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She thought Yan Zhiqing would make things difficult for her.

“Then… Mr.

Wei wont be reporting news about me and Qingxian anymore, right” Luo Yonggang asked.

Wei Wucai raised his brow and said, “We wont publish all of them at once.

We will keep them and report them once you mess with us again.”

Luo Yonggang had now realized that Wei Wucai still had so much evidence of what they had done.

This was not the only one.

After all, they had done many things that could not be publicly known.

And he believed that Wei Wucai was not scaring him.

If Wei Wucai could find evidence about these things, he would have been able to find out about other things.

Luo Yonggang hastily said, “No.


I will watch Qingxian and make sure that she never messes with Miss Yan again.”

Luo Yonggang continued, “Miss Yan, dont worry.

If I see any negative news about you, I will check if Qingxian was the one who had caused it!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“What negative news do you think thered be about Zhiqing It only happened this time because your daughter slandered her,” Wei Wucai said coldly.

Did he even know what the right thing to say was!



Yes.” Luo Yonggang nodded hastily.

Luo Yonggang was just about to say something when he got a phone call.

When he heard what the person on the other end said, his facial expression changed drastically.

Luo Yonggang hung up the call and said, “Miss Yan, since we have resolved our conflict, can you at least tell Young Master Yan to let the Luo family off the hook”

“Eh” Yan Zhiqing raised her brow in confusion.

She then heard Luo Yonggang say, “Our company works with a lot of clients, but they are now refusing to work with us because of Young Master Yan.

This has caused a huge financial loss for us.

“Miss Yan, since we have already worked out our conflicts, can you please tell Young Master Yan to be a generous person and stop making things difficult for us We are just a small company.

We wont be able to withstand such struggles.

We are no match for Young Master Yan.”

But when Yan Zhiqing heard this, she laughed and said, “I cant do anything about that.”

“No…” Luo Yonggang immediately became very worried.

“Miss Yan, you said that youre forgiving us and wont be holding us accountable anymore.

Then… Shouldnt you talk to Young Master Yan and ask him not to make things difficult for us You… you have to keep your word.

You cant go back on it.”

“I think you misunderstood,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I have to clarify first that there is nothing that I should or should not do.

Just because I forgave you does not mean that I should help you.

This does not make sense at all.

“In addition, those people deciding not to work with you has nothing to do with my brother.” Yan Zhiqing continued in an innocent tone, “My brother did not do anything, nor has he told them not to work with you.

“They made that decision themselves.

As for why they did so, I do not know.

My brother does not know either.

You have to figure it out yourselves, dont you think” Yan Zhiqing smiled.

“How does it have nothing to do with you” Mrs.

Luo was worried.

“If it wasnt because… they wanted to please you, why would they distance themselves from us

“Therefore, you just have to tell them that theres no conflict between your family and my family.”

“Was there any conflict between our families” Yan Zhiqing looked very confused as she said, “My brother had mentioned nothing and had done nothing.

This is your familys business.

It would not be good for my brother to get involved in this.

“Perhaps you want him to even tell them that they shouldnt do that and that they should work with the Luo family What if they never actually wanted to work with you after analyzing the business and realizing it wasnt profitable Then my brother would be forcing them to work with you.

That would not be appropriate.”

The Luo family did not deserve such honor.

Wouldnt doing that mean that Yan Beicheng had stood up for them

Even if those people wanted to please Yan Beicheng and did this without being told to do so, it still had nothing to do with Yan Beicheng.

When Luo Yonggang and Mrs.

Luo heard what Yan Zhiqing said, they realized that there was no way that they could win this argument.

However, this did have something to do with Yan Beicheng!

“No, dont go!” Mrs.

Luo said quickly.

“You cant go! How can you… go back on your word How can you break your promise”

Luo Yonggang pulled Mrs.

Luos arms and asked her not to make Yan Zhiqing mad.

“Miss Yan, we have come to an agreement earlier,” Luo Yonggang said urgently.

“Yes, what you said was reasonable.”

Actually, in Luo Yonggangs opinion, Yan Beicheng might have asked those people to stop working with the Luo family.

This was definitely possible.

“If you dont think it is suitable for Young Master Yan to say anything, you can post a public notice.

If you think a public notice is too serious, you just have to send an announcement that says that we have come to an agreement and we are still friends,” Luo Yonggang said.

If those people were to find out that there was no longer a conflict between them and Yan Zhiqing, they would stop worrying about whether they should work with the Luo family.

Luo Yonggang had thought it through a little too well.

However, in Yan Zhiqings opinion, Luo Yonggang thought too highly of himself.

“Announcement You can announce it yourself,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Wei Wucai was the one who leaked out your and Luo Qingxians secrets.

He did it because he was angry on my behalf.

I can promise that we will not expose any more of your secrets.

“However, I cant do anything else.

After all, I have nothing to do with the other matters.

In addition, you guys slandered me first, and now youre asking me to announce that I have reconciled with you guys I am not that desperate.” Yan Zhiqing was speaking frankly.

“As I am a generous and forgiving person, I will not beat you down any further,” Yan Zhiqing said without any emotion.

“But dont ask for anything more than that.”

“You… you…” After hearing what Yan Zhiqing had said, Mrs.

Luo felt speechless for a while.

Luo Yonggang pushed Luo Qingxian and said, “You caused this mess.

Your mother and I have apologized.

Why are you hiding behind us Talk to her nicely.”

However, Luo Qingxian just couldnt bear to do it while Wei Wucai was present.

She didnt want Wei Wucai to witness this embarrassing moment.

She would be lowering her head in front of Yan Zhiqing and begging her.

If other people werent present, she would have been able to apologize to Yan Zhiqing without any hesitation.

Even if she had to beg like her life depended on it, she would have been able to do it.

But when she thought of how she had behaved arrogantly in front of Wei Wucai and acted as though she was more superior than him…

Luo Qingxian felt her face burning.

She had so many complaints.

Wei Wucai was the one who had been acting and who had put on a pretense, refusing to tell her the truth.

That was why she was so embarrassed today.

Luo Qingxian didnt understand why Wei Wucai had refused to tell the truth.

Did he really look down on her

Or did he think that she looked very funny when she was behaving arrogantly

Or was he secretly mocking her

Or was he scared that shed want something from him

Honestly, if Wei Wucai had told her the truth, Luo Qingxian would only have thought that his key qualities were on par with hers.

She wouldnt have thought he was better than her.

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