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“You both came all the way from T City to B City and rushed over here after finishing work.

Organize your things first just in case you two feel too lazy to move when you get back.”

Wei Wucai knew them well.

Once they meet Yan Zhiqing, they would not come back within a short time.

It would be dinner time in two hours.

Wei Wucai thought that they could come back after eating dinner.

If they were to calculate the time they would spend, it would not be a short time.

They might as well organize their luggage first.

“Theres no rush,” Hao Donghuai said without a care in the world.

In response to what Wei Wucai had said, he replied, “We dont have much to organize.

Its more urgent for us to see Zhiqing.”

With this, Hao Donghuai even rubbed his hands.

Wei Wucai was speechless.


“Do you know her well” Wei Wucai asked.

“I have never met her before,” said Hao Donghuai.

Before Wei Wucai could reply, Hao Donghuai continued, “But dont you know her well Then shes one of us.

We arent strangers to her, right”

At this moment, Yuan Jiangyi came closer to Wei Wucai and laughed as he said, “You are not jealous, are you”

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Wei Wucai raised his brow and did not deny it.

Yuan Jiangyi bounced back forcefully with a face full of shock as he said, “Are you actually jealous You are crazy!” Yuan Jiangyi was in shock.

“If friends give each other nicknames, that means they are good friends! Are you jealous about this”

Wei Wucai wondered if he wouldnt have been jealous if he was actually dating Yan Zhiqing.

But at this point in time, he had yet to date Yan Zhiqing.

If everyone called her the same way he did, he wouldnt seem special.

Hao Donghuai, trying to be devious, said in a genuine tone, “Well, you dont get a say in this.

When we see…”

Hao Donghuai was going to say Zhiqing.

But upon seeing Wei Wucai gnashing his teeth, Hao Donghuai recalled how strong the other man was and immediately corrected himself.

“Lets wait until we meet Miss Yan.

If she does not object to this, there is nothing you can say about it.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Yes, yes.” Yuan Jiangyi nodded in agreement.

“Lets go.

How can we let Xiao Yan wait for too long”

While he was saying that, he was dragging Wei Wucai.

Then he asked, “Which room is Xiao Yan in”

With a helpless expression, Wei Wucai said, “When you see her, dont be spitting nonsense.”

“Look at you.” Yuan Jiangyi tried to stand up for himself.

“Are we people who would say nonsense You finally have a girl you like and that did not come easy.

How could we sabotage that Of course we need to be extra careful.”

Even as Wei Wucai was hearing this, he still had this ominous feeling.

However, even though he felt this way, he couldnt possibly not let them meet, right

It was with such apprehension that he led Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai outside Yan Zhiqings room.

Wei Wucai still felt worried when they arrived.

He whispered an instruction.

“Dont drag me down!”

“Dont worry!” Yuan Jiangyi gave Wei Wucai a pat on the back.

“You havent done anything wrong in the past.

How could we possibly drag you down”

“Yeah,” Hao Donghuai added.

Wei Wucai felt like he was forgetting something.

But even someone as careful as him could not remember what he had forgotten.

Since he couldnt remember, he could only put the thought aside for now.

He pressed Yan Zhiqings doorbell.

A few seconds later, the door opened.

Unexpectedly, it was Yan Zhiqing who had opened the door.

Even Wei Wucai froze before he said immediately, “Why did you open the door when you are sick”

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai could see that Yan Zhiqing was slightly pale.

Yuan Jiangyi, feeling embarrassed, immediately said, “You must be Zhiqing, right Although you have never met us before, we have seen you in movies.”

Yan Zhiqing, thinking that what Yuan Jiangyi had said was funny, started laughing.

Yuan Jiangyi then said, “Look at us.

Our presence here even caused you trouble.

You are still sick.”

Yan Zhiqing immediately responded, “Hes just overreacting.

Its just a cold.

Its nothing.”

Yan Zhiqing did not say that Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai were very important people to Wei Wucai in both his work life and his personal life.

In his work life, they were his important teammates and buddies.

In his personal life, they were his good friends and were like brothers to him.

Although Wei Wucai still didnt know her decision, Yan Zhiqing thought that if she were to be with him…

She would obviously need to value this.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai were important people to Wei Wucai.

The two had come all the way here.

If she remained seated in the room, she would make herself seem like she was some big deal.

Was she waiting for them to come and pay her their respects

Wouldnt this be very inappropriate

“Please come in,” Yan Zhiqing said immediately.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to make a good impression in front of Wei Wucais friends.

Whether it was his family or his friends…

It might seem like Wei Wucai found Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai very annoying.

However, based on the expressions and emotions he showed when he was talking to her last night…

Wei Wucai really cherished Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai.

Besides family, there werent many people who were close to Wei Wucai.

If someone was able to become close to Wei Wucai, its obvious that they would be very important to him.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to be approved by the people that Wei Wucai cherished.

Because they were important to him.

And so, Yan Zhiqing wanted to be approved by them.

They didnt have to like her.

As long as they didnt hate her, she would be satisfied.

With this, Yan Zhiqing moved away, allowing the two to come in.

Hao Donghuai scratched the back of his head like an idiot as he said, “We came here in a rush.

We have not gotten the chance to introduce ourselves.”

Yuan Jiangyi immediately pulled Wei Wucai over and demanded, “Introduce us!”

Yan Zhiqing burst out into laughter.

The laughter of the little lady sounded so sweet.

In addition, she was the one that Wei Wucai liked.

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi naturally had a good impression of Yan Zhiqing.

In addition, Yan Zhiqing was so friendly and polite to them.

Her smile looked so sweet as well.

This made them like her even more.

At this moment, as they watched Yan Zhiqing laugh, Hao Donghuai and Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but smile at her as well.

However, from Wei Wucais point of view, they looked so stupid.

They were smilling stupidly.

At this moment, they heard Yan Zhiqing say, “Let me guess.

You must be Yuan Jiangyi.”

Yan Zhiqing had spoken to Yuan Jiangyi, then turned to look at Hao Donghuai.

“You must be Hao Donghuai.”

Yan Zhiqing looked at them, feeling worried.

“Was I right”

Hao Donghuai was surprised.

“How did you know”

Seeing this, Yan Zhiqing knew that she had guessed correctly.

She felt really happy and was proud of herself.

She didnt embarrass herself in front of Wei Wucais friends.

She smiled as she explained, “Xiao Cai told me about you two.

He told me about the time when you were all training at the Mount Lan Compound and what your daily lives had been like.

Although I have never met you before, I was able to recognize you based on my impression of you two.”

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