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Chapter 3305: Forgot To Tell My BrotherTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wei Wucai was very satisfied with him.

And so, when Yan Zhiqing was filming with the new actor…

Wei Wucai had no opinion against the new actor.

However, Wei Wucai still watched as Yan Zhiqing was acting.

Whenever Yan Zhiqing was done filming a scene, she would look up to see Wei Wucai.

Whenever she looked at him, she would always grin sweetly at him.

She didnt avoid doing it because the crew and cast members were there.

She ran toward Wei Wucai.

And jumped into his arms.

Wei Wucai smiled and held her.

He never stopped looking at Yan Zhiqing.

Until he had Yan Zhiqing in his arms…

He lowered his head and saw Yan Zhiqing looking up at him.

“How was my acting” Yan Zhiqing immediately looked up and asked sweetly.

Since Wu Mosen thought that Yan Zhiqing acted fine, Yan Zhiqing was obviously doing fine.

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “I felt as though I was a bystander in the movie.”

“Was I pretty when filming Was I very beautiful when I was working” Yan Zhiqing looked up and asked.

She even secretly pinched Wei Wucais waist.

“Yes.” Wei Wucai nodded and said, “You looked really good when you were acting.”

“The thought of having someone excellent like you as my girlfriend makes me really proud.” Wei Wucai couldnt help but smile.

His eyes curved up along with his smile as he said, “I really think I profited big.”

Yan Zhiqing immediately nodded and said, “Of course!”

This was the first time everyone saw the two being so intimate with each other without worrying that they were in the publics eyes, so everyone was surprised.

They already knew that there was a spark between the two.

But they still felt a huge blow when they saw the two being together.

“Are they… are they going to announce” a staff member whispered to his coworker.

The coworker whispered, “Seems like it.

Look at their honest behavior.

It doesnt seem like they are trying to hide anything.”

It definitely had to be because the first step was done.

As such, there was no more pressure.

As a result, their public display of affection became very natural.

Wu Mosen knew that the two intended to announce their relationship tonight, so he especially ended their work early.

This would allow the two to have enough time to prepare for their announcement at eight tonight.

Wu Mosen laughed and said, “Alright.

Thats it for the filming today.”

It was only 6:30 PM, so everyone was surprised.

“Director Wu, why are we ending work so early today” someone asked.

Wu Mosen didnt say that it was because Yan Zhiqing and Wu Mosen intended to release a public statement today.

“We will end work earlier today.

It is Yousens first day on set and he is still not very familiar with things.

Lets not give him so much work pressure.” Wu Mosen explained with a laugh.

“We will try to catch up on work tomorrow.

Everyone, get some good rest today.

We will work harder tomorrow,” Wu Mosen said, “We will try to catch up on work tomorrow, so we can catch up on the schedule.”

“Because of what had happened, we had to film some scenes again, resulting in us being behind schedule.

And this time, we replaced someone and had to film some scenes again, putting us even more behind in our schedule.

We will catch up with work and try to film all the scenes we have lost.”

“After we are done filming the scenes we have lost, we can continue filming at the normal rate, and it wont be that exhausting anymore.”

When the group heard that, they decided that they were going to get a good rest today.

The next few days were bound to be very exhausting.

Everyone then dispersed to organize things.

Wu Mosen stepped in front of Yan Zhiqing and Wu Mosen.

“You two are really holding it in.

You must be dying to announce your relationship,” Wu Mosen said with a smile.

“I am in a rush to give him a status.” Yan Zhiqing responded frankly.

Hearing this, Wu Mosen laughed out loud and muttered, “Alright then.”

“We ended work early.

You two still have to go back and prepare yourselves.

right I will be ready.

Tell me the moment you announce so that I can post my congratulations.”

This would be an indication that they affirmed this relationship.

In addition, it would boost the amount of attention on Yan Zhiqing even more.

Since he had personally published a post, it prevented those malicious thoughts about Yan Zhiqing making up stories to boost her popularity.

“By then, I will also have them post with the movies official account.” Wu Mosen said.

Wei Wucai quickly expressed his gratitude.

“Director Wu, thank you.” Yan Zhiqing knew that Wu Mosen had ended work early so that they could have enough time to prepare for this.

And so, the whole group went back to the hotel together.

Yan Zhiqing ordered takeaway and ate dinner in her hotel room.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng came over to join the fun.

If it were not because Yan Zhiqings room could not occupy that many people, the members of the Mount Lan Compound would have shamelessly forced their way in.

Even so, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai shamelessly forced their way into Yan Zhiqing with the reason being that they represent the Mount Lan Compound.

Seeing the room full of people, Wei Wucai felt doomed.

With his face twitching, he said, “If you want to join in the fun, cant you come a few minutes before we make the announcement Why are you here so early”

“How do you two intend to announce this” Yuan Jiangyi started speaking, “You dont have a plan yet, do you We can help you brainstorm ideas.”

“…” Wei Wucai thought to himself.

They just needed to post an announcement on social media.

What other ideas could there be

Why would he need them for ideas

Werent they here just to watch the fun

He wanted to have a good dinner with Yan Zhiqing.

After dinner, he would sit next to Yan Zhiqing with their heads and shoulders leaning against each other as they scrolled the post on Weibo and read the blessings from the netizens.

Just imagining that scene made him feel so good.

But then, why was there a group of people in the room!

They had destroyed his hopes and dreams!

“Oh no!” Yan Zhiqing suddenly ran over and whispered to Wei Wucai.

Although there was a room full of people, Wei Wucai thought it was good that they were whispering to each other.

This was the silence in the storm.

Such behavior also showed that their relationship was better than the others in the room.

“Whats wrong” Wei Wucai whispered.

“I forgot to tell my brother.” Yan Zhiqing said softly, “If I release the announcement before I tell him, he will die of anger.”

By then, they would have made an announcement, and everyone would have already known.

Yan Beicheng would definitely disagree with that arrangement.

Everyone would be sending their blessings and congratulations.

But Yan Beicheng would show no response.

And with the netizens amazing imaginations, they would then think that Yan Beicheng was against their relationship.

There was a chance that Yan Beicheng might agree with the netizens conjecture.

However, he could also pretend that he hadnt seen the announcement, or he could also intentionally reply at a later time to make things difficult for Wei Wucai.

Yan Beicheng just didnt want Wei Wei Wucai to overcome the hurdle that easily.

“We still have an hour left.

Hurry up and tell him,” Wei Wucai immediately said, “We still have an hour to convince him.

If we tell him a few minutes before the announcement, we will have no time to convince him.”

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