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Chapter 3306: Post a BlessingTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself.

So, Wei Wucai knew that Yan Beicheng would make things difficult for them.

“I will tell him now,” Yan Zhiqing said.

They were in Yan Zhiqings room, but they werent in Yan Zhiqings bedroom.

Therefore, Wei Wucai went to the bedroom with Yan Zhiqing.

They closed the door, and Yan Zhiqing rang Yan Beicheng up.

The group stayed in the living room and stared at the closed bedroom door.

Yuan Jiangyi whispered to Hao Donghuai, asking, “Hey, what do you think they are doing in the bedroom”

With this, he saw Hao Donghuai laugh in a lewd manner, “Hehehe.

Depends on the time they spend in the room.”

“If they came out within half an hour, then we have to suspect that something is wrong with Xiao Cais body.” Hao Donghuai whispered.

Yuan Jiangyi stared at him with disdain as he said, “You are so dirty.

Couldnt it be possible that they went into the room to talk about a serious matter”

“Tsk.” Hao Donghuai uttered, “You are so fake.

If it was something serious, why would you bother asking me While squinting your eyes, to boot”

The two didnt lower their volume.

They spoke normally.

Therefore, Shi Xiaoya and the others heard them clearly.

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself.

It was no wonder Wei Wucai often had to beat them up.

At this moment, the doorbell for Yan Zhiqings room rang.

“Whos here” Hao Donghuai asked.

Shi Xiaoya stood up and walked to the door while saying, “It must be Zhuoling.

I asked him to meet me in Zhiqings room when hes done with work.”

Upon answering, Shi Xiaoya stepped in front of the door.

She opened the door and saw that it was indeed Han Zhuoling.

He was holding the food from deliveries.

When Han Zhuoling saw that it was Shi Xiaoya that opened the door, he said while stepping inside, “I saw the food being delivered downstairs, so I brought them up as well.”

“Quick, come in.” Shi Xiaoya quickly pulled Han Zhuoling into the room.

She held Han Zhuolings arm and whispered, “I have missed you so much today.”

Han Zhuoling felt flattered.

Shi Xiaoya hadnt been this clingy for a very long time.

The two had registered their marriage legally, but they still hadnt had their wedding ceremony.

It was currently winter, so it wasnt suitable to arrange a wedding ceremony in such weather.

In addition, it would take a long time to prepare a wedding ceremony.

A very long time…

As such, the two decided to have their wedding ceremony in May next year.

May was a month when the weather was still getting warmer, so the temperature would neither be too cold nor hot.

A wedding dress was very heavy and thick.

Even if she wore one for a long time, she wouldnt feel cold.

And Shi Xiaoya also wanted an outdoor wedding, at the appropriate season.

However, although they still hadnt had their wedding ceremony…

Han Zhuoling thought that Shi Xiaoya was starting to treat him like they were already an old married couple.

Han Zhuoling felt really worried and thought that he might not be attractive enough anymore.

He had been so worried and had been brainstorming solutions.

But then, he received this pleasant surprise.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhuoling asked quickly, “Did someone bully you”

“No, I saw Wei Wucai and Zhiqing displaying their affection for each other.” Shi Xiaoya pouted as she said, “Watching that made me miss you so much.”

Han Zhuoling didnt expect Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucais public display of affection to have such a function.

“Dont worry.

I am here.” Han Zhuoling quickly wrapped his arms around Shi Xiaoyas shoulder and said, “No one can hurt you with their public display of affection now!”

Meanwhile, in Yan Zhiqings bedroom…

Yan Zhiqing called Yan Beicheng on the phone.

Yan Beicheng quickly answered the call and asked, “Zhiqing, who bullied you”

“…” The corner of Yan Zhiqings mouth twitched as she said, “Elder brother, cant I call you because I miss you You make it sound like I only think of you whenever I get bullied.”

“Is that not true” Yan Beicheng asked, “Think about it yourself.

You always only call me for a reason, and you always just conveniently say that you miss me.

You never actually call me because you miss me.”

“…” Yan Zhiqing thought about it and realized that it was true.

Now, she seemed very ungrateful!

“Its because I am old now.

It would seem immature if I frequently called you because I miss you,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“You always have your excuses.” Yan Beicheng laughed and said, “Tell me.

What made you call me this time”


Thats what you ask every time I call you.

Cant I call you because I miss you” Yan Zhiqing said.


So theres nothing else” Yan Beicheng couldnt possibly admit defeat in front of Yan Zhiqing and said, “If so, Im hanging up…”

“Wait!” Yan Zhiqing quickly called out.

“I thought you said theres nothing else going on, and you just miss me” Yan Beichengs lips proudly curved upward.

“I miss you, and I just so happened to have something to tell you.

Besides, even if I called you because I miss you, I have to find things to talk about, right” Yan Zhiqing said.


Whatever you say is reasonable,” Yan Beicheng chuckled and said.

“Brother.” Yan Zhiqing called out again.

Her voice sounded soft, and the tone conveyed how much she relied on her brother.

When Wei Wucai heard this, he wanted Yan Zhiqing to call him that.

But when Yan Beicheng heard this tone, he immediately became cautious.


I am listening.” Yan Beicheng immediately became worried.

“I am in a relationship.” Yan Zhiqing thought that it would be better to just rip the Band-aid off.

She just told Yan Beicheng frankly.

“…” Yan Beicheng fell silent for two seconds.

He had a bad feeling.

“Are you going to tell me that the person you are dating is Wei Wucai”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing became silent.

Yan Beicheng instantly knew he had struck the bulls eye.

Yan Zhiqing still couldnt escape it in the end.

“When was it” Yan Beicheng asked once again.

However, Yan Zhiqing had no idea that Yan Beicheng was asking this because he had already allowed this relationship.

“Just… last night.” Yan Zhiqing said in a faint tone.

“Last night” Yan Beichengs volume suddenly increased, “What time last night Why was it at night Did that guy do anything inappropriate to you!”

“No.” Yan Zhiqing said quickly, “Brother, what are you thinking!”

“Its because we ended work too late last night.

We… we decided to date after we were done with work, and we came back to the hotel,” Yan Zhiqing said, “In addition, we were so busy for the entire day, and the crew had to deal with the matter concerning Chen Zeqing as well.

Im sure you know it by now.”

“So, I could only tell you right now since I am done with todays work,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Yan Beicheng then said unwillingly, “Its good that you remembered your brother.”

Hearing that Yan Beicheng was satisfied, Yan Zhiqing quickly said, “Brother, were going to announce our relationship at 8 PM tonight.

Why dont you post a blessing for us then”

Yan Beicheng immediately said, “So you conveniently told me about your relationship since youre about to announce it to everyone else.

You probably would have forgotten to tell me if it werent because theres only an hour left before the announcement.

Am I right”

That was true…

Of course, Yan Zhiqing would never admit it.

“Its just a coincidence.

Youre just thinking that way because were going to announce our relationship soon after telling you about it.”

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