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Chapter 3309: What a Coincidence.

It is Us Again.Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


It would be a waste of money to expand the server for something that doesnt even happen once a year.

That is why the higher-ups cant make up their minds and still arent approving our request.”


We will have to work overtime and sleep late tonight.”

“Cant these people pick a time when we are working before releasing these types of announcements Its either midnight or after we are done with work.

Even if they posted it in the morning, it would have been fine! I havent been able to go home and rest for quite some time now.”

“The time Yan Zhiqings post was fine.

At least, she announced at 8 pm.

If she announced at midnight, even if we were in our beds, we would have to climb out and come back here.”

At this moment, the computer started to make warning sounds.

“Who is it Why are they here again” A technical team member mourned and said, “Is there something wrong with the Fengshui in our office these past two days”

Hearing what he said, someone chimed in, “Yes.

Chief, should we ask a master to come and check it out”

What nonsense are you saying” the chief said angrily, “Are you still in the mood to chat about these boring things Quick defend!”

“We cant,” someone said.


We cant defend.

They have already seized control of our administrative rights when the alarm rang,” someone added.

“Its obvious from the speed and skill that its still that same group of people.”

Therefore, the technical team member wasnt worried at all.

They were here to help!

It was the same thing as last time.

They were here to help stabilize the server.

When they were done, they would return the administrative rights.

They would flick their sleeves without taking away even a wisp of profit.

They had never seen the people on the other end of the cable.

They had no idea of their genders.

However, the young fellas from the technical team felt as though they had built a revolutionary friendship with the people on the other end of the cable.

To say something immodest…

In comparison to the people who had taken their administrative rights, they might be incapable.

The administrative right was taken so easily, and they couldnt even fight back…

They seemed very weak.

However, it was really because the people on the other end of the cable were too powerful.

The young fellas of the technical team werent too weak.

The technical team members have confidence in themselves.

Someone average would not be able to snatch the administrative rights that easily.

They wouldnt be weak to the point that anyone could just bully them.

As such, not many people could do such a thing.

This meant that the people on the other end of the cable were very powerful.

This was the thought process of the young fellas in the technical team.

A group of technical gods had just appeared the other day.

And another group appeared today as well.

Are gods as common as the veggies on the side of the road these days

Were gods that cheap

It was already very rare to see a group that could wipe them out within seconds.

There couldnt possibly be a second group.

As the technical team members of the largest social media platform in the country…

None of them were incapable.

Their technical skills were highly ranked locally and internationally.

They were able to compete with so many people for this job and successfully won against their competition.

This meant they were highly skilled.

If anyone could wipe them out within seconds…

That would be a joke.

And so, everyone thought that this group of people was the same group as last time.

“Who are these people Why are they so adamant about helping us stabilize our servers” someone asked a very deep question.

“Let me ask,” one of the members said and typed a series of commands.

Then, he typed a sentence.

“Brother, are you still that same group of people”

This would definitely be the right question.

If they were that same group of people, they would know who the member of the technical team was talking about.

As expected, the people on the other end of the cable responded.

“What a coincidence.

It is us again.

Your server is so weak.

To prevent it from crashing like last time, we took over before it crashed,” a member of the Mount Lan Compound saw the question and replied out of boredom.

If it were someone else, they would have panicked.

But to the members of the Mount Lan Compound, this was a piece of cake.

They were even bored at this moment.

Seeing that someone had left a message in the backend, the members of the Mount Lan Compound seized the chance and started talking to the young fella in the technical team.

“You should really pay and expand your server.

This cant continue,” The members of the Mount Lan Compound said, “You cant always have us help you when the server is unstable, right We have things to do as well.”

The young fella in the technical team was speechless.

If that was the case, then why did it feel like you people would appear and snatch the administrative rights every time you were bored

Who were these people

“Let me stop.

Talk next time,” The members of the Mount Lan Compound said.

The young fella in the technical team didnt know what to say.

Talk next time The young fella didnt want a next time!

Hiibiscus Blossom: “Was it an illusion Why do I feel like it lagged for a moment”

Dont Ask: “It wasnt an illusion.

It lagged.

The server almost crashed.”

Too Much Hair Dilemma: “The members of the technical team are doing such a good job.

The server is still hanging on and has not crashed yet.”

“It could be because this is not as popular as the matters concerning Chen Zeqing.

And so, the server is just on the edge of crashing,” a netizen said.

oSnower: “No.


Looking at the number of shares and comments, this is definitely as popular as the matters concerning Chen Zeqing.”

The Soap That Eats So Much And Cant Gain Weight even sent a screenshot.


The top five searches are all about Yan Zhiqing.”

Mango-colored Yingzi: “The trending searches ranking just updated, showing that the top ten searches are all about Yan Zhiqing.”

Three Raindrops on Sycamore Leave: “Awesome! You cant even make your post that popular with money.”

Andy Loves Trouble: “Did you guys notice The second place in the ranking had paid to get that place.

But this time, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had taken up the second place.”

Zhu Xiaonaing: “Then, there are only two possibilities.

Firstly, Yan Zhiqings team actually paid to get second place in the ranking.

If not, then Yan Zhiqings post is extremely popular to the point that it kicked out the people who had actually paid to get second place in the ranking.”

Fat Goddess in East Side of Village: “It must have kicked out the old one because I definitely saw that the search terms in the second place were Lin Kexin and her new drama.

But now, it changed.”

When the young fellas in the technical team saw this in the office, they were confused.

“I thought they would just help us stabilize the server.

Why did they also help Yan Zhiqing soar through the hot search” a technical member muttered in confusion.

It was so easy to boost something into a hot search term.

They just had to change the data and increase the numbers.

As such, even though the second place in the trending search ranking had paid to get that spot, it was still taken off the list.

The person who had paid would definitely complain.

The young fella in the technical team immediately asked…

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