period of time.

Consequently, Wei Wucai now had many fans.

The kind of fans who would agree that everything he said was right just because he was attractive.

“He doesnt need promoting just because hes the owner of a company Can you brainless fans stop joking around His special effects company cant escape the entertainment circle.

Does he not want to raise the reputation of his company Doing promotional stunts is one of the fastest ways of achieving that.

“For example, there were not many people who knew of Ledepic More initially.

But after this matter, everyone who went online to search it up now knows about this company.

Due to this increase in reputation, his company will be able to receive more work offers for movies and television series.

This is essentially free advertising for his company, and its more useful than arranging for a commercial.”


The previous commenter—sure, youre smart.

But can you not be so somber”

“Im a special effects student.

Previous commenter, you probably dont know that Ledepic More is legendary in our industry.

Special effects students who want to work in this field—we all put our efforts into striving toward entering Ledepic More.

We all want the glory of entering that company.

“You cant even imagine Ledepic Mores position in this industry because youre in a different line of work.

Moreover, speaking frankly, Ledepic More does not need recognition from people outside the industry.

They are extremely well-known in the industry, and those movie and television productions are all queueing up in wait for their availability.

Wei Wucai does not need to promote his company at all.

He even receives work offers from Hollywood; would he need to do a promotional stunt in the domestic entertainment circle thats not worth a damn thing

“On the contrary, Wei Wucai doesnt need to seize this opportunity to use someone else to raise his companys profile.

Rather, many people want to develop a good relationship with Wei Wucai.

As his company has done the special effects for many movie and television productions, he has a very wide network of contacts in the entertainment circle.

You cant even imagine it; his network is much wider than that of any high-profile director.

“If his romantic scandal were with any other actress, I would even suspect the actress was using Wei Wucai to promote herself.

Or perhaps she was pursuing him to get herself some resources.

But the party in question is Yan Zhiqing.

The person who needs the least promotion and the least likely to pull promotional stunts—the first person that comes to mind when I think of these is Yan Zhiqing.

“You place these two people who would never pull promotional stunts together and tell me that theyre doing a promotional stunt What a big joke.”

“Stop harboring pointlessly dark intentions.

If you still dont get it after seeing that netizens explanation about Ledepic More, you should just go search for a bit on the internet.

Then youll know just what sort of existence Ledepic More has.”

After that, there was even a netizen who, in passing, took a screenshot of a news article from an overseas source and even considerately wrote up a translation of it in red font.

“Those who can understand the language, read the original text.

Those who cant, read my translation.

This is an article an overseas news media company released regarding Ledepic Mores assessed value.

They even placed Ledepic More alongside the top four special effects companies, placing it into the top five.

Wei Wucai is in possession of such a high-profile company, yet youre telling me he needs promoting”

Nevertheless, another netizen said, “But without this scandal, who would know that Ledepic More is this awesome This company is amazing, but its pointless if no one knows how amazing they are.”

“I am begging you.

Can you use your brain and think a little Do they need you to know Do they need your acknowledgment There are many amazing people in every specialist field.

Do nuclear warhead researchers need people to know who they are Do the academics in the Chinese Academy of Sciences need you to know about them Look at you, thinking youre so awesome.

You take yourself as such an important person that everyone wants you to know who they are”

Wei Wucai watched as this initially rather harmonious discussion suddenly broke out into a quarrel.

However, it was fortunate that there were not many people who harbored dark intentions.

When a few of them emerged, they were drowned out by the vast number of netizens.

Nonetheless, Wei Wucai felt that there could not just be ordinary netizens among these commenters.

He could see that among them were some people who were trying to influence public opinion.

It seemed that someone was trying to blend in with these netizens and seize the opportunity to defame Yan Zhiqing.

However, Yan Zhiqings every aspect was too good; it was truly impossible for someone to defame her.

As such, it appeared that those with bad intentions were suppressed by the other netizens criticism.

But in reality, it was that these people who wanted to take advantage of Yan Zhiqings crisis for personal gain realized they could not achieve their goal with this method, so they withdrew.

That was why it looked as if that group of netizens was very quickly suppressed.

Yan Zhiqing was able to rest for another half an hour.

Upon seeing that things temporarily seemed to be unproblematic for Yan Zhiqing, Fang Qiaohan let Yan Zhiqing have a look at the new comments.

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