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Chapter 3281: Untitled

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Yan Zhiqing was shocked, and she trembled for a moment.

Her whole body stiffened; she was afraid to make even the slightest movement.

She initially had her head lowered.

However, when Wei Wucai kissed her, he exerted a bit of strength.

While kissing her, he used his lips to push her head upwards.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help it.

She just let her head be raised by his kiss.

It became even easier for him to kiss her.

As such, the back of Yan Zhiqings head was pressed firmly against the door.

It was as if Wei Wucai had pinned her whole body against the door.

Wei Wucai kissed her more and more deeply.

His two hands, which had initially been grasping her shoulders, couldnt help gradually moving upwards to her face instead.

Her face was really small and delicate.

His one hand could cover it completely.

With one hand cupped around one of her cheeks, he felt that her face was outrageously small and seemingly fragile in his hand.

He had two hands around her face, but he truly couldnt hold it properly as her face was simply too small and delicate.

Consequently, he kept one hand around her face while the other drifted down the side of her neck and then her shoulders until it reached her lower back.

After that, he pulled her into his embrace.

Ultimately, Yan Zhiqing couldnt resist lifting up her hands.

They grabbed the sides of Wei Wucais waist.

After a long while, Yan Zhiqings lips had become sore from all the kissing and were even tingling, as if they had been rubbed until they turned numb.

Yan Zhiqing silently tugged at the clothes by Wei Wucais waist, indicating for him to stop.

Wei Wucai understood what she meant.

Its just that, her little tugs at his waist felt just like those of a kitten.

They had a sense of being hesitant but curious, gentle and cautious, and somewhat delicately loveable.

Wei Wucai eased up on her lips slightly, but he didnt allow her to lower her head.

With his hand still cupping her cheek, he took the chance to press his forehead against hers.

“You didnt reject my kiss this time,” Wei Wucai said in a quiet voice.

It was husky and seemed to contain deep desires.

Yan Zhiqing didnt say a word and just breathed somewhat heavily and rapidly.

Although he had just taken away most of her breath, it wasnt to the extent where she wouldnt be able to speak.

As such, since Yan Zhiqing did not speak, that naturally meant she was agreeing tacitly.

Wei Wucai thus said, “Ill take it that you agree, then.”

Yan Zhiqings eyelashes fluttered as she raised her head to look at him before immediately lowering her head again.

Then, she heard Wei Wucai say, “Im taking it that you agree to be my girlfriend.”

Wei Wucai cautiously waited for several minutes.

He became so nervous that he held his breath unconsciously.

He was deathly afraid that Yan Zhiqing would say she was rejecting him again.

However, even after he had waited for roughly 10 minutes, Yan Zhiqing still didnt say a word.

Wei Wucai had a very good understanding of Yan Zhiqings temperament.

If she were truly unhappy and didnt like it, she would have made it clear early on.

She wouldnt be like she was now, so distressed and embarrassed.

She was the kind of person who would tell you she was angry when she got angry.

She definitely wouldnt conceal it or keep it secret.

Right now, Wei Wucai had already given her the time to reject him.

Yet Yan Zhiqing did not say a single sentence or word.

Wei Wucai lowered his head too and gently kissed her on the lips.

This time, it wasnt deep at all.

He just planted his lips on hers and didnt move away.

His pair of lips were pressed against her lips, which were so soft that they turned his heart to mush as well.

And Yan Zhiqing just submissively let him do that.

Neither did she avoid it or reject it.

As Wei Wucais lips pressed against hers, her lips couldnt resist curving up slightly.

This was when Wei Wucai gained a clear understanding of Yan Zhiqings feelings.

From today onwards, he would also be someone who had a girlfriend!

This was truly...

such a happy thing!

Moreover, it made him feel especially proud!

Wei Wucai released Yan Zhiqings lips but continued to hug her.

He said proudly, “Now, Im also someone who has a girlfriend.”

Yan Zhiqing finally couldnt resist curving her lips into a smile.

With his content appearance and proud reaction, he truly seemed really happy.

Just as he said, he now had a girlfriend.

Similarly, Yan Zhiqing would now be someone who had a boyfriend.

Lets not mention how Wei Wucai had been single until now.

When had Yan Zhiqing not been single

She was younger than Wei Wucai, so she had been single for a fewer number of years...

However, she was the same in that she had also been single until now.

...Until now, when she had finally gotten a boyfriend and stopped being single.

She now had someone who was especially intimate with her...

Someone else who loved her...

In a way that was unlike how Yan Beicheng loved her.

It was a sense of closeness that was completely different from what she had with her older brother.

In fact, she felt that Wei Wucai was now someone who was even closer to her than her brother.

Yan Beicheng was not only her brother but also Lin Chus husband and the father of his and Lin Chus child.

Yan Beicheng cared for Yan Zhiqing, but he also had his own family to take care of.

Yan Zhiqing didnt feel that there was anything wrong about this.

Its just that she kept feeling like it would be bad for her to disturb Yan Beicheng.

However, she now had a boyfriend.

She could share all her happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy with Wei Wucai henceforth.

If she encountered any difficulties, she didnt need to seek out Yan Beicheng to do anything.

Wei Wucai would resolve them for her.

It was just like what happened with Hou Wus company and Chen Zeqing.

Wei Wucai was the one who helped her resolve those matters neatly.

He was especially reliable.

This gave her the feeling that she had someone who only belonged to her, someone she could rely on.

In the future, she would no longer need to feel envious when she saw couples.

If anyone bullied her, she would immediately seek out Wei Wucai for support.

As the scenes Yan Zhiqing imagined became more and more beautiful, her smile continued to stay up.

Wei Wucais mood became extremely good upon seeing Yan Zhiqing like this.

He wrapped his arms around Yan Zhiqings waist, not wanting to let her go.

The problem was that it was now very late, and it would be bad if he caused her to sleep late.

Wei Wucai sighed regretfully.

In order to put his mind more at ease, he asked, “Does your agency have any sort of rule that forbids you from openly having a romantic relationship”

Yan Zhiqing looked at him suspiciously.

Then Wei Wucai said, “If youre not allowed to or if its inconvenient to make our relationship public, we can keep it low-profile.

Im fine with it.”

He paused for a moment, seemingly afraid that Yan Zhiqing would truly want to have a covert relationship with him.

The heavens knew how much Wei Wucai wanted to date openly and go berserk with making public displays of affection.

He wanted to let everyone know that Yan Zhiqing was his girlfriend and that everyone else had better give up on their intentions towards her.

So, Wei Wucai said, “Of course, if youre asking me, I definitely still hope we can date openly without avoiding people.”

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself, she hadnt even asked him.

However, Yan Zhiqing still said realistically, “My agency doesnt have any rules like that.

Elder Sister Mouou has never placed any restrictions regarding having romantic relationships.

She just told me that if I get a boyfriend and want to make it public, I definitely have to tell them so that they can make the proper preparations for it.”

Wei Wucai nodded.

It was to indicate he understood this point well.

He initially thought that there would be some restrictions considering Yan Zhiqings circumstances.

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