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She then smiled at Yan Zhiqing and asked, “Are you jealous”

Yan Zhiqing rubbed her chin and said, “Honestly I am a little jealous.”

“Stop touching.

You just rubbed off some makeup.” Shi Xiaoya hastily smacked Yan Zhiqings hand off and applied a little more makeup on her chin.

She changed her brush and continued doing Yan Zhiqings makeup.

She then said to Yan Zhiqing, “If you are jealous, then get a boyfriend.

Find someone who is good to you and constantly has you in his heart.

One who remains next to you regardless of what happens.

One who is very reliable.”

Yan Zhiqing was very obedient.

To make it easier for Shi Xiaoya while she was doing her makeup, Yan Zhiqing didnt dare to move.

She didnt even dare to move her mouth too much.

She carefully moved her lips as she said, “Of course I know that is good.

However, I am not lucky enough to find someone like that! People like my brother and Han Zhuoling are as scarce as hens teeth.”

She continued, “People like that are indeed one in a million.

Not every guy can be like them, considerate and thoughtful to their wives.

I want to find someone, but its not like I can find one within a short period of time.”

Yan Zhiqing sighed and said, “I am most afraid that I would eventually not find a person like that.

I dont want to just accept someone below that standard.

Will I really end up being alone for the rest of my life”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, how was it possible for Yan Zhiqing to remain alone

Wei Wucai would have to be asked if he would allow this.

“But do you have anyone you like right now Its been so many years.

You must have had feelings for one or two people, right” Shi Xiaoya asked.

“I have never.” Yan Zhiqing, feeling a little embarrassed, explained, “In the past… How do I explain this… I cant even say its because I was a teenager going through puberty and being overly self-conscious.

Anyway, now that I think about it, I dont like who I used to be.

“Back then, I was very proud.

I looked down on so many people.

I saw flaws in everyone I met.

Actually, I had a lot of flaws too.

Anyway, whenever I met someone, I would seek to find fault in them first.

Thats why Ive never had feelings for anyone.” Yan Zhiqing had spoken honestly.

Shi Xiaoya hadnt expected Yan Zhiqing to candidly speak about the flaws she had in the past.

“But you are different now,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Therefore, you are really likable now.”

Yan Zhiqing laughed happily and said, “I think so too.”

Shi Xiaoya asked, “So when you were thinking about wanting someone to be with, no one popped into your mind”

Yan Zhiqing froze and stubbornly said, “No… no.”

She refused to admit that Wei Wucais face had appeared in her mind.

Shi Xiaoya knew that Yan Zhiqing was hiding something.

She wondered if she was thinking about Wei Wucai.

Shi Xiaoya stopped asking.

She hastily finished doing Yan Zhiqing makeup and bid her to prepare for todays filming.

Thankfully, todays filming didnt take too long.

They actually finished the shoot by seven at night.

The group hurriedly tidied up.

The cast members hastily removed their makeup, took off their costumes, and changed into their own clothes.

All of them either went back to the hotel or went to eat dinner together.

Wei Wucai came looking for Yan Zhiqing at this moment.

As they were part of the same production crew, the other cast members witnessed their interactions.

They all thought that Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing would most likely become a couple.

Without exchanging words, all of them left silently, giving them space.

Wei Wucai noticed this.

As for Yan Zhiqing, she remained carefree and did not notice anything.

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