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Despite being in this industry, she was able to remain insightful and rational.

Some people might think that Yan Zhiqing was able to keep this aloof attitude in the entertainment industry because of her powerful background.

However, human beings are bound to be influenced by their environment if they remain in that place for a long time.

The only thing that varies is the level of influence.

However, Yan Zhiqing was able to keep a clear head.

She was not fully immersed.

This was very difficult to achieve.

Honestly, if you tried it yourself, you would know how much effort is required to accomplish what Yan Zhiqing had achieved.

Wei Wucai couldnt help staring at Yan Zhiqing.

He didnt even notice that he was staring at her.

Yan Zhiqing was taking food for herself when she noticed Wei Wucai staring at her.

Yan Zhiqing froze.

She was stunned and didnt know how to react.

Subconsciously, she started biting on the tips of her chopsticks.

Her eyes drifted off to the side.

She was afraid to stare back at Wei Wucai.

She didnt understand why he was looking at her this way, and she didnt know what he wanted to do.

If she didnt know better, she would have thought that he had feelings for her.

“Why are you biting on your chopsticks and not eating” Wei Wucai came back to his senses.

He asked that question when he saw Yan Zhiqing behaving this way.

Before his eyes was a girl whose cheeks were red, and this redness spread to the tip of her ears.

In the dim light of the hotel room, she looked particularly beautiful.

Wei Wucai suddenly realized that the girl before him looked even more delicious than the food on the table.

“I am eating.” Yan Zhiqing hurriedly took the chopsticks out of her mouth.

But some of her saliva smeared the tip of the chopsticks.

Yan Zhiqing took some tissue and wiped the tip of the chopsticks clean.

She then continued taking food.

Wei Wucai wanted to say that he didnt mind her saliva at all.

In fact, he wanted her to take some food with that pair of chopsticks and feed it to him.

The two were eating when the doorbell of Yan Zhiqings room suddenly rang in rapid succession.

While the doorbell was still ringing, rapid banging on the door sounded.

Obviously, the sounds indicated that the people at the door did not have any good intentions.

Wei Wucai frowned.

He tensed up and became alert.

Yan Zhiqing stood up in shock as she said, “Who is it Why are they knocking like this”

The person at the door couldnt be Fang Qiaohan or anyone she knew.

Even an ordinary staff member of the production crew would not knock on the door like this.

Unless its about something urgent.

But if something urgent happened at this time, Wu Mosen would have already contacted her.

He wouldnt have had people banging on the door so urgently.

To avoid a misunderstanding, Yan Zhiqing turned on her phone and cast a glance at it.

She checked her messages, missed calls, WeChat messages, as well as any other phone applications that people could use to contact her.

And yet, no one from the production crew had contacted her.

“I dont think its anyone from the production crew,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“If it is something urgent, isnt it more convenient to just give me a call They didnt have to knock on my door at this time.

If someone saw this, it wouldnt be good for me either.”

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “I will open the door.

Stay here.

Dont show your face.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded twice.

She then remembered something and said, “No.

This is my room.”

Wei Wucai turned and looked at her.

When she saw this, she suddenly felt guilty for some unknown reason.

She shrugged a shoulder and explained softly, “Its already very late.

Its my room.

If you opened the door and someone saw you, they might think that we…”

She continued, “It would just create a huge misunderstanding.”

“Its better for me to open the door than to have you get injured because the person at the door came with bad intentions and you didnt react quickly enough.” Wei Wucai stepped in front of Yan Zhiqing, blocking her way to the door as he said, “Plus, I promised your brother that I will take good care of you and not let anyone in the production crew bully you.”

He added, “I wont allow it even if its in this hotel room.

Plus, its the production crew who booked this hotel room.”

Yan Zhiqing wanted to say that Yan Beicheng had not asked Wei Wucai to take care of her.

In Yan Beichengs eyes, Wei Wucai was a wolf.

He couldnt possibly allow Wei Wucai to take care of Yan Zhiqing.

Before Yan Beicheng left, he even told her to stay away from Wei Wucai.

Yan Beicheng had instructed Han Zhuofeng to also take care of Yan Zhiqing while he was taking care of Shi Xiaoya.

When Wei Wucai saw the disbelief on Yan Zhiqings face, obviously showing that she did not believe that Yan Beicheng had given him such instructions, Wei Wucai felt a little angry.

Clearly, Yan Beichengs visit to the set had not been all for nothing.

Wei Wucai tapped Yan Zhiqing on her forehead snappishly.

Ever since Wei Wucai had touched Yan Zhiqing on the forehead, he no longer felt any worries whenever he engaged in physical contact with her.

His movements became much more natural.

He was able to touch her face without hesitating.

Thankfully, he was worried that he might use too much strength.

And so, even though he was feeling gloomy, he only tapped her on the forehead lightly, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

He didnt use any strength at all.

The tap felt even softer than a touch.

Therefore, even though he tapped her on the forehead, it didnt leave any mark on her forehead.

“Plus, we have been pictured together before.

It shouldnt be an issue if they took a picture again,” Wei Wucai said.

“Plus, the photo of us together is still somewhat trending and will not be forgotten that easily.”

Wei Wucai paused for a moment.

He then heard the banging on the door sounding louder and louder.

“Of course, this will affect you,” Wei Wucai said.

“If someone really took pictures of us later and those pictures were leaked, I will not remain silent this time.

No matter what, I will provide a public explanation.

Regardless of how much of it they will believe, I will provide an explanation.

I will not let you handle this alone.”

Yan Zhiqing wanted to say that things like this become worse as you explain more.

However, before she could say anything, the angry voice of a woman sounded outside the door.

“Yan Zhiqing! Come out! If you dare seduce a man, you should be brave enough to come outside!

“What You dont have the guts to show your face after doing something shameful If you dare to do it, you should be brave enough to face it!”

“Bang Bang Bang!” The woman outside the door was still smashing on the door.

“Youre so young, yet youre already learning how to be bad.

Id heard that you are one of those rich second-generation heirs.

You can have anything you want, but you decided to seduce someone elses man! You better come out!”

Yan Zhiqings face darkened.

The banging on the door earlier had already sounded like bad news.

She didnt expect such a slanderous statement to be uttered.

Considering that everyone knew that she was Yan Beichengs little sister, Yan Zhiqing had always thought that people who wanted to ruin her reputation would attempt something else.

They could say that her acting skills were bad.

They could say that her life outside of work was messy.

But no matter what, they shouldnt spread lies about her seducing a married man.

After all, there were so many handsome single men in the entertainment industry.

If she wanted to, she could just pick one of them and it would be someone who would give her no trouble.

How handsome could that married man be To the extent that Yan Zhiqing would give up so many single guys for the sake of getting into a relationship with a married man

Of course, Yan Zhiqing was never someone whose life outside of work was messy, nor was she someone whod develop an attraction solely based on looks.

Even if they wanted to spread lies about her, they shouldnt spread this type of lie.

Yet someone had really tried to spread such lies about her.

Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips tightly, appearing to have been mistreated.

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