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“Instead, you brought him into your room Late at night Are you not worried about being taken advantage of!”

Yan Zhiqing really had no good explanation for this.

It was true that she didnt listen.

Even if she had promised Wei Wucai that she would eat with him alone…

But if Yan Beicheng found out about that, he would be even angrier.

Yan Zhiqing thought about it and said, “Last night, I invited him to eat dinner to apologize to him for getting him involved.

We did think about eating dinner outside, but we realized that there would be too many people.

It wouldnt be good if people saw us.

And so, we ate in the room.”

Before Yan Beicheng could say anything, Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said, “I did think of inviting Xiaoya.

But I had intended to buy Wei Wucai a meal as an apology.

If I called a lot of people over, that would seem insincere.

“In addition, what can Wei Wucai do to me In any case, he wouldnt bully me.

After all, he is your friend.

If he were to do anything, he would have to take you guys into consideration.

“Obviously, if he can be your friend, he must be a trustworthy person.

If not, why would you consider him a good friend Given that, why should I worry Its like eating with an elder brother.

“If it was someone else such as Zhao Gushen, who is also single, would you be worried”

Yan Beicheng felt so bitter.

While Yan Zhiqing seemed to be saying that Wei Wucai was trustworthy, she was pretty much just siding with Wei Wucai.

“Just be on his side!” Yan Beicheng said angrily.

Yan Zhiqing thought about it and decided to give Yan Beicheng peace of mind and make him happy.

And so, Yan Zhiqing said, “Brother, dont worry.

I intend to distance myself from Wei Wucai.”

“Eh” Yan Beicheng didnt expect to hear such a surprising thing.

“What led you to suddenly think this way”

“Its nothing…” Yan Zhiqing felt slightly guilty as she said, “Its just that… our relationship was just a misunderstanding.

Like you said, it is inappropriate for me to be that close to him.

There was a misunderstanding because many people saw him coming out of my room last night.

“I pondered about this and realized that I should keep a distance from him.

Its not good to constantly create such misunderstandings.

“Therefore, from today onwards, I will keep a distance from him.

Dont worry,” Yan Zhiqing whispered.

She felt slightly guilty and was worried that Wei Wucai, who was next door, would hear what she had said.


Its good for you to think this way.” Yan Beicheng was very satisfied.

He felt as though he had gotten his revenge.

Initially, he was going to tell Yan Zhiqing that Wei Wucai had been lying about being gay.

But now, even without him saying anything, Yan Zhiqing herself had decided to stay away from Wei Wucai.

However, in Yan Beichengs opinion, Yan Zhiqing probably wouldnt be able to stay away from Wei Wucai for too long.

Considering how cunning Wei Wucai was, how much longer could Yan Zhiqing keep her distance from him

However, Yan Beicheng felt his anger vented.

To be able to make Wei Wucai suffer within such a short time…

Just the thought of Wei Wucais sad face once hed realized that Yan Zhiqing was avoiding him made Yan Beicheng feel really happy.

“Alright,” Yan Beicheng said in a cheerful tone.

“I feel very happy that you made this decision.

You finally know how to protect yourself.”

Yan Beicheng instructed Yan Zhiqing in an earnest tone, “If you are aware of that, you should stick to your words.


“…” The corner of Yan Zhiqings eyes twitched as she said, “I know.

I will remember it well.”

Although something infuriating had happened, he did get some good news.

Yan Beicheng said happily, “Alright.

Now that you have had such a realization, I am less worried.”

And so, Yan Beicheng finally felt satisfied and hung up the call.

At this moment, Fang Qiaohan came back.

To give Yan Zhiqing space to take Yan Beichengs phone call, she had gone out of the room and went to check on Wei Wucai.

She saw Yan Zhiqing hang up the phone and thought that she had come back at the right time.

“Zhiqing, Wei Wucai has been called away to do some work.

You can get your makeup done now,” Fang Qiaohan said.

Yan Zhiqing finally let out a sigh of relief.

If she still had to wait, she would have no choice but to see Wei Wucai.

Even though Fang Qiaohan told her that Wei Wucai had left, Yan Zhiqing was still very careful.

She still opened the door slowly and popped her head out to look around.

When she was certain that there was no one there, she rushed outside.

She went into the dressing room and quietly opened the door, peeking inside.

Just as she had expected, Shi Xiaoya was the only one in the room.

Shi Xiaoya was holding her phone and sending a WeChat message.

Yan Zhiqing guessed that Shi Xiaoya was trying to text her.

Yan Zhiqing hastily stepped inside the dressing room.


When Shi Xiaoya saw Yan Zhiqing, she let out a sigh of relief.

“Zhiqing, you are finally here.

Where have you been”

“I have been reading my script and practicing next door,” Yan Zhiqing said, embarrassed.

“Come here quickly.

I have to do your makeup for you now.” Shi Xiaoya pulled her to the dressing table and started doing her makeup.

Shi Xiaoya started doing Yan Zhiqings makeup.

After a while, she asked, “Zhiqing, are you avoiding Wei Wucai”

“No!” Yan Zhiqing said nervously.

“I am not avoiding him.

I came early to prepare for the scene we are filming today.”

“I wasnt talking about that,” Shi Xiaoya said in a laughing tone.

“Why are you suddenly talking about this”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

“Isnt it because you asked” Yan Zhiqing said.

Shi Xiaoya said in a laughing tone, “I asked that because I was the only one you told this morning that you have gone to the film set first.

You didnt tell Wei Wucai.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Ever since Shi Xiaoya got into a relationship with Han Zhuoling, she had become slightly cunning as time passed.

“You dont know about this, but Wei Wucai told me that he went to knock on your door this morning and realized that you were gone.

He went to look for you in the lobby but did not see you there.

Then, he heard from me that you arrived on the set earlier and he looked obviously disappointed,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“You told me, but you didnt tell him.” Shi Xiaoya continued.

“Thats why I thought that you two were fighting.”

“No,” Yan Zhiqing immediately said.

“I left in a hurry this morning and only had time to tell you.

I just forgot to let Wei Wucai know.

“I only remembered when I arrived on the set.

However, at that time, I checked the time and thought that you guys had already left the hotel.

And so, I didnt say anything.

I knew that you two were leaving together, so I thought that you would tell him.” Yan Zhiqing sighed.


I see.” Shi Xiaoya no longer asked.

However, considering Yan Zhiqings reaction, Shi Xiaoya knew that she had guessed correctly.

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