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Not only had he acquired those files, but he had also gotten his hands on the drafts that they had written.

There were records of previous conversations with everyone in the entertainment industry.

Anyway, anything that was in a computer in the office was deleted by Wei Wucai.

The files in the computers were completely emptied.

He didnt even leave an empty folder for them.

Yan Zhiqing really wanted to laugh as she watched this.

However, Wei Wucai still felt angry.

He hadnt always been this protective.

If Hou Wu had threatened someone else, Wei Wucai would not have cared at all and would not have provoked them.

Wei Wucai wouldnt care to comment on whether Hou Wus office had done good or bad things.

Wei Wucai didnt care if they were good or bad.


But Hou Wu had provoked Yan Zhiqing, and this was something that Wei Wucai could not tolerate.

Since Hou Wu had had the audacity to threaten Yan Zhiqing, then he shouldnt complain if he wasnt shown any mercy.

At this moment, Wei Wucai didnt feel guilty about destroying the works that Hou Wus office had done.

If they hadnt provoked Yan Zhiqing, none of their works would have been destroyed.

Even after Wei Wucai had deleted all the files he could find, he still felt angry.

And so, Wei Wucai deleted all the softwares in their computers.

Wei Wucai even deleted the softwares that came with the default system when the computers were first purchased.

Thus, Hou Wus computers were now even cleaner than when they were just manufactured.

Yan Zhiqing stared at how empty the computer looked.

There was nothing left.

The corner of her eyes twitched uncontrollably.

Fang Qiaohan couldnt see, and she didnt dare to come closer.

After all, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were a couple.

Although Yan Zhiqing had said that they werent together yet…

Still, Fang Qiaohan thought that this was bound to happen.

She didnt care about Yan Zhiqings denial at all.

Hence, it was not appropriate for her to get closer.

But when Fang Qiaohan saw the expression on Yan Zhiqings face, she felt really worried.

She hastily asked Yan Zhiqing, “What What happened Whats going on now”

The corner of Yan Zhiqings mouth twitched before she finally burst out laughing.

She even gloated, “He transferred all the files in all the computers in Hou Wus office.


“And then, he deleted all the files and folders in their computers.

Not only that, but he also uninstalled all the softwares in their computers.”

Yan Zhiqing watched as the corners of Fang Qiaohans eyes and mouth started twitching.

Yan Zhiqing herself couldnt stop laughing.

“And now, the computers in Hou Wus office are emptied and have absolutely nothing.

He didnt even leave a browser for them.”

If there was no browser, how would they be able to download new softwares online

They would have to ask someone to bring a hard disk for installation.

If they had to ask someone to come and install it for them, it would take a while.

This would cause some delays.

Wei Wucai added, “I also took the administrative rights for their computers, and their programmer was not good enough to take them back.

And so, even if they paid someone to come and install new softwares, they wouldnt be able to do so because they do not have the administrative rights.

If they want to use their computers like normal, they would have to buy new ones.”

Of course, if they bought new ones and Wei Wucai still felt angry, he would take their administrative rights away again.

If that happened, Hou Wu would have to continue suffering.

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

What a ruthless elder brother!

Of course, knowing that it was Hou Wus office that had suffered, Fang Qiaohan didnt feel bad at all.

“Alright,” Wei Wucai said.

He had completed all his work.

Sure enough, at Hou Wus office…

The programmer had no idea that Wei Wucai had described him as someone who was not good enough.

The programmer stared at the computer.

He didnt dare to try and take the administrative rights back.

But he was watching to see how long the hacker intended to occupy the computer.

Finally, he shouted, “The hacker left!”

Everyone shuddered.

Hou Wu hastily ordered, “Quick.

Quick, fix it.”

The programmer gave a heavy nod and tried to take back the administrative rights.

“As long as he is gone, things will be easier.”

Previously, he couldnt get the administrative rights back because Wei Wucai was the one in control.

But now, Wei Wucai was gone, so the programmer was very confident that he could take back the administrative rights.

Previously, it was a battle of technical skills.

But now, this was simple to the programmer.

Anyone with some technical skills could do it, not to mention some famous hacker.

The programmer was also the one who had made the software.

He could hack into other companies computers.

And now, it would be much simpler since he had to deal with a software that he had written himself.

But after a while, Hou Wu and the others saw drops of sweat forming on the programmers forehead.

Initially, he was typing very quickly, making clickety-clackety sounds.

But soon, he started typing slower and slower.

It was as though the keys on the keyboard became so heavy that he could not click them.

“What happened” Hou Wu asked anxiously.

“Did you fix it”

It was not his fault for feeling anxious.

But the things in their computers were just too important.

There were so many important files.

He just wanted to see if the files in the computer were alright.

The other party couldnt have invaded their companies computers for no reason.

They must have wanted to find something in the computers.

And so, Hou Wu was very anxious.

In addition, he wanted to see what files were missing.

This would then help them determine the person who had hired a hacker to invade their computers.

Right now, Hou Wu was 90% certain that it was Yan Zhiqing.

But the problem that Hou Wu was facing…

Not only were there drops of perspiration on the programmers forehead, but his palms were also covered in sweat.

“No…” the programmer said with a bitter smile.

At this moment, he felt as though he was unworthy of his high-paying job.

“What happened” Hou Wu became very anxious.

“You havent fixed it yet.

Why arent you fixing it quickly”

“…” The programmer said with much difficulty, “No… The hacker had modified my software.

I describe it as a modification, but he really rewrote the entire software.”

“I cant hack into this new software.” The programmer felt so horrible that he wanted to cry.

Who was this programmer God

Why was this hacker forcing him to a dead-end road

The hacker didnt even give him a chance to escape.

The hacker didnt show any respect.

“Then what are we going to do” Hou Wu was seriously worried.

“If you cant hack back into the system, is the computer going to be like this forever This means that all the computers in the office are just huge bricks!”

Hou Wu continued worriedly, “We still have so much information in our computers! Those are important files that we still need to use.

In addition, we have to make sure that those files are still in the computers.”

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