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Yan Zhiqing gave a quick smile.


Wei Wucai narrowed his eyes.

He was now sure that Yan Zhiqing was hiding from him.

See how Yan Zhiqing didnt dare or was unwilling to look him in the eyes.

His mere suspicion from before had now been confirmed.

He just didnt get how he had offended Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai released her without further expression.

Yan Zhiqing quickly turned towards the security officer, seizing the chance to blatantly not look at Wei Wucai.

“Luo Qingxian and her familys outside” she asked.


The production crew cant allow them in, so we stopped them outside.

But they insist on coming in, creating a scene.

We asked them what they wanted, and they said its something we cant handle and insisted on seeing you,” the guard said honestly without further embellishment.

In truth, the Luo family had a worse attitude than the guard had described.

They wanted to apologize to Yan Zhiqing.

But to them, the only apology to make was to Yan Zhiqing and no one else.

They did not even care much for the security officers.

Much less explain themselves to the guards.

Basically, they were snobs.

“Understood,” Yan Zhiqing replied.

“Ill follow you out.”

She went on to explain, “The production crew have their rules.

They cant make an exception for me.

And all three wanted to enter at once Should they create a scene, it would disturb the orderliness of filming.

Thats outrageous.

“Ill talk to them at the entrance.

I wont make things hard for you all.”

The security officer sighed in relief before saying gratefully, “Thank you so much.

We wont know what to do otherwise.”

If Yan Zhiqing had asked for the Luo family to be let in, should they have allowed the three in or not

Theyd have to ask Wu Mosen, and wouldnt that cause conflict between Wu Mosen and Yan Zhiqing

What if Wu Mosen became dissatisfied with how troublesome Yan Zhiqing was

And if, because of this, Yan Zhiqing hated them, how unfortunate would that be

When he came over, the security officer had been extremely tentative and worried, unable to make up his mind.

Who knew his worries were all for nothing.

Yan Zhiqing was really considerate.

And with this comparison, Luo Qingxian appeared even more detestable.

One was rude and looked down on others.

The other was thoughtful and considerate.

And if one were to talk about backgrounds and families, Yan Zhiqing had a much higher status than Luo Qingxian did.

And if Yan Zhiqing didnt have the nasty habit of being snobbish, what did the Luo family have to be so arrogant about

If they were really that good, then dont come and plead for Yan Zhiqings mercy!

With Luo Qingxians family as a contrast, the security officer felt that Yan Zhiqing was an angel.

The Luo family utterly had no class.

Yan Zhiqing smiled.

“Its nothing.

I cant break the production crews rules.

Lets go.”

Right then, Wei Wucai said, “Ill go with you.”

Yan Zhiqing instinctively turned to look at him.

Now she really couldnt avoid him.

But Yan Zhiqing didnt shy away from Wei Wucais eyes this time.

She knew itd be too obvious if she avoided his eyes again.

Hence, she resisted the instinctive urge to look away from him.

Since she had decided to avoid him, she shouldnt owe him too much.

Wei Wucai said impassively, “The Luos outnumber you.

Though theyre here to ask for mercy, Ive got a feeling youd reject them.”

Yan Zhiqings gaze wavered.

Getting her intentions figured out by Wei Wucai was a bit embarrassing.

With a quirk of his lips, Wei Wucai continued, “And then theyd probably keep pestering and harrassing you.”

“There are so many security officers around,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Theyre rather restricted, and Im a much better fighter than them.” Wei Wucais tone finally got lighter.

“Ill also be more assured if I follow you.”

Yan Zhiqing finally calmed down somewhat after avoiding him all morning.

Seeing him smile like that, and seeing how protective he was of her, it made Yan Zhiqings heart skip a beat once more.

She quickly turned around before she could blush.

She then tried to answer in an unaffected voice, “Then thank you.”

Wei Wucai had felt wrong all over after not speaking to her all morning.

Now that theyd finally spoken, he finally felt as before.

It was only a mornings worth of time, but Wei Wucai felt it had been a long, long time.

He instantly felt much better after the mornings unhappiness; this was the kind of interaction they should have.

As long as Yan Zhiqing didnt avoid him, he was good.

As Yan Zhiqing walked forward with her back to him…

Wei Wucai seized the chance to take a huge step forward.

Yan Zhiqings two steps barely matched his single step.

Hence, Wei Wucai quickly followed her.

Yan Zhiqing had no idea he was almost touching her back.

“Alright,” Wei Wucai suddenly spoke behind her.

Wei Wucai had even purposely lowered his head, his lips almost grazing her ear.

Much more, he lowered his voice, making it all hoarse and seductive.

Though it was a simple “alright,” it had been spoken slowly and delicately right beside Yan Zhiqings ear.

For a single moment, Yan Zhiqing could even feel the heat from him.

Yan Zhiqings ears twitched and she suddenly took two massive steps forward.

She also covered her ear with her left hand.

The electric current and ticklish sensation caused by his voice was still buzzing at the tip of her ear.

After dashing forward, she instantly turned around to look at Wei Wucai behind her.

But unexpectedly, he was standing at least five feet away from her, as if he was never near her.

Yan Zhiqing blinked, stunned.

Unbeknownst to her, Wei Wucai had immediately retreated to where he was after speaking.

He was so quick that everyone thought their eyes had played a trick on them.

Hence, when Yan Zhiqing turned around, Wei Wucai appeared as if he hadnt moved an inch and stayed an appropriate distance from her.

“Whats the matter” Wei Wucai even posed a picture of innocence, like he didnt know why Yan Zhiqing had had such a reaction.

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