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Yan Zhiqing thought about it and said, “My fever has gone down, and it didnt come back for the entire night.

It doesnt seem like it is recurring.

This means that I can go back to my room and you can sleep here.”

Wei Wucai stared at Yan Zhiqing while she was talking.

His eyes were constantly focused on her.

Even after Yan Zhiqing was done talking, Wei Wucai was still looking at her.

Upon being stared at by Wei Wucai, Yan Zhiqing felt really nervous.

Her heart started racing.

She raised her hand and placed it on Wei Wucais shoulder.

She wanted to push him away to get up.

“I have not agreed to this,” Wei Wucai said upon sensing that she was pushing him.

Yan Zhiqing froze momentarily and was instead pinned onto the bed by Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai then flipped over her and lay beside her while he still had his hand wrapped around her shoulder.

“Is this okay” Wei Wucai lay on his side right beside her.

Being on the same bed meant that it was inevitable for them to be close to each other.

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However, relatively speaking, Wei Wucai was already trying to stay farther away from her.

His body was not right next to her.

Instead, there was a small space between them.

However, because he was lanky, he was still able to wrap his hand around her shoulder.

Yan Zhiqing held her breath.

“I wont do anything to you,” Wei Wucai whispered.

“I just wont feel at ease if I am not watching you.”

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing felt too embarrassed to look at him.

She looked down and saw his hand on her shoulder.

Wei Wucai then took his hand back slowly.

“Should we set a boundary line in the middle”

Yan Zhiqing thought about it.

Even if they were to set a boundary line, the purpose of it should be to guard him against her.

Wei Wucai was not the one who had hugged someone.

“No,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I trust you.”

“Then sleep,” Wei Wucai said.

“Mhm,” Yan Zhiqing mumbled.

She was able to secretly watch him sleep last night.

But now that he was lying beside her, she had no courage to do so.

If he was able to notice her peeking from afar, he would be able to notice it with them being this close together.

And so, Yan Zhiqing felt really nervous as she slept with her back facing Wei Wucai.

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Wei Wucai didnt move at all as he stared at her back.

He could see Yan Zhiqings long hair spread out on the pillow before his eyes.

Wei Wucai then secretly and furtively lifted a lock of her scattered long hair.

Knowing that Yan Zhiqing would not be able to sense it, Wei Wucai held it before the tip of his nose and sniffed it.

“Erm…” Yan Zhiqing suddenly made a sound.

It scared Wei Wucai.

Feeling guilty, he immediately let go of that lock of hair.

But then, Yan Zhiqing did not look back.

She hesitated slightly before she asked, “Your suggestion earlier…”

“What suggestion” Wei Wucai subconsciously asked.

He didnt do this intentionally.

He really didnt realize it.

Because of the sneaky things he did earlier, his brains processing speed became slower.

And so, when he heard Yan Zhiqings question, he couldnt remember and subconsciously responded with this.

And Wei Wucai realized it after he had asked the question.

He was worried that Yan Zhiqing would be annoyed by it.

He was just about to explain when Yan Zhiqing responded in frustration, “Nothing!”

Since he had forgotten, he clearly didnt take this seriously.

She was the fool who had kept it in her mind and had been troubled by it.

If it was someone else, she would not have behaved this way.

But she unfortunately liked Wei Wucai.

Because she liked him, she treated it so seriously.

She didnt think his suggestion was appropriate, but she kept thinking about it.

Because she cared and was considering it, she felt troubled by it.

Wei Wucai hastily said, “I didnt do it intentionally.

I just didnt realize it right away.

I didnt forget.”

Yan Zhiqing pouted.

She tugged on the pillowcase with her fingers, refusing to respond to him.

She nearly buried her face in the pillow.

“Zhiqing…” Wei Wucai called out softly in a pampering tone.

He even held on to her shoulder and shook her gently.

Feeling wronged, Yan Zhiqing responded with a “Hmph.” She shook her shoulders, attempting to push his hand away.

She was so angry that she didnt want him to touch her.

Almost half of her body was lying on the bed and sticking closely to the edge, signaling that she wanted him to stay far away.

Seeing what she looked like currently, Wei Wucai just thought she looked so cute.

He couldnt bother to not stay too close to her or to be careful not to scare her.

He supported himself up and moved himself up close to her.

He supported himself up beside her with one hand and wrapped her with the other hand.

He then pressed his body up against her back.

Yan Zhiqing trembled slightly and froze.

Although Wei Wucai didnt put her whole body weight against her, he was transmitting his burning body heat to her by pressing himself up against her back.

He was also transmitting her manly aura as well.

This was the bed and she was so close to him.

Yan Zhiqing felt herself burning up.

Her ears and face were so red.

Even her scalp was itching.

“I didnt forget.” Wei Wucais voice rang in her ears.

To seduce her and to be flirty, he had even used a deeper voice.

He wanted his voice to sound extremely seductive.

Wei Wucai was putting in every effort.

“I didnt want to bother you with this because you had opposed it.

Therefore, I wanted to put it out of my mind and never talk about it.

If not, I would have still thought about it and would not have been able to endure bringing it up to you again.

“I was just worried that you might feel annoyed and think that I might have bad intentions to take advantage of you.” Wei Wucai sighed, breathing air on her neck.

The breath of air made Yan Zhiqing feel itchy and annoyed.

“But actually, what advantage could I get” Wei Wucai, who was saying this at the moment, did not think that his action of pressing up against Yan Zhiqings back was “not” him taking advantage at all.

“In short, I didnt think it was unimportant.

In fact, because I thought it was so important, I didnt dare to think about it,” Wei Wucai said softly.

It felt like he was saying a riddle, but Yan Zhiqing understood the message.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to ask him to move away first.

If he kept pressing up against her like this, she… she… could easily lose control of herself!

Even though she had these thoughts, the words she said were unexpectedly different.

He heard Yan Zhiqing say, “I didnt agree to your suggestion earlier.”

“Hm.” Wei Wucai, feeling sad about it, looked down at the tip of her ear between her hair.

It looked red and was trembling.

The hair around her temple scattered beside her ear and on top of it.

Wei Wucai felt eager to move his hand.

He resisted the urge to not reach out and touch the tip of her ear.

If he did so, he would really be acting like a jerk.

He then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “I didnt agree.

But if you still want to verify this, does it mean that you will be asking someone elses help”

He had no issues at all.

He was very certain that he was a heterosexual male.

He didnt even need to seek out anyone for an experiment.

He only told Yan Zhiqing this because he wanted to start building a way out for himself now.


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