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He got off the bed and said, “Its still early.

You should get more sleep.”

Yan Zhiqing saw that he had gotten off the bed and hastily asked, “Where are you going”

Wei Wucai turned and looked at her with a smile.

“To sleep on the sofa.”

Wei Wucai stared at the bed and asked, “Or… do you think it is okay for me to sleep on the bed”

That would obviously not be okay!

If she hadnt held him while she was sleeping earlier, she would have agreed.

Since he didnt like women anyway, nothing would have happened if they actually slept together.

But something like that had happened.

How could she still have the courage to sleep on the same bed as Wei Wucai

“I will take the sofa.

You can sleep on the bed,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Dont be naughty,” Wei Wucai said immediately.

“I am a grown-ass man.

Is it appropriate for me to let you sleep on the sofa”

“But you werent comfortable today.

And you slept while sitting up by the bed last night.

This morning, you slept with me…” She wanted to finish the sentence with “me being on you.”

Yan Zhiqing felt embarrassed to say it out loud.

“This means that you didnt sleep well the entire night.” Not to mention his sleep quality, his back probably ached from sitting up all night.

If he had to curl up and sleep on the sofa, his sleep quality wouldnt get better.

“I still have to work tomorrow, but you have work too,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“If you have to curl up on the sofa and you hurt your muscles or back, what are you going to do You didnt change your posture at all for the entire night.

“And I dont feel terrible anymore.

My fever is gone.

Considering my current circumstances, I dont think it will come back again.

In addition, even if I move to the sofa, I am only going to sleep for another few hours.

“But you are different.

Even if you are going to be sleeping for a short time, you will still get some good rest.” As Yan Zhiqing spoke, she got off the bed.

She was clearly showing that she was not just saying it for the sake of saying it.

“Anyway, if you are not going to sleep on the bed, then I am not sleeping.

We will just stare at each other.” Yan Zhiqing pouted and continued, “We rarely get the chance to get a good rest and you are going to waste it”

Wei Wucai had no choice.

This girl had even thought of ways to threaten him

If it was just him, he wouldnt have cared at all.

But if she was going to use herself as leverage, then he would have to care about it.

Yan Zhiqing was clearly using herself to threaten him.

But he couldnt even feel angry.

He only looked at her with a helpless expression.

Before he could say anything, Yan Zhiqing had already walked over to the sofa and lay down.

She covered herself with the blanket that Wei Wucai had used last night.

She patted the pillow below her head and yawned.

“I am so tired.

I am going to sleep.”

With this, Yan Zhiqing closed her eyes.

She had lain down already.

Was Wei Wucai going to drag her up

Wei Wucai had no choice but to get on the bed.

He had the side of her body facing Yan Zhiqing.

He finally saw what she saw when she had been looking at him from the bed last night.

This was a very convenient vantage point.

Wei Wucai had always had the habit of waking up early.

And so, now that he had woken up, he couldnt sleep anymore.

However, Yan Zhiqing was right about one thing.

Hed sat up on the bed for the entire night and his back was indeed aching.

He didnt really feel it just now.

But as he spent more time lying down, he started to feel it.

Yan Zhiqing wasnt as alert as he thought she would be.

Whenever he would look at her secretly, she wouldnt notice at all.

Initially, Yan Zhiqing thought that she wouldnt be able to calm down because of what had happened earlier and would not be able to fall asleep.

But she was unexpectedly very sleepy and fell asleep moments after lying on the sofa.

Wei Wucai could hear her breathing and knew that she had fallen asleep.

He then secretly got off the bed and walked to the edge of the sofa to carry Yan Zhiqing up.

When he carried her yesterday, he realized that she was really light.

He recalled the time when he grabbed her by the waist to pull her away when she almost got hit by a trolley while they were at the restaurant.

At that time, he thought she was skinny and that her waist was abnormally thin.

In addition, when it was raining yesterday, the entire situation was extremely chaotic.

Her clothes were wet, which meant her weight included the weight of the water.

Even then, he thought she was too light.

Today, the weight of the water was gone.

As expected, when he held her, she felt lighter than yesterday.

Although he knew that many female celebrities would try to maintain their physique to look better on screen, the people who looked skinny on screen were in fact much more skinny in real life.

Some ordinary people who look very skinny in real life would have a wider body shape when they are on camera.

They would look much fatter.

Because of that, both the guys and the girls in the entertainment industry were trying to maintain their figure and ensure that they were two times skinnier than those who look skinny.

However, Yan Zhiqing looked so skinny that she seemed to weigh nothing.

Or thats how Wei Wucai felt, at least.

Wei Wucai then frowned.

He knew that this was her job and she had no choice.

Even if they were to get together, hed have no right to demand Yan Zhiqing to eat more or to disturb her work in any way.

He thus wanted to ask the doctors at the Mount Lan Compound how they could ensure that Yan Zhiqing would absorb enough nutrients and still maintain her figure.

This was so that she wouldnt sacrifice her health to be skinny.

Wei Wucai placed Yan Zhiqing on the bed softly.

But he didnt expect Yan Zhiqing to wake up the moment her body touched the bed.

She opened her eyes and saw that Wei Wucai was still holding her and had barely enough time to let go.

At this moment, he was bending down.

As a result, his beautiful face was very close to hers.

Yan Zhiqing opened her eyes and suddenly said with a serious expression, “Didnt I ask you to get some good rest”

“I cant allow you to sleep on the sofa,” Wei Wucai said.

For some reason, he didnt let Yan Zhiqing go.

Instead, he continued maintaining the posture he had while holding her.

And so, his face was still very near hers when he was talking.

Although it was not close to the extent that their breaths were mixing together, it felt like his voice was falling directly onto her lips.

“And I am used to it,” Wei Wucai said.

“Whenever I investigate some things or people, I would pull an all-nighter.

I have maintained very weird postures before, not to mention sitting up.”

It was this sentence again.

It felt as though he could get used to any horrible things.

There was nothing he had not experienced.

Yan Zhiqing recalled what he had told her before she fell asleep last night.

She remembered him telling her about how he had trained at the Mount Lan Compound when he was young.

Although she didnt hear the entire story, what she had heard was enough to make her heart ache.

“Its one thing if you are used to it, but there is no need for you to do this now,” Yan Zhiqing said unhappily.

Wei Wucai raised her brow and stopped talking.

Yan Zhiqing stuttered as she explained, “I am not… I am not ungrateful.

I know you are a gentleman who cant bear to see me sleeping on the sofa while you sleep on the bed.

“But similarly, I cant bear to see you not resting well because you have to take care of me.”


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