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She then waved her hand and said in disgust, “Who does she think she is!”

“Lets go,” Liu Yunan said.

“Sister Liu, when will we release that information we have on Shao Yuxi to the media” Lu Xiuse asked.

Liu Yunan sneered and responded, “Why release it You lost your job.

You dont need to clear your reputation anymore.

Just rest while you can and appear in public again after everything cools down.

You dont have any work to do anyway.

Its a waste to release information on Shao Yuxi.

You might as well keep it for the futures sake.

It can be used if something bad happens again in the future.

“In addition, Shao Yuxi is very cooperative.

Although we wont be releasing news about her, the company will still be treating her well because of her good attitude.

I have to go back and think about how I should plan her future career.

I just so happened to have some work opportunities for her.”

“What happened this time should have taught you a lesson.

Our company favors obedient celebrities.

If the celebrities are willing to listen and cooperate, the company will not let them suffer.”

Liu Yunan had clearly given up on Lu Xiuse as well.

As of now, Lu Xiuse had lost her last gig and she had no more work.

In Liu Yunans opinion, there must have been a reason why the investors had spent a nights time and found someone else to replace Lu Xiuse.

Lu Xiuse was right just now.

Many celebrities had experienced the same things as Lu Xiuse.

However, those celebrities were still filming movies and TV shows.

Unless what they did was detrimental, they wouldnt be removed.

But now, Lu Xiuse had been replaced.

Were the investors really worried about the loss

It was more likely that Yan Beicheng had done something.

The Yan Family and the Han Family had a very good relationship.

It was very obvious that the Han Family had stood up for Yan Zhiqing.

Liu Yunan decided to go back and confirm her conjecture.

Anyway, she was 60 to 70% certain.

Yan Beicheng had decided to shut Lu Xiuse out from the industry.

If so, she would no longer waste any effort to deal with Lu Xiuses matter.

She might as well support someone else with her experience and resources.

Liu Yunan patted Lu Xiuse on the shoulder and said, “You were so busy previously and did not have any time to rest.

You might as well take this time to rest for a while.

Dont overthink this.

Just wait until everything is over.

Honestly, this is not a big deal and the mess will not last for a long time.

“You can go back first.

Just relax and dont get too bothered by it.

The more you think about it, the sadder youll feel.

If you really cant help it, you should go travel and relax!” Liu Yunan continued, “Erm… I have to go back to the company now.

Because of this unexpected change, I now have a lot of work to do.

I wont be sending you back.

Just go back by yourself.”

Lu Xiuse watched as Liu Yunan left hastily.

The moment she became useless, Liu Yunan abandoned her.

She didnt even bother to pretend about it.

Liu Xiuses heart sank and her eyes reddened.

She turned and saw how busy the crew and cast looked.

No one looked at her.

As for Hong Qiaoyin, she had asked her assistant to give out coffee and dessert as a gift for meeting the crew and cast for the first time and was currently greeting everyone.

No one remembered Lu Xiuse.

Lu Xiuse went back to the hotel with her assistant.

She packed up her things and was going to head back home.

After she had been kicked out like that, she felt embarrassed to continue staying and allow others to mock her.

She quickly packed her bags.

Shed brought a lot of things to the set.

Besides the luggage she had brought here, she also had boxes of things.

She had no choice but to call for someone to pick them up to be shipped back home.

While Lu Xiuse was on the way home, she thought it was so unfair.

Although she did play a role in this, Luo Qingxian did as well!

Why did Luo Qingxian get away without suffering any consequences while she had to deal with so many unlucky things

The more Lu Xiuse thought about it, the more unfair she felt it was.

The phone rang for a long time before Luo Qingxian picked up the phone.

Luo Qingxian didnt want to pick up the phone, but she was worried about the consequence of hiding like this: Lu Xiuse might become so desperate that she would just behave recklessly and reveal to the public the other things Luo Qingxian had done as well.

She knew about what happened last night.

Fortunately, Lu Xiuse was much more popular and everyone had their attention on her.

Although her name was mentioned in the recording, she wasnt a public figure and no one knew who she was, which was why she was ignored.

Luo Qingxian let out a sigh of relief.

She cunningly hoped that the mess that Lu Xiuse was currently dealing with could become even messier.

This way, Lu Xiuse would be the only one under fire and she would then be able to escape without anyone noticing.

Because of how conflicted she felt, it took her a long time to pick up Lu Xiuses phone call.

Lu Xiuse was holding in her anger.

Immediately, she said abruptly, “Why did it take you so long to answer the phone Are you trying to avoid me”

Luo Qingxian was not easy to deal with.

She immediately responded, “Why would I avoid you My phone was not next to me.

I hurriedly grabbed my phone after I heard the ringtone.

Thats why I picked up the phone late.”

She asked, “What do you need from me”

“What else” Lu Xiuse took a deep breath and tried to keep her tone as calm as possible.

She held her anger in and said in an amicable tone, “Because of what happened last night, I lost all my work opportunities.

They even removed me from the movie I was filming even after I have already filmed so many scenes.

“I will be honest with you.

I am jobless.

I dont have any work.

Qingxian, I admit that I had my own reasons when I helped you.

I didnt like Yan Zhiqing, which was why I decided to work with you.

We were helping each other.”

They were not helping each other.

They were merely using each other.

Luo Qingxian didnt reply.

She was waiting for Lu Xiuse to continue speaking.

She then heard Lu Xiuse say, “No matter what, this all happened because you sought me out and asked me to help you.

I could have chosen not to help you.

When I found out about Yan Zhiqings background, I had decided not to provoke her.

“However, because you are my friend and you promised me that I would remain safe with you no matter what happens, I was able to contact people and come up with ideas for you without any worries.

“But I am doomed now.

You wont watch me suffer without doing anything, right You promised that to me.

Thats why I helped you.

But now, I even lost all my jobs.

I am not asking that you help me settle the mess that is happening online, nor am I asking you to help me take some of the criticism.”

“After all, I know that we all have to keep ourselves safe first.

You definitely wont do anything for me publicly.

However, even if your identity was exposed, you would remain unharmed.”

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