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“Should I give you a massage” Wei Wucai asked further.

Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said, “No.


Since she was refusing so adamantly, Wei Wucai didnt force it.

“Then should I chat with you A slow-paced chat until you are tired” Wei Wucai asked.

“That sounds good.” When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she immediately felt energetic.

Wei Wucai couldnt help but raise his brows.

He said in a cheerful tone, “What do you want to talk about”

He was not very good at finding things to talk about.

He had spent most of his life at the Mount Lan Compound.

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi were the only two who were very talkative, and they loved teasing him.

He would fight them if they teased him.

And so, their interactions at the Mount Lan Compound usually didnt require them to talk much.

If there was anything to discuss, they would just fight.

There was nothing that a fight couldnt solve.

If it couldnt be solved, then they would just fight again.

Therefore, Wei Wucai was really not very good at making conversation.

He was so used to fighting his buddies at the Mount Lan Compound to solve issues.

He would become talkative and have a lot to say only when he had to advise and educate people.

Thankfully, Yan Zhiqing was talkative.

And so, Wei Wucai had no need to worry about starting a conversation.

Yan Zhiqing, feeling a little tired from lying on her back, turned around and lay on her side while facing Wei Wucai.

“Why dont you tell me stories about the Mount Lan Compound” Yan Zhiqing said.

“You dont have to tell me things that arent convenient for you to talk about.

Just say what you can say.

“Hmm… Everyone was in the rain today and all of us fell ill.

You are the only one who is fine.

You gave me your jacket, saying that you are used to being cold.” Yan Zhiqing rested her head on her hand and said, “I would imagine that the training you had undergone was extremely tough.

It was probably even tougher than what I imagined.

“So tell me about your training and your life in general.

Just tell me what you are allowed to talk about.”

The corner of Wei Wucais mouth curved up.

Yan Zhiqing, being thoughtful and considerate, did not want things to be difficult for him, which was why she asked him to say what he was allowed to say.

Wei Wucais eyes radiated such gentleness in the dark.

Yan Zhiqing naturally couldnt see it clearly.

She didnt have Wei Wucais ability to see clearly in the dark.

The moment she finished talking, Wei Wucai suddenly extended his hand and placed it on Yan Zhiqings forehead.

Yan Zhiqing froze.

Like a dummy, she didnt dare to move.

But within a few seconds, Wei Wucai took back his hand.

He behaved very properly.

“You are not heating up anymore.

That is good,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing then realized that he was just worried that her fever might have come back.

She then heard Wei Wucai speak.

“When I was five, I was sent to the Mount Lan Compound.

However, because I was very young and the Mount Lan Compound was more accommodating to kids, it was like a boarding school.

I would train at the Mount Lan Compound from Monday to Friday and would be home during the weekend.

“I would even get vacations during holidays.

However, when I turned ten years old, I had to live at the Mount Lan Compound.

My family could only visit me once a month.

“From the time I was ten years old, the Mount Lan Compound would test us once a month.

If we pass the test, they would send a letter of notification to our family, allowing them to visit us.

It also depends on whether our family was available to see us.

Whenever our family received such letters of notification, they would know that they were allowed to visit.

If they were available, they would make an appointment with the Mount Lan Compound to see their child.

“You should know that only one child in the family could become the head of the family.

The other kids would be divided into different groups and be trained accordingly.

The Wei Family did not enforce anything but allowed each family in the great Wei Family to volunteer on their own.

The Mount Lan Compound has reserved places for the members of the eight great families, allowing families with enough resources to send their kids there.

“Starting from my fathers generation, my family was no longer considered the direct descendants of the Wei Family.

Although my father took a role working for Wei Feng, he could not pass on that position to me.

And so, my father thought that he could send me to the Mount Lan Compound.

If I passed the test, I could then stay at the Mount Lan Compound and fight for my own future.”

After all, if he made it out of the Mount Lan Compound, he would never be ordinary.

In fact, his life would be even better than if he worked for Wei Feng.

Not to mention the connections he could get through the Mount Lan Compound.

If this wasnt the case, the members of the eight great families wouldnt have wanted to fight to stay at the Mount Lan Compound.

Even the members of the eight great families wanted the connections that they could get from there.

Those who graduated from the Mount Lan Compound could be like how he was right now.

Even if he retired, he would still play a key role in the family.

After all, there was an age restriction at the Mount Lan Compound.

Wei Wucai could at most work there for another five years before he would have to retire from the Mount Lan Compound.

By then, his physical strength and reaction time would be no match against a young person at the age of seventeen, eighteen, or even twenty.

However, the retirement age at the Mount Lan Compound was still considered young for other people.

Once they graduated from the Mount Lan Compound, they could easily create a whole other world for themselves.

“However, you were right.

The training was very tough and I endured a lot of hardships,” Wei Wucai said.

“But thankfully, I was interested in what the Mount Lan Compound had taught me, and I gained the skills of a hacker.”

How could it not be difficult

He joined at around five years old.

Normally, kids would attend kindergarten at around three or four years old.

They would go in the morning and come back home at night.

On their first day, they would usually cry and refuse to go for the next few days.

And Wei Wucai had had to live in a place that was far away from B City.

Even if he missed home, there was nothing he could do.

He had been so far from his home, and his parents and family members had not been there to comfort him.

“However, it was more difficult when I was young.

When I became older, I became accustomed to life at the Mount Lan Compound.

I started desiring more knowledge.

I would instead take the initiative to learn more skills,” Wei Wucai said.

“By then, even if they wanted me to go home, I wouldnt want to go.

If I rested at home for two days, I would learn fewer things and improve even slower than others.

It would then be difficult to catch up.

It was also really competitive at the Mount Lan Compound, so I could never relax.

“Therefore, the people that werent eliminated had fought hard for a place there.

No one dared to make a mistake, and no one dared to rest.

It does sound very tough, but after witnessing so much, they were willing to endure any amount of hardships to prevent themselves from being eliminated.

After witnessing everything at the Mount Lan Compound, how could they be willing to go back to that ordinary world

“I am able to establish Ledepic More and develop it to this level because of my experience at the Mount Lan Compound.

It was the Mount Lan Compound that had taught me all those technical skills.

Plus, I relied on the connections gained at the Mount Lan Compound to expand this company.

“If not for that, when my company first started and no one knew about it, why did people still choose to work with it Yes, it is a famous company now, and it has gained a reputation in the country…”

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