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“Miss Lu, can I speak to you in private” Vice President Yu asked in a soft voice.

At that moment, Zheng Tianming walked over.

Lu Man nodded at him as Zheng Tianming said, “Follow me.”

The three of them went into a small meeting room, and as soon as they entered, Vice President Yu could no longer hold himself and said, “Miss Lu, today, I failed to recognize a formidable person, youre a great person, so dont take offense at my despicable self.”

“It seems like you still dont know where you went wrong,” Lu Man said coldly, “If today I wasnt your CEOs girlfriend, wouldnt you have fired me because of an outsider, a small manager You just wanted to your power in the Public Relations Department, didnt you You even happen to disregard the welfare of the company and order around the employees in the company as you like, right”

Right now, Vice President Yu cursed himself in his heart, feeling very hateful of himself, and beads of cold sweat dripped down drop by drop from his forehead.

Lu Man was really Han Zhuolis girlfriend, all her words felt like rehearsed.

“Vice President Yu, you dont need to beg in front of me, theres no use asking me for help.

Im a very vengeful person,” Lu Man slowly said, “If you really know where you went wrong, you dont need me to say anything as Zhuoli wont do anything to you.

However, if you still dont reflect on your own actions, then it doesnt matter who you beg.

Now, dont take come find me anymore regarding this matter, Im just a lowly employee in the Public Relations Department.

I definitely can not influence the companys plans or Zhuolis decision.

Moreover, if you are really outstanding, he wont do anything that would affect you professionally just because of his private relations.”

After Lu Man finished saying that, she turned around and left.

“Miss Lu!” Vice President Yu wanted to follow after her, “Miss Lu…”

But Zheng Tianming stopped him.

“Vice President Yu, Lu Man has spoken her mind, if you continue to bother her, it would only make CEO angrier.”

Vice President Yu could only stop, unhappy with this situation.

Only when Zheng Tianming left, did Vice President Yu angrily mutter to himself.



As expected, there were no rumors in the company related to Lu Man and Han Zhuolis relationship, and even now, only the people in the Public Relations Department knew about it.

Just like that, Lu Man lived through two normal days of work before she unexpectedly got a call from Sun Yiwu.

“Lu Man, our movie decided to release earlier.”

“What” Lu Man found it strange, “Wasnt it set to air during the New Year”

At that time, the box office sale would probably be better.

“We saw the movies that would be released at the same time and since its the New Year period, all those are mostly comedy movies while our movie leans closer to the law and order and hence not much of a jolly movie that is suited for the New Year period.

Thus, at that time, we might not be able to fight against the low budget comedy film by Sesame Productions.

So, its better if we release it earlier,” Sun Yiwu explained.

“Hence we decided to release it at the end of this month.

Also, once it is released, our main group will go on promotion tours, so you must come as well.”

“Alright, no problem.”

The second day, there was a promotional post online for the Greedy Wolf Operation.

When the official Weibo released the list of actors, Lu Mans name appeared behind the names of those big actors but it had been before Bai Shuangshuangs name, making the netizens confused.

“Whos Lu Man Ive never heard of her before.”

“A new actor”

“Really She doesnt even have a Baidu page though.”

“Guess what I found” A commenter even attached a photo with his post.

It was a picture of from the Gold Finger Award night where Lu Man received the Best Newcomer award.

“The f*ck, I didnt see it wrongly right! Shes in public relations”

“Her photo is the same as that in the advertisement!”

“What the heck, someone from public relations became an actor, isnt that too much of a jump.”


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