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Chapter 3303: Good Dream You Got ThereTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yan Zhiqing paused and said, “I was just being courteous.”

Chen Zeqing didnt know what to say.

He shouldnt have asked.

However, Chen Zeqing still couldnt help but ask, “Are you and Wei Wucai…”

“We are dating.” Yan Zhiqing didnt even hesitate when she admitted, “It started last night.”

As she was saying, Yan Zhiqing held Wei Wucais hand.

Wei Wucai immediately held her hand firmly.

But then, he felt dissatisfied, so he interlocked his fingers with her.

He then tilted his head and smiled sweetly at Yan Zhiqing right in front of Chen Zeqing.

He didnt even care if he was being cringey.

He wasnt scared that someone might die from the cringe.

Obviously, Wei Wucai wanted to make Chen Zeqing die from the cringe.

Chen Zeqing was speechless.

Chen Zeqing took a deep breath and said, “Then… Congratulations.”

Chen Zeqing barely managed to squeeze those words out amidst his gnashed teeth.

He was hesitant; he didnt want to give up.

But even if he didnt want to, what could he do

In addition, someone unfamiliar to him had even ruined his life.

This might be the end of his career.

It would be hard for him to get any more opportunities for a very long time, at the very least.

He had to try and clean up his reputation and try to get the netizens to forget about all the mistakes he had made in the past.

He had to at least try to convince most of the netizens not to care about his dark past anymore.

Of course, some people might still occasionally bring up his past mistakes.

There would still be people who would remember what he had done, but those people would be the minority.

Most importantly, he had to ensure that his fans would stop caring about his past.

However, there were just too many secrets that had gotten exposed.

He felt exhausted as he thought about how long it would take him to clean all those up.

In addition, not only would he need to clean up his reputation…

He would also need to keep a low profile for a very long time.

He had to become invisible.

Over time, the netizens would forget about him, and they would lose their impression of him.

By then, they would naturally forget about all his past mistakes.

Unless someone brought them up, no one would remember them.

If he managed to do this, then it would be considered a success.

By then, he could gradually rebuild his presence in the industry.

However, this required a step-by-step process.

He would have to test the netizens limit again and again.

When most people were able to accept him again, he could then officially make a glamorous comeback.

After what happened tonight, his manager immediately contacted him and suggested this method, which was the safest solution.

However, the process was very long and excruciating.

At least for now, Chen Zeqing felt as though he couldnt see a future for himself.

As such, Chen Zeqing didnt even have the energy to fight.

Chen Zeqing was quiet for a while before he said, “All those things posted online are simply born from misunderstandings.

I dont know how to explain it, but even if I tried, no one would believe me.”

“The netizens are more willing to believe those negative stories because thats what they can talk about when they are socializing.

However, those things are simply not true.

Please dont believe the deceitful news on the Internet,” Chen Zeqing said.

Before Yan Zhiqing could say anything, Wei Wucai interrupted, “You shouldnt worry about whether or not Zhiqing believes in those stories of yours because those things have nothing to do with her.”

“In addition, she doesnt care about you, so it doesnt matter whether she believes it or not.

Because she does not care, she wont think about it and wont analyze whether the news articles are true or not,” Wei Wucai said.

Wei Wucai looked up and straightened his back in a prideful manner as he said, “Zhiqing only cares about me.”

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself.

She cared about her family as well.

She also cared about her grandparents, brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.

However, since Chen Zeqing was present, Yan Zhiqing decided not to expose Wei Wucai.

With this, Wei Wucai asked in an annoyed tone, “Are you leaving or not”

Chen Zeqing pursed his lower lips and ignored Wei Wucai.

He ignored Wei Wucai and said to Yan Zhiqing, “Zhiqing, I am leaving.

Its such a pity.

I really wanted to work with you through this opportunity, but I lost this chance.”

“I dont know when we might get to work together next time.” Chen Zeqing sighed and said, “Can… you send me off”

Yan Zhiqing froze.

What kind of request was this

She wasnt even close to him; they werent even close.

If this relationship were a collaborative relationship, their collaboration would have already stopped when they had just started working together just because of this.

However, there wasnt even much relationship between them, to begin with.

No matter what, she shouldnt be the one to send him off.

“Just walk with me to the entrance,” Chen Zeqing said, “Zhiqing, I am sure you can tell.

I wont keep this a secret.”

“I like you.” Chen Zeqings shoulders drooped as he said, “But because of the news articles, I know I dont really have a chance with you anymore.”

“You never had a chance, to begin with.” Wei Wucais face darkened as he said.

With Wei Wucai here, Chen Zeqing would have no chance.

Chen Zeqing didnt know what to say.

Chen Zeqing decided to ignore Wei Wucai again.

He said to Yan Zhiqing, “I want to leave without any regrets.”

“My biggest regret was my inability to make you fall for me.” Chen Zeqing smiled bitterly as he said in a regretful tone, “But since I cant do that anymore, I am hoping for a chance to spend some time with you at the last moment.”

“Just walk with me to the entrance.” Chen Zeqing said, “I am not begging for anything else.

Just walk with me to the entrance.”

He paused for a moment before he said, “Send me off by yourself.”

How would that be possible!

That was Yan Zhiqings first thought.

Wei Wucai sneered and said, “Chen Zeqing, are you perhaps expecting many reporters to be waiting for you outside because your news articles had blown up”

“You wanted Zhiqing to send you off to the entrance so that the reporters will take pictures of you two, which will create a new topic.” Wei Wucai sneered and said, “You got a good dream there.”

Chen Zeqing didnt know what to say when he heard Wei Wucais rebuttal.

He was truly hoping that the reporters might assume that something was going on with him and Yan Zhiqing.

And their scandal would overshadow everything else.

After all, Yan Zhiqing was famous.

She had never been in a scandal with someone else other than Wei Wucai.

However, if he got into a scandal with Yan Zhiqing, all those news articles about him would no longer be important because of how famous and eye-catching Yan Zhiqing was.

As such, Chen Zeqing thought he had a perfect plan.

This idea came to his mind all of a sudden, and he thought he was so smart to have thought of it.

But then, the moment he uttered those words, Wei Wucai exposed him.

Wei Wucais words made it very difficult for Chen Zeqing to back down.

Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “Its not suitable for me to send you off.

It could easily create a misunderstanding if the reporters took pictures of us.”

“However, there are no reporters at the entrance.” Yan Zhiqing was very certain.

Because the members of the Hidden Shadows of the Mount Lan Compound stationed at the entrance and had already removed anyone who wasnt supposed to be there.

Even if those reporters were able to go to extreme places with their cameras to stalk someone for a news story…

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