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Wei Wucai took out another set of clothes from the closet and asked, “Are you going to change in the bathroom or here”

Yan Zhiqing, remembering the lesson she had learned previously, decided not to answer quickly.

She then heard Wei Wucai say, “If you want to change in the bathroom, I will change here.

Or we can do it the other way around.”

Yan Zhiqing thought about it and said, “I will change in the bathroom.”

Just in case she wasnt done changing when Wei Wucai was done.

It would be very awkward if Wei Wucai came out early.

“Okay.” Wei Wucai nodded.

Yan Zhiqing then rushed into the bathroom with the set of pajamas.

Wei Wucai stayed in the room and changed into clean and dry clothes.

Yan Zhiqing changed slower than she did.

Wei Wucai looked down at the sweater that he had just put on.

He crossed his arms and grabbed the edge of the sweater and proceeded to lift it up, stopping the movement at the neck area.

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It revealed his firm chest and distinct abs.

The current posture made it seem as though he was still changing.

Wei Wucai didnt feel tired from keeping this posture.

He was just constantly ready.

It was just as he had expected.

He heard the door handle of the bathroom door twist.

Yan Zhiqing had changed into his pair of pajamas and had temporarily placed her wet clothing in the basket.

She wanted to take them back to her room with her when she leaves later and blow dry it with a hairdryer.

She did not dare to let the hotel wash this as she was afraid of leaking news about the movie.

She was not on guard at all when she came out.

And the moment she opened the door, she saw Wei Wucais chest and abs.

When Yan Zhiqing saw Wei Wucais movement, she had no idea that he was intentionally waiting here.

She just thought that he was not yet done changing and she just happened to see him change.

Yan Zhiqing immediately felt embarrassed.

Her face turned red.

But still, the image of Wei Wucais chest and abs stayed in her mind.

Actors, especially the good-looking ones, try their best to build their physique.

Not only did they want to look better on screen, but they also wanted to attract a large number of fans.

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However, although the physique that those people had built in the gym looked great, Wei Wucais physique still looked the strongest.

Although Wei Wucais muscles werent bigger than that of those people, they appeared to be full of strength.

“Im sorry,” Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said.

Wei Wucai hurriedly put on his clothes, appearing to have just noticed that she had come out.

“Get some rest on the bed.

I will buy you some medicine.

You were in the rain and it can be easy to fall ill,” Wei Wucai said.

“If you are tired, sleep for a while.

I just checked our WeChat work group and Director Wu said that they will take a break from filming because of the weather.

Everyone went back to their rooms to rest.

“It was not good to get caught in the rain, but it is also very rare for us to come back this early.

We might as well take this chance to catch up on our sleep.” Wei Wucai had spoken to provide very detailed instructions.

Yan Zhiqing wasnt annoyed at all.

She was able to take in any number of detailed instructions from Wei Wucai..

Yan Zhiqing was indeed tired.

Since Wei Wucai insisted, she proceeded to burrow underneath his blanket.

When Wei Wucai saw how well-behaved she was, he smiled.


Im going to buy some medicine.

Get some sleep,” Wei Wucai said.


Okay.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

After he went out, Yan Zhiqing closed her eyes.

She didnt know if she was imagining this, but she felt as though she could smell Wei Wucais fragrance on the pillow.

She was reminded that this was the bed that Wei Wucai had lain on and the blanket that he had used.

Yan Zhiqing felt like a pervert as she grabbed the blanket and sniffed it real hard.

However, the moment she inhaled, her nose felt itchy and she gave a loud sneeze.

She felt some mucus in her nose.

She was clearly about to catch a cold!

Wei Wucai went to a nearby pharmacy to buy some cold medicine.

Not only did he buy for Yan Zhiqing, but he also purchased some for Shi Xiaoya and the others so that Han Zhuofeng wouldnt have to go out and buy them himself.

He took further precaution and bought some fever relief medicine.

This rain was too heavy.

The weather felt like they were being attacked fiercely by a water dragon, leaving people unprepared and easily causing them to become severely sick.

He just hoped that Yan Zhiqing wouldnt catch a fever.

But to prepare for the worst, he bought some medicine.

Wei Wucai then went to the store and bought some black sugar and ginger powder.

He then gave Han Zhuofeng a phone call.

When he found out that they had already made it back to the hotel, he said, “I just bought medicine.

I will send it over to you guys later.

I am sure they will catch a cold today, so they should take some as a precautionary measure.”

“Brother Xiao Cai, you are so considerate!” Han Zhuofeng said.

If Wei Wucai had never mentioned this, he would not have even realized it was necessary.

If Shi Xiaoya caught a cold, how would he explain himself to Han Zhuoling

Wei Wucai went back and distributed some of the medicine.

Without leaving anyone out, he shared the medicine with Han Zhuofeng, Shi Xiaoya, Guo Yujie, and Fang Qiaohan

However, when he gave the medicine to Fang Qiaohan, he “forgot” to ask her for Yan Zhiqings keycard.

Even after he went back to his room, he failed to “remember.”

When he went back into the room, he saw that Yan Zhiqing had already fallen asleep.

Wei Wucai walked to the side of the bed.

He then noticed that Yan Zhiqings face had turned slightly red.

She looked good with rosy cheeks, but it didnt seem like the normal kind of blush.

She was frowning and didnt seem comfortable.

Wei Wucai reached out and noticed that her red cheeks were burning hot.

He touched her forehead.

Although her forehead did not look as red as her cheeks, it felt even hotter than her cheeks.

Even without a thermometer, he could tell that Yan Zhiqing had gotten a fever.

Wei Wucai hurriedly shook Yan Zhiqing, attempting to wake her up.



Yan Zhiqing looked like she was in a daze when she opened her eyes.

Her eyelids felt heavy.

It was really difficult for her to open her eyes.

She was barely able to open them.

She could only vaguely see Wei Wucais face.

The fever must have affected her brain.

Because even after she saw him, she could not figure out where she was and what time it was.

But when Wei Wucai was the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes, she felt safe.

“You have a really high fever.

Let me take you to the hospital,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing frowned and said, “I am not going to the hospital.”

Wei Wucai sighed and said, “I just went to buy you medicine, but I forgot to buy a thermometer.”

He went on to advise, “You are burning right now, so you have to go to the hospital.”

“I dont want to go to the hospital,” Yan Zhiqing said while covering her hand.

“I dont want to get poked by a needle.”

Wei Wucai felt helpless as he watched Yan Zhiqing behaving shamelessly because she didnt want to go to the hospital.

However, no matter what, he couldnt just watch her burn up with fever.

He had bought fever relief pills, but Yan Zhiqing clearly had a high fever, and the effects of the fever relief pill would be too slow.

The medicine might not be able to effectively reduce the fever.

The fever might come back again.

She still had filming to do tomorrow.

Wei Wucai thus pulled Yan Zhiqing up.

While he was pulling her up, her body was pulling back, refusing to cooperate.

“Stop pulling me.

I am not going to the hospital.” Yan Zhiqing said while making a scene.

She sounded like a kid.

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