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Qingxian and Lu Xiuse were the ones who had provoked Yan Zhiqing.

However, this should still stay between the youngsters.

Its the childrens responsibilities.

If the children are fighting, should the parents fight as well And should they even seek out the childs family for revenge Isnt that too much

“If it only concerns the younger generations, then they should be the ones to resolve it among themselves.

When kids fight, the family shouldnt always get involved.

They shouldnt cause trouble for the other kids family and the company of the other kids family just because of that.

That is bullying!” Mrs.

Luo said, unwilling to admit defeat.


If they want to bully people, they have the power to do so,” Luo Yonggang said.

“If Yan Beicheng didnt do anything about this, anyone would have trampled on Yan Zhiqing.

If Yan Zhiqing had to solve things by herself without the family getting involved after she got bullied, then no one would be afraid of her.

Who would care about her If her family doesnt protect her when something happens, who would care about her family background Even the Yan Family would be looked down upon.

“The issue that had happened to Han Zhuoling and his ex-wife was a matter concerning only the younger generations, right However, the Han Family used the familys power and created a lot of trouble for the Xia family.

As a result, the Xia family became what it is today.

Do you think our family is more powerful than the Xia family

“The eight great families value their reputation the most.

How could Yan Beicheng watch someone bully his sister and not do anything Even ordinary families wouldnt have such a good temper, not to mention Yan Beicheng.

Anyone who bullies his sister is basically beating his face.

How can he do nothing

“I am just worried that he would punish our family as a warning to other people.

By punishing our family, it will warn other people not to bully Yan Zhiqing.” Luo Yonggang felt extremely stressed at the thought of this.

He couldnt help but grab his hair and scratch his head.

“This…” Mrs.

Luo couldnt be bothered to scold Luo Yonggang anymore.

She started panicking.

“What should we do If Yan Beicheng really targeted our family, what are we going to do”

The Han Familys attack on the Xia family was already a legendary story.

This story had made a huge impact on many people.

When Mrs.

Luo thought about what happened to the Xia family, she shuddered in fright.

“What can we do We can only take Qingxian to apologize to Yan Zhiqing and promise that Qingxian will stay far far away from her.

Qingxian will never provoke her again.

If that still doesnt soothe their anger, we can give a public apology and let everyone know that Qingxian is scared and has admitted defeat.”

“If… they are willing to stop, then I am willing to apologize,” Luo Qingxian said.

She didnt remain stubborn and didnt refuse to apologize.

She didnt know how Yan Zhiqing had managed to find out about the things she did in college.

She couldnt even imagine what other things she could find.

At her age, she had done more than just a few bad things.

When she could rely on her family to behave in an insufferably arrogant manner, she thought that she was extremely powerful and that no one could win against her.

Because of that, she had bullied many people.

Not only did she hurt them physically, she had robbed their places in competitions, causing mental and psychological damage, which were equally as bad as physical damage.

“Lets not delay it any further.

We should go now,” Luo Yonggang said.

“Now” Luo Qingxian said in shock.

“What Do you not want to go” Luo Yonggangs face turned cold.

“No,” Luo Qingxian explained.

“I was just surprised.

Why are we in such a rush We had just discussed this and made a decision.

Dont we need to make a long-term plan”

Luo Qingxian continued, “If we rush over there, it will make it seem like we were forced to do so.

And I am worried that something bad might happen because we are not fully prepared.”

Luo Yonggang sneered and said, “Are we not being forced to do this Do we have to wait until Yan Beicheng does something to our family to be considered as being forced By then, it will be too late.

“In addition, if we are going to apologize, why should we make long-term plans We are just going to apologize sincerely, list our mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.

What plans do you want to make Unless you havent realized your own mistakes”

Of course, Luo Qingxian had not realized her own mistakes.

In her opinion, this happened because her family was not as powerful as Yan Zhiqings family.

Therefore, she lost and had no choice but to yield to Yan Zhiqing.

However, she knew what was the right thing to do.

Even if she felt bitter, she was still going to apologize.

She couldnt allow her family to be crushed by the Yan Family.

“Of course I realize what I did wrong.

I am deeply aware of it,” Luo Qingxian said immediately.

“I will definitely apologize sincerely and not cause our family any trouble.

Even if Yan Zhiqing wants me to kneel to her or however she wants to treat me, I will do it as long as she lets our family off the hook!”

She thought that Luo Yonggang would be touched by her speech and her good behavior.

But Luo Yonggang only responded with a nod while saying, “Its good to think this way, but you shouldnt think that it would be wrong for you to kneel, and dont be thinking that you are sacrificing for the family.

“You have to be aware of one thing.

The dangers that the family is encountering happened because of you.

You are merely paying for the things you did.

You shouldnt make the family pay for what you did.

You are not sacrificing for the family.

If you hadnt messed with Yan Zhiqing to begin with, we wouldnt have had all these things to worry about.

“Therefore, you shouldnt think that you are sacrificing for the family.”

Luo Qingxian nodded and said, “I know.”

Because of how cooperative she was, she was able to get the family to do many things for her since she was young.


If you know, then you should leave,” Luo Yonggang said.

Luo Qingxian didnt dare to say anything else.

The three were just about to leave when…

Urgent knocks sounded at the door of Luo Yonggangs office.

The knocks were rapid, obviously showing that the person knocking was in a rush.

Before they even said anything, the person who knocked had already pushed open the door and stepped inside.

The person was Luo Yonggangs secretary.

“CEO Luo.” After the secretary entered the office, he didnt even bother to greet Mrs.

Luo and Luo Qingxian.

He said urgently, “Our stocks crashed to a limit-down price.”

The manager also appeared beside the secretary.

“I expected this,” Luo Yonggang said.

“Although it will be tough, we should be able to survive.”

As a listed company, their stocks followed the trend of the market.

Whenever the global economy was bad and during a financial crisis, things like this would happen.

But the company had always managed to survive.

Therefore, Luo Yonggang was not very nervous when he heard that the stocks had crashed.

As a corporation, they should be able to survive a crisis like this.

“What else If its just this matter, we shouldnt be this worried,” Luo Yonggang said in a deep voice.

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