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“After all, youre not like me.

Youre not a public figure.

Even if I expose you, they wont be able to find you, right” Lu Xiuse said.

Lu Xiuse made Luo Qingxian extremely angry.

Wasnt her every word just implying that it was because nothing would happen to Luo Qingxian

“So, Im not requesting anything else from you,” Lu Xiuse said.

“Your family is so powerful.

Im sure you can give me some work opportunities from your familys company, right I wont request for you to invest in me to film something.

Instead, things like doing some advertisements or being an ambassador for a brand, come find me for those.

At least let me have some work and income.”

Luo Qingxian rolled her eyes.

Currently, Lu Xiuses reputation had become so bad.

Who would want her to be the ambassador for their brand

Wouldnt this just be digging a hole for the Luo Family

Using her as their ambassador would be like asking to be cursed to death.

Nevertheless, Luo Qingxian understood what Lu Xiuse meant.

If she didnt find a way to let Lu Xiuse have some income, the latter would expose her.

At worst, they would both go down together.

However, Luo Qingxian actually didnt mind it.

Just like what Lu Xiuse had said, Luo Qingxian was not a public figure, after all.

Even if the netizens criticized her, where would they even be able to reach her

If they found her physical location

It wasnt as if she couldnt afford to hire bodyguards.

Moreover, she could report it to the police.

Compared to Lu Xiuse, Luo Qingxian wouldnt be negatively impacted as greatly.

However, Luo Qingxian considered herself to be someone of a high status, which meant that she could not let herself get humiliated.

If she were to allow those who knew her to see it, she would be greatly humiliated.

Yet helping Lu Xiuse was an impossible thing for her to do.

No matter what, Luo Qingxian could not dig a hole for her family.

She was well aware that Lu Xiuse would definitely be a total loss for them, without the slightest benefit.

So why would they still want to employ her

Luo Qingxian said, “Sure, I will discuss this matter with my familys elders and let them see if theres anything suitable for you to advertise.

There may not be any ambassadorship opportunities because many of our products already have ambassadors.

Moreover, theyre still within the contract period, so its impossible to change them out just like that.

“However, I will take a look if there are any missed products.

If there are any that dont have fixed ambassadors, I will have them give the ambassadorships to you.

But if there arent any, you can only film ordinary commercials.

There are also promotional events.

If youre willing, you can go do those too.

My family will find some celebrities to participate in the annual year-end meeting.

If you find that acceptable, you can go to that as well.

“Of course, the year-end meeting is at the end of the year, so its too early to talk about it now.

No one can accurately predict what it will be like at the end of the year.” Luo Qingxian smiled briefly.

“Perhaps by that time, youll have regained a good reputation.

Maybe itll be even better than in the past.

When the time comes, even if we invite you, you may not have the time or willingness to participate,” Luo Qingxian said.

Upon hearing Luo Qingxians favorable words, Lu Xiuse finally let out a sigh of relief.


Then Ill leave this matter to you,” Lu Xiuse said.

“I have to thank you greatly for helping me get through this difficult time.”

“Its just like you said.

You caused so much trouble because you were helping me.

Since I promised you that I would support you when trouble arose, I certainly have to keep my word,” Luo Qingxian said.

Lu Xiuse had heard Luo Qingxian say such nice things.

There was no way she could expect that Luo Qingxian had absolutely no intention of helping her.

Luo Qingxian was just toying with her to stall for time.

Lu Xiuse let out a sigh of relief and ended the call.

Luo Qingxian tossed her phone aside and sneered disdainfully, “Idiot.”

Did Lu Xiuse really think Luo Qingxian would help her

However, Luo Qingxian did not expect that…

She had just called Lu Xiuse an idiot, and now her own situation wasnt any good either.

Before long, Luo Qingxian received a call from Shen Mujing.

She did not know why the latter was calling her, so she was still very relaxed when she answered the call.

“Yo, Mujing.

Its been a long time since you last contacted me.

Why are you looking for me today” Luo Qingxian asked nonchalantly.

However, Shen Mujings tone did not sound as relaxed as that of Luo Qingxian.

Shen Mujing hesitated for a moment before asking, “Qingxian, you still dont know”

“Dont know what” Luo Qingxian was astonished.

“The matter on the Internet.

Have you not gone to check” Shen Mujing asked.

Luo Qingxian thought Shen Mujing was talking about last nights matter and felt very irritated.

However, she still pretended as if she didnt mind it and smiled.

“Eh, youre talking about last nights matter about Lu Xiuse, right Thats a misunderstanding.

The whole matter was caused by Lu Xiuse.

She just dragged my name into it.

“Im total strangers with Yan Zhiqing.

Why would I want to cause trouble for her Its just that Lu Xiuse was always at odds with Yan Zhiqing.

And because Im on pretty good terms with Lu Xiuse, she dragged me into it.

“To think that I treated her as a friend.

I didnt expect that she would dig a hole for me.” Luo Qingxian spoke angrily.

“Im being blamed alongside her for nothing.

But in fact, I wasnt involved in this matter at all.

It was all Lu Xiuses doing.”

Luo Qingixan sighed and said, “Lu Xiuse, that person—I dont dare to have any more relations with her from now on.

Look at how big a hole shes dug for me.

“Moreover, Yan Zhiqing is a famous person with so many fans.

If this trouble attracts the attacks of her fans, who are so crazy that they might even come straight to me in person, how will I go on living my life!”

Luo Qingxian clicked her tongue twice.

“Just earlier, this Lu Xiuse even made me arrange some work opportunities for her.

Because she offended Yan Zhiqing, the Yan Family totally shut her out from the industry, leaving her with no work at all.

“However, dont you think this Yan Zhiqing is too much as well Shes too resentful.” Luo Qingxian used this opportunity to speak badly of Yan Zhiqing.

“Its true that Lu Xiuse is in the wrong for this matter and that she truly went overboard in slandering Yan Zhiqing.

“But its not right for Yan Zhiqing to be so cruel.

Yan Zhiqings career wasnt destroyed because of the slander, and she didnt suffer any substantial damage.

Of course, this doesnt mean what Lu Xiuse did was nothing.

Just because its not at all worth pursuing doesnt mean what Lu Xiuse did wasnt wrong.

“But I feel that itd have been enough if she taught Lu Xiuse a lesson.

But totally shutting her out from the industry and leaving her with no work means she wont be able to continue with her career in the entertainment industry.

This is a bit excessive.

Lu Xiuse graduated with a major in acting, and she entered the workforce with acting as her profession.

She never developed any other skills.

“What can she do now that theyve forced her out of the entertainment industry Isnt this making it so that she cant continue living”

The phone call made Shen Mujing roll her eyes.

Luo Qingxians words were like those of a typical female representative of the goddess of virtue.

Whats that about not being too cruel

In Shen Mujings opinion, Yan Zhiqing had been plenty courteous to Lu Xiuse.

Even though Lu Xiuse had already caused her trouble quite a few times before, Yan Zhiqing hadnt done much about it.

Yan Zhiqings kindness had instead encouraged Lu Xiuse to become even more arrogant.

The latter caused her trouble time and time again.

It was Lu Xiuse who did not know when to stop before she went too far.

Then she finally caused Yan Zhiqing so much trouble that she no longer intended to tolerate Lu Xiuses behavior.

Yet Luo Qingxian said some nonsense about how Yan Zhiqing should not have gone to the extent of totally shutting Lu Xiuse out of the industry.

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