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Chapter 3285: Keep this Favor In MindTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“No matter what, this is not something good for the film crew of Left Right.

This whole thing is a mess right now.

They do need a good piece of news to help distract the netizens.”

“If you announce your relationship at this moment, which might not be the best timing to announce a relationship since it wouldnt gain the same amount of traction as usual; you would at least be able to help the film crew of Left Right distract the netizens and help them deal with some of the verbal attacks.”

“In addition, your story is very positive.

The moment you started dating, you directly announced it.

You didnt lie to the netizens, which will leave a good impression on the people who know you but arent your fans.

Your relationship will be blessed by the netizens.”

“Both of you have very good reputations as well.

Zhiqing had never been in a scandal before this and never had negative news coverage, not to mention Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai kept such a low profile that its almost as though he didnt exist.”

“If it werent because of the scandal with Zhiqing, no one would know that you are the CEO of Ledepic More.

You were mysterious and kept a low profile.

You never show off and never use your good looks and the success you have achieved while young to grip peoples attention and get even more benefits.”

“Considering that you have a humble way of doing things, its easy for you to create a good impression,” Mou Danqiong said, “Both of you have very positive images.

If you announce your relationship at this moment, it is good for the film crew.”

“I think Director Wu would be very happy that you two had decided to announce your relationship at this time.

I am sure he could easily guess the reason why you announced it at this time, and he would surely remember the favor.”

“Of course, the person who will receive the most benefit from this would be Zhiqing.

Director Wu will think that he owes Zhiqing a favor, ” said Mou Danqiong.

“Consider me selfish about this…” Mou Danqiong said, “I just want to use this chance to fight for Zhiqing to get some benefits.”

Of course, Wei Wucai didnt mind it at all.

He was happy to do anything that benefited Yan Zhiqing.

Initially, he felt a little sad about this.

Yan Zhiqing had finally agreed to be his girlfriend, but the timing was bad when they wanted to announce their relationship status.

He couldnt get more people to know about this.


But after hearing what Mou Danqiong said, he realized that doing this was more beneficial to Yan Zhiqing.

And so, Wei Wucai no longer felt sad.

In fact, he felt happy about this chance.


Thats what we will do.” Wei Wucai said.

At this moment, there was no reason for them to be in a rush to announce their relationship status.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but turn to glance over at Wei Wucai.

She knew why he had agreed so quickly.

It was because Mou Danqiong had said that this was beneficial to her.

And so, as long as it was beneficial, Wei Wucai agreed without any hesitation.

To be honest, they hadnt spent a long time together.

The time they spent together wasnt long and unforgettable.

However, he was already treating her so well.

He would try to solve all her issues.

He would yield to anything that was good for her.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but think… If it was something that was beneficial to her but required him to sacrifice or receive ill-treatment…

Would he still choose to do it because it was beneficial to her

However, in Yan Zhiqings opinion, such an assumption would forever an assumption.

Because she would neither do that nor give him the chance to choose.

There would never be a day when that assumption would come true.

She would never test him.

And the amazing thing was that…

Even though the two had just officially started dating…

Yan Zhiqing already had so much confidence in Wei Wucai even when they still werent dating.

She was very sure that Wei Wucai would put her first in all things.

Even if he had to sacrifice, he would do it without any hesitation.

Yan Zhiqing didnt know why she had such confidence in Wei Wucai.

The two had just confirmed their relationship status, but she already knew how he would behave.

Even Mou Danqiong was surprised that Wei Wucai had agreed without any hesitation.

Of course, she knew that Wei Wucai would agree because this was something that would benefit his girlfriend.

He would agree even if it were done to show how broad-minded he was.

But Mou Danqiong did not expect Wei Wucai to agree to this without any hesitation.

He didnt even think about it.

The moment he heard that it would benefit Yan Zhiqing, he agreed without a second thought.

He was earnestly willing to do anything for Yan Zhiqing.

His emotions were very clear in his tone.

Mou Danqiong couldnt help but smile.

She was very happy for Yan Zhiqing.

It was Yan Zhiqings first time dating, and she had actually met someone so good.

Mou Danqiong genuinely hoped that Wei Wucai would be Yan Zhiqings first love and eventually her husband.

So that she wouldnt have the chance to experience another relationship.

It would be her first love and the final one.

That would be a very lucky thing.

She might seem inexperienced in dating.

But if possible, who would be willing to experience so many emotions and suffer so much pain

After all, not everyone had the luck to meet their Mr.

Right for their first relationship.

“Then thats a deal.” Mou Danqiong said, “Dont worry for now.

Just keep an eye out on Director Wus reaction tomorrow.”

“What if Director Wu still intends to cast Chen Zeqing” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Wei Wucai could think for her sake without any hesitation.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt allow Wei Wucai to yield blindly.

A relationship was a two-way street.

Both would need to think from each others point of view.

Plus, her consideration was nothing in comparison to Wei Wucais act of giving in.

“I just thought that its impossible for Director Wu to continue casting Chen Zeqing.

He doesnt know Chen Zeqing well.

Chen Zeqing was able to get this role because of his ability.

He did not rely on the people who supported him to get this role…”

“In addition, if Director Wu decided not to cast him because of the negative news, he wouldnt retract his decision even if the boss supporting Chen Zeqing pleaded for the latter.

After all, Director Wu is one of the very few directors who only cares about making a good film.”

As the best manager in the country, Mou Danqiong naturally had connections and a social circle.

She usually treated Yan Zhiqing like a very kind little sister.

But that was because she had spent a lot of time with Yan Zhiqing, and likewise, Yan Zhiqing treated her like she was her older sister.

Initially, she might have treated Yan Beicheng well because of how he was as an individual.

But she only behaved like a well-tempered older sister in front of Yan Zhiqing.

However, if you asked around in the industry about how she often behaved in front of strangers…

Mou Danqiong was no joke.

The connections and work opportunities she had as well as her relationship with the figures of authority in the entertainment industry as well as in other industries, could be described as a terrifying social network.

As such, she had more than enough sources and information on things that were going on in the industry.

And so, she was confident when she said that Wu Mosen would definitely replace Chen Zeqing.

Besides the fact that she had analyzed this herself, she had also heard some things from some powerful figures in the industry.

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